December 14, 2012

Join me in prayer...

As I was adding photo's to a different post, the news broke about the tragedy in Connecticut today... what I had planned to say today here... well - it can wait!

This tragedy is so very heart wrenchingly sad.  So senseless... these kinds of events so often leave us speechless - at a loss for words... and this is a good thing! It is good to be still... to be quiet... when our thoughts are hazy, and our world feels wobbly at best.  This blog will be quiet for a few days... I will be writing my heart and His in my own personal journal as I process through the events of the day! I encourage you to do the same.

Join me won't you, as this is a time for praying, for loving your family and friends, for miracles...

I am praying for these families... this town... our world.

Miracle working God... come near, once again!
In Jesus' Name,



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