August 19, 2013

Back Home... Counting the Gifts of Being Gone

I posted last week how I was hitting the road and heading out to the Island...

How I was (somewhat) unplugging and reconnecting with my Sissy and her family and looking forward to some slower Island time.

Now - when I say "Island" - don't immediately jump to exotic, or even tropic... oh no! By Island - I mean Whidbey Island, in the PNW ...surrounded by the Puget Sound and usually rainy weather... the island of sweaters and hiking and drizzly days and layered walks, meandering along the shore!

However - this time... well - let's just say this time was gloriously different!  I even found real SAND, ya'll!  Sand for my toes to dig into and relax for a few... but not too long because that sand was actually HOT.  

It was a quick trip over the mountains and through the woods that led to the boys spending days and nights on the water in the boat, while the girls shopped and strolled the beach and ate Thai food and Mexican food (and pizza too!)... a little down time on Island time... and a lot of laughter and talking and just a tiny bit of a Dead-Camera-Battery-Sadness and loads of Thank-God-I-Have-A-Smart(ish)-Phone-and-I'm-On-Instagram-Now... because for this capturer of beauty (I don't think that's even a word...) and hunter of grace - I love to snap a memory to reflect on later... so - while there were less of those in actual high res... I used my lame (not an i)phone camera... and memories were made and kept and treasured... 

So again... on this Monday, back at home... I am counting gifts...  won't you join me?

#1463 - Our tiny Praying Mantis that has been in our little garden for weeks now... he buries himself in deep in the greenery, but comes up whenever we water!

#1464 - (A Gift in a Curve:) The curve of our road that leads back to home.  Our girlie has always known it... the feel of it from the backseat... even if drowsy or laying down!

#1467 - The car packed, music on, weekend escape under way, and a wide open (non-closed for construction yet) road! (We left early to beat the closure... and we made it!)

#1468 - Girlies piled up in the backseat, folded and overlapping and asleep less than an hour into the trip! Teenagers... it's just how they roll!

#1469 - Holding hands with my Honey on the gear shift as we drive up and over the pass!

#1470 - Peace (now - compared to years in the past!) while caught in the midst of Rush Hour traffic around the Big City  - with cars fully stopped on the 405 (AND on I5 too!)

#1472 - Salads to go... trying to eat well while traveling and stopping for fast food! (Who knew BK has a really delicious Apple Cranberry Salad with grilled chicken and bleu cheese and a light Honey Balsamic Dressing?)

#1473 - The greeting of a happy happy fluff ball (aka dog)

#1474 - Hugs Hello from family and the always "Welcome"s... "Come in..."s ...and "I'm so happy to see you"s!

#1476 - The boys up early and out of here at 7am - boat loaded and ready for a couple of days and nights on the water...

#1477 - A proper kiss goodbye.

#1478 - A quiet still house in the morning hours... just enough time to 'work' just a little before the rest of the family wakes up!

#1479 - A sunny (actual HOT day) on the Island!

#1480 - Windows down, Taylor Swift cranked up, and a carload of some of my favorite girls - singing out loud.

#1481 - Grown girlies - gathering sea shells!

#1482 - Dogs at the beach... playing in the surf in utter delight!

#1483 - Sailboats on the horizon... blue skies on top of blue waters, with crisp white sails in between!

#1484 - Ice Cream along the Boardwalk

#1485 - Moments of deep real conversation, tucked in  the middle of lighter topics and simple catching up!

#1486 - Local waterfront shops - filled with all things beachy, and birdies, and bling!  Just all sorts of Lovely!

#1488 - A wooded trail that leads up to an open vista of the Puget Sound!

#1490 - Hearing my sissy snort-laugh... it just never gets old!

#1492 - Sun glares on waves...  dancing near the shore.

#1493 - Kids climbing, splashing, skipping rocks, digging holes, playing full on - hearing and seeing and catching just a hint of their sense of adventure!

#1494 - Thai Lunch to go... taken down to a waterfront park to enjoy on grass, beside sand and rocks and driftwood shelters.

#1496 -  A full bright moon... guiding us back home!

#1497 - Reuniting with my fisherman, sea blown, salty, and tanned deep and slightly red from days on sun-reflected waters.

#1498 - Eyes connect, arms intertwine and pull close, hearts beating - thrumming, reconnecting back into one steady rhythm of Us!

#1499 - The unloading of car and unpacking of suitcases... the laundry that can wait for tomorrow (which is today) and the beds (and cat) that welcome us home!

#1500 - Skin to skin, once again - cold feet warmed on legs and whispers breathed hot on necks... love strengthened and thankfulness rekindled again through a few days of "absence makes the heart grow fonder."

#1504 - A Monday lunchtime walk with my Honey... stretching and remembering that we are in fact, yes, back to our own land-locked, desert town!

... and we continue on with the wrapping up of summer, the cooking of fresh Salmon... and the counting on...

What about you? What are you thankful for this past week? What captured your attention and caused you to give thanks? I'd love to hear!

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  2. Lots of thank you's here. You have been busy. One gets a real sense of relationship when they read. Thank you!


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