March 25, 2013

The Happy/Sad of Reaching 1000 Gifts!

"Most of my life," she says,
"I've been in search of IT
And I thought IT came inside a big box
with a bow on top,
carefully marked and labeled and numbered.
I brushed away all the
'incidental' discoveries like cobwebs.
But now everything counts.
Now I search for traces of miracles...
and I find them everywhere."
                                            ~ Monique Duval (#172)

I pulled out a little book called "The Persistence of Yellow" the other day and fell in love with Monique Duval all over again!  

So - last week... I did it.  It took me from October through most of March and I can't quite explain how I felt at the writing down of #1000!

Happy; accomplished - yes.
Sad... because it's over - yes.

Wait... no.
No - it's not over!  I am never done counting...

So we start over again at #1!

Where are you on your counting of one thousand gifts today?  What are among the blessings you have took notice of, and grabbed hold of lately?  I'd love to hear...

Linking up this morning with Ann Voskamp and "multitudes on mondays" over at a holy experience.

Speak Life. Be Love. Shine On.


  1. Congratulatons! Stopping by from Ann's place! Happy Easter!

  2. Hi Karrilee,

    I am just beginning my list (I'm at 4!)

    I am not the greatest at "sticking to things", so it will be quite the accomplishment for me to get where you are.

    I am looking forward to 1000...and beyond :)

    God bless,

  3. congrats on reaching your first 1,000!!!

    (and for visiting my blog -- I should tell you that the wisteria is even more spectacular this week, it's the gift that keeps on giving!)

  4. Thank you for stopping by from Ann's and I'm happy you've reached 1000. I don't count, just list a couple times a week. It is still life changing. Have a blessed week!

  5. Yay! Good for you. I keep saying I need to start counting again. Officially, like on my blog. Perhaps soon. Until then, today I am thankful for the smell of dinner cooking in the crockpot, and for a hubby that goes above and beyond to make my life easier.


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