March 28, 2013

Shades of Yellow!

"You ask me how things work.
I think of endless cycles,
the hum and spin of everything.
So I tell you this:
hold the pale green stalk up high.
And then run hard so the wind will
catch the wings of the dandelion seeds.
Let them fall like sparks, like stars,
back to the earth.
I can tell you are not satisfied.
But really. That's all there is to it:
The persistence of yellow." 
                                                                             ~ (#204) Monique Duval

"Once your dreams get so big,
they need houses, yellow rooms, empty vases."
                                                           ~ (#301) Monique Duval

So I am a seeker of Yellow and I am finding it everywhere!  I will be a bit quieter next week as it is Spring Break and we will be crazy busy with travels and sleeping-in mornings and sight seeing and family coming home... I will have the Joy of being at Bethel for Easter... where I left a piece of my heart years ago.  I will also have Joy in meeting up with two sweet amazing friends on our way home - two sisters... fellow bloggers... meeting up 'in Real Life' and I can. not. wait!

So forgive the silence... the crickets song... but I encourage you to lean in to Spring - and search out the Persistence of Yellow for yourself!  Fling seeds of joy and love and dreams everywhere you go... For real... set out to speak life, be love, and let Him shine brightly through you!

I will attempt to pop in from time to time next week... but we will catch up over a cup of something yummy for SURE when I get back!  I DO have plans to join in tonight for the #FMFParty over on Twitter... so here's hoping I will have a Five Minute Friday to post in the morning... and then it is packing Yellow and Crazy Joy and High Expectations (and yes - some Nutella To Go and coffee... oh LORD, let's not forget the coffee!) and hitting the road!

What about you?  Do you have any plans for Spring Break this year?  Are you game for looking for Yellow?  Tell me where you've found it! I'd love to know!


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