May 16, 2016

When Life Comes at You Hard... A Small Wonders Post

Y'all...? I mean... 

Last week, after weeks and weeks of thinking, praying, and second-guessing ourselves, we bit the bullet and booked three flights... a (not quite) impromptu birthday trip to take with our girlie for her twenty first birthday. (Hold me.)

And here's the thing: we are not gamblers... (clearly.)  

We are not impulse buyers or spontaneous travelers and while this particular trip started as a joke and an ode to Gilmore Girls, it began to feel actually somehow important. Necessary even. 

I know...

I know how silly crazy that sounds because we are not doing anything huge... no overseas flights or Kingdom centered plans. No.  We are going to Vegas. We are looking forward to a pool and an umbrella drink. We want to see the lights and relax together... to drink in something new while strolling side by side by side.  All of us... together. We want to see the Grand Canyon and make some more memories for our little family of three... long road trips, private jokes, laughing at nothing and everything, holding hands... we want that. We want all of it... and so even though we don't really have a vacation budget we decided last minute(-ish) to just go for it! We'd never regret the trip and God provides and so we clicked Book Now and I'm not even joking with you, less than 48hours later we hear two horrible very bad words strung together: New Transmission.

Yeah. That.

This will be the second time "new transmission" has been the diagnosis for our girlies' cars. She has now owned two --and both have needed this.

Not cool, man.
Not cool!

Right away we had an opportunity: 
We could freak out --or not.  
We could worry and cancel the trip
and stress out about the money or lack thereof --or not.  

Sometimes the harder thing seems irresponsible, but here's the deal:

I'm not the boss of me and I am not my own provider.  He promises to take care of me and He has yet to let me down.

Does this mean He will pay for our trip... or cover the car... maybe. Maybe not. Maybe He will stretch what we have or bless us in other ways so that we can meet the needs and pay the bills and keep going forward...

We can put our trust in Him... --or not.

Life can come at you hard,
threatening to steal your peace,
to drain your bank account, 
and rob you blind...
leaving you spinning out,
gasping for air,
and running for cover,
trying to not fall behind!

The rush and real of this world 
-both when it's calm and when it's chaotic-
has the power to knock you off-center,
but only if you let it!

As the storms blow in and
rains come and the winds rage,
even then, we can slow time
and let peace be our gauge.

Try it--

The next time your day
gets away from you,
when you feel a bit out of control
and you start to fret...
Sit back and listen for the Silence.
Even with all of the noise,
His still small voice
whispers quiet.

Close your eyes...
Breathe in --deep and slow...
fill your lungs as you
unwind and let go
feel the tensions ease,
muscles relax,
worries cease.

It's no small wonder,
how He shows up and comes through,
just when we think that maybe
we're going under!

So next week we will fly the friendly skies and we will experience new things even as we count the moments and treasure them all in our hearts before they fade.

Because it doesn't matter that we are empty-nesters or that she is all grown up... when God says to go on a family vacation, and He opens doors and schedules and make a way... we choose not to stress out about how the enemy desires to steal our peace and stir us up to fear...

We don't play that game.  
We know who we are... and who He is... and He is good.
And what may look one way... He is well able to turn it around and in the end, it turns out to be a blessing. 

So we put our trust in Him...
And we can not wait to see how He will come through!

What Small Wonders is He up to in your lives? I'd love to hear!

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  1. Oh friend! Yes. God does provide. I'm so glad you're still taking the trip. I need to remember that God does provide even when life gets crazy. I'm excited to hear about your trip. I've never been to Vegas. Love you sweet friend! You teach me so much and continually remind me of those things I sometimes forget.

  2. Deep breaths ... I need to take a few of those! I have seen God step up as a provider in my life in such a big way recently. When I am faithful in the small things he blesses me more than I could even account for.

    1. Oh friend... I am sure you have! I am sure you have seen Him stretch and increase and cover in new ways! Love you!

  3. oh my gosh, the transmission..and yet the FAITH is so much bigger than any broken down motor..and the TRUST in God's guidance to give your family time together..and that God provides and goes before us. You are a light of hope for us in trusting in God, and always love the seeds of faith blooming in your stories! May your Vegas trip be relaxing and filled with the hope and love that God is!!! Warm blessings!

    1. Thank you so much, my friend! I receive those blessings on our trip! xoxo

  4. How wonderful that you get to go on a family vacation! And you'll be so close to me when you're at the Grand Canyon :). I hope that you have a splendiferous time and that you bask in each other's company. Thank you for the reminder to not let my worries nag at me!

    1. Thanks so much! I wondered how close we'd get to you! ;)

  5. Family time is a lost art these days, so I say "bravo!". But even more so, we can absolutely trust that He will take our chaos and refine it for His glory. So a second yay! for trusting in Him completely!
    He says, "fear not."
    Love it and love your words, today, friend! from over at the #RaRaLinkup

    1. Thanks so much, my friend! So glad you popped on over for a visit! xoxo

  6. I'm glad I came over and read the updates. We are the sons and daughters of the God of Angel Armies. He walks across the tops of the trees going before us devouring our enemies. He is Jehovah Jirah - The Provider. He is The More Than Enough. He IS. Now, go put your pretty tootsies in that hotel pool, swirl that umbrella, and stay on the trail at the GC. Don't pull an Anita thing and almost fall off!!! Love you, K.

    1. Oh friend... I have another update... it doesn't 'fix' the problem but oh my goodness how it shows uff that He will! He will cover or fix or provide again and again... He's sort of amazing like that! And trust me... I am not HALF as adventurous as our Anita! ;)

  7. So good , Karrilee! Thank you for sharing :)


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