May 12, 2016

On Resting, Growing, and Being Tethered - A Five Minute Friday post.

My Thursday was booked... but some of that 'bossy' included fun things like a Watercolor Class with a friend, and --of course, Five Minute Friday on Twitter (#fmfparty)! A little of the unfun bossy? Work... and car problems... yeah - UNfun and uber Bossy and potentially costly, too!

This is Five Minute Friday (- a five minute timed free write) and our One Word Prompt for the day is: GROW


I'm learning - and relearning Rhythm.

The repeating of sound and tempo... a rush of energy, followed by an slow unfurling of rest.

But just this morning, I found myself breathing deep and saying yet again, "I repent, Lord... --for in my slowing and relaxing, I've forgotten to Rest WITH You."  

I've been mindful of being present and resting in Him... but some times I forget that to truly do that, I must also rest WITH Him!

Instead, I've felt the racing rhythm
of my heart slamming against walls I have built,
rather than resting in the tenderness of His embrace.

But thank God, 
These are the Days of Patio Sitting...

As Emily Freeman says,
"These are the Days..."
--...of Going to bed full, and yet emptied out.
--The Days of less filled-in day planners
and more wide-open squares on wall calendars.
--of longer grass, blooms stretching open,
of doves cooing, and the morning breeze beckoning... 
creating a rhythm of awakening
that sings out to my senses and to the Spirit.

These are the Days
Of living less Planned Out,
but more Poured Out.
Of living with less Chaos, and more Calm.
of less Busy, and more Being...

All while learning to live in the present,
to be led by the Lord in each day,
knowing what I let in to the Gates of my Heart,
and what I let out of the Gates of my mouth,
--It can ALL be Kingdom...
if I let it be.
So Choose Wisely!

This is a Growing Season...
Full of Change and Newness...
Full of shifting, digging, of being stirred underneath
Of Growth that is happening... even if yet still unseen!

And Adulting is hard...
I said that this afternoon to our girlie
as I followed her to drop her car off at the shop.
This morning it was fine... 10 minutes later, not so much.
Why and what? Who can know?

The Birthday money gotten earlier this week will not be enough and life just keeps coming at her and I asked if she wanted me to come in with her to the repair shop office or just to wait in my car...
"What? You think I'm 21 or something and I don't want my Mom?"

And so I went with her... stood beside her... watched her be brave and kind, and slowly hand over her keys... 

I recognized that worried look creeping in to the corners of her eyes, as she started to do the math and think through what having no car means to her days --even (hopefully) for just a few.

Yeah. I remember 21. 

...And learning to Adult. And cars breaking down, jobs not coming through, and dreams still not in focus, --hopes yet unsure...

Adulting is hard... and so is Growth.
But you, my girlie...?

You are Tethered and
there is nothing to fear!


I read THIS POST this evening by the lovely Emily Freeman. 

Gah - seriously... she is so kindred... so gentle and honest and true.  I said it on Twitter how it seems she knows my heart, steals my thoughts, and then goes and makes them all so pretty! She wrote this post on The Sacred Work of Sitting and in it referenced again the truth of being tethered...

"The rhythm of sitting on swings does good work, a reminder that we are tethered even as we sway."  (Simply Tuesday, Ch14)

I read her words tonight and they matched my own heart... and they matched what I see churning and swaying in my girlie... and really, in so many all around me! 

God is up to something...

 --some THINGS, actually!

Growth is doing good work in us...
--even when we can't yet see the fruit!

And it's so good for us to remember that, 
truly, we are tethered to Him...
even as we sway!

* This was the end of my Five Minutes... Grace, please! I just had to finish my thought!

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  1. Absolutely beautiful! You're such a wonderful mamma to your adult daughter and your love and relationship shines through in your words. Beautiful truth. Thank you for sharing your heart!

  2. Lovely post, Karrilee. Sorry to hear about your daughter's car. I too posted about my daughters. It's the season of growing! :)
    Thanks again!
    Tammy (#9 tonight)

    1. Thanks, Tammy! Aren't you glad we never stop growing and learning new things? I'll check out your post as soon as my coffee brews! (And everyone said Amen!)

  3. Wonderful post, Karrilee! (And also sorry about your daughter's car!)

    I am learning about resting, as my body is really letting me down. I either rest, or I push and pass out. Falling unconscious outside in the New Mexico sun would be no joke.

    But I'm learning to appreciate the quiet moments, and not beat myself up for weakness. Well, sort of.

    1. Andrew... rest is so essential to our well-being. Our culture forgets this... or doesn't know it... or at least does not value the truth of it! We think Rest is R&R... but it's different! Praying for you, friend! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting!

  4. We are indeed tethered to him. Learning to adult is so hard. Even now I still get frustrated when my car breaks down etc. I need to remember the quiet moments too. Oh and that Emily Freeman post....I had to read it after you posted about it yesterday. So so good! Love you friend!

    1. Wasn't that post amazing? And then the new one from today? Gah... so good! Love you too, Tara!

  5. Beautiful, Karrilee. This especially: "You are Tethered and
    there is nothing to fear!" Oh how true that is...a truth I failed to learn until my 30s. So beautiful you're reminding her of that now. It's a truth we keep needing to be reminded of.

    1. Oh me, too! Me too, Anna! It took me a long time to know that truth! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  6. love! love! love!
    "Growth is doing good work in us...
    --even when we can't yet see the fruit"
    This is so true. Exactly what I needed to remember and hold onto. visiting from #27

    1. Right? We get so impatient some times! Or at least I do! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  7. These words: "The rhythm of sitting on swings does good work, a reminder that we are tethered even as we sway." ... LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! "Adulting is hard." oh ... yes. So glad to have a window into your world, Karrilee. So precious that your Girlie wants YOU with her. I'm blessed!

    1. I can't take credit for that quote... it's from Emily Freeman... but isn't it just SO GOOD? I love it!

  8. And, because you are learning? You are GROWing. xo

  9. I'm so glad she's tethered--it makes 'adulting' so much easier! May the God of green hope keep guiding her growth!

    1. Two Words: New Transmission. Adulting IS hard, and expensive... and when she doesn't have the money, guess who steps up and shifts things around and sacrifices, in faith - trusting that God will/has done the same for us! Thank goodness He's such a great provider, right? xoxo


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