May 23, 2016

When Small Wonders Add Up To Kingdom

This past weekend was full... as in, super full.  

But it was filled with all kinds of blessings and so much honor! None of it felt bossy at all!

I'm gonna do this post old school... a throwback of sorts to Multitudes on Mondays or #1000gifts!

Because... well, 
I introvert on Mondays. Hard. 

And last weekend was full and blessed and it involved all kinds of extroverting, so we're gonna keep this short! Plus - Vacation!  Yep... we are leaving town in just a couple of days so there is all of that prep work that must get done, too!

We started off Friday night with a Wedding Rehearsal... way  (read: way, way, WAY...) out in the country... you know, where the buffalo roam.

OK... not really! It was more like cows. 

The cattle was roaming. And pigs... they raise pigs, as well!

It was a gorgeous homestead... property out in the middle of nowhere and so perfect for the bride and groom! And, as I said, it was such an honor to be invited to be a part of their special day!  

The bride: A close friend of our girlies who grew up at our house. (Resisting urge to post awkward middle school picture. You're welcome, girlies!)

The honor: They asked My Honey to officiate the wedding! 

So he spent time with them in pre-marital counseling, and we met with them together as a couple and prayed with them... poured in to them... encouraged them to build on a firm foundation.  And then Dave worked with them and came up with the perfect ceremony. The couple wrote their own vows and Dave put together some for the ring exchange as well and oh my goodness, this wedding, y'all!

I mean it in the most loving way --this shin dig was Red. Neck!

From the hay bales as seats, to the skull/antlers on the top of the Wedding Arch, to the Busch beer and pulled pork sliders, to the reception in the barn, to --well, down to every last little detail... and it was perfect. And fun. And a whole different culture. And such an honor to see the love!

Gah! How I love these two!

My Honey in a full on suit! He's so handsome!

So that was Friday night and mostly all day Saturday.

Then came Sunday.

Like our new signs? Now we look more official and the signs turned out great!

We celebrated our first Anniversary as Dad's House church on Sunday (since Mother's Day already has celebrations of its' own!) and we prayed for nice weather and set up everything outside on the lawn because - who doesn't love to have church outside? I mean... that is one of my most favorite things and I was telling my prayer partners last week that I feel such an anointing and an outpouring coming this summer over open-air gatherings! I just love it!

Anyway - we did our original first ever worship set that we did on our first day as a church (which included several favorites but wrapped up with Good, Good Father and went in to How He Loves!

We had a couple of baptisms... and then Dave and I were honored to be officially ordained and commissioned.  We've been the Associate Pastors from the beginning and we are not so into titles and such, but it was something that the elders and the lead pastors wanted to do and we felt so loved and appreciated.

Of course, it comes as no surprise that my favorite part was the laying on of hands and praying over us!

After service, we fired up the grill and threw on some hot dogs, and we had our first annual Crockpot Cookoff Competition! Seriously, you guys... it was so hard to pick a winner! I forgot to get any pictures of all the crockpots lined up inside because - hello long line and delicious food!

 If only Shawn was not so shy... (He's such a ham!)               

The Winner: Sharon's Gumbo! Yeah... so good!                  

One of my favorite moments was when My Honey heard that our friends were there... these four! Man... we have lived some life with them by our sides!  One couple lives in town but is heavily involved in their church and the other lives out of town and so none of them had been able to make it out yet! I didn't tell him that I invited them so when they showed up he was so blessed!  

We have ministered together, vacationed together, experienced loss and heartbreak, hurt and wounds, as well as victories and healing, restoration and miracles... we have stood together, stood up for, and knelt down beside... we have prayed over, prayed into, prayer for, and prayed through (hallelujah!) ...and let's not even talk about the laughter and kindredness... the all-in and one-for-all-and-all-for-one-ness that we have with these friends who are more like family! 

We were so honored that they would come out and celebrate with us!

 And really, this is life... yes?  This living side by side, heart to heart... face to face... this is really how all these little small wonders add up to Kingdom!

They add up to Kingdom living and Kingdom walking and Kingdom loving when we sow into them, pour in and pour out... when we love and laugh and cry and hope... when we do all of those things, and then give them time and room to grow... when we nurture and care for them and move in to do our part and then step back and watch Him to the rest!

Because here is the deal... every one of these small wonders that we experienced last weekend? They all started with relationship... And our God is so relational! How could we ever forget that the Kingdom is the Kings' domain and in His reign... relationships are top priority!

How do everyday things become small wonders?
  ~ You must slow to notice and count them as a gift!

How do small wonders add up to Kingdom?
  ~ You keep counting... You keep seeking and finding and letting love flow! Then sit back and watch and see how He swoops right in and makes them grow!

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Oh yes... and this!  This is where we ended up by 3:30pm on Sunday afternoon: 

Huddled in bed, reading and relaxing and introverting separately, together! (Because, of course!)


  1. I may have teared up seeing the pictures of you having everyone lay hands on you both and praying for you. Love the new church signs too. Happy 1st Anniversary of Dads House. I love you friend!

    1. Thank you, my friend! I am so aware and thankful for the prayers of many over this past year! Here's to standing side by side, even if only in the Spirit, and praying for each other and how the Lord flows through us! Love you right back, Tara! xoxo

  2. Always a treat to be next door to you at #smallwonder. Wow!! What a jammed pack adventure you have been on introvert! I love the Americana Red Necky wedding, what fun it sounded like and beautiful with your hubby guiding the way! And I cannot believe it's a year already from starting your church! That is amazing!! And what a beautiful journey it's been! I'm always blessed by the joyfulness you exude and the blessings you share!! God bless you!

    1. Aw... I love being neighbors! :) Thanks so much, Kathy!

  3. Wow..that sounds like a Holy Spirit filled weekend Karilee! It's such a blessing when God reveals Himself in the "small wonders" in our lives. May we always keep our hearts and eyes open to observe the blessings of God. Thank you for sharing such an inspirational post and pictures. May God continue to work in you and your husband as you seek to share the good news of the Gospel of Christ. Have a wonderful week and may God richly bless you and yours!

    1. Amen! Thanks so much Horace! I hopped on over to your post today as well! It was so good! Small Wonders are all around us... may we slow to see!

  4. Beautiful! What an honor to become ordained and commissioned. I can't even! And a year already for your church! I can imagine yesterday was a day of retreating somewhere by yourself. Thank you for sharing your amazing weekend.

  5. Anonymous5:06 PM

    So fine and special! Praising the Lord for you and your husband and church with you. A fun wedding too!
    Karrilee, I am so thankful that I came by tonight and that you are my neighbor at Jennifer's.
    May God watch over you and your husband as you lead this flock of His.
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda

    1. Thanks so much, Linda! We will always take extra prayer! xoxo

  6. This just literally blows my mind. I have to stop and think back (hard) to Jumping Tandem because it just seems like so long ago. So long as I'm here adjusting (hard) to life that looks nothing like it ever did for me. But there you are...doing the same thing and God is blessing you BIG for your faithfulness and your obedience to Him. You're such a wonderful role model for me, Karrilee. I might not always tell you, but I'm always watching and admiring and praising Jesus that you haven't wavered a bit. Love you, friend. So very proud of you!

    1. Hey Roomie! Yes - it does, at times, feel like a lifetime ago that we experienced Jumping Tandem together! We both knew that transition awaited us when we returned home and I think we have both probably had good days and less than stellar ones, too! I don't know about never wavering... I have at least questioned the why - but never the Call. I have wondered and complained and felt inept and ill-equipt... but that is usually when I am trying to drink in the whole picture! I find it's easier to stay focused when I remember the call - day by day... it's the same for all of us, really! To Speak Life... to Be Love... to Shine On! Praying for you friend... Thanks so much for chiming in here!

  7. So full! You deserve your introvert space!

    1. LOL! Well - it's really for EVERYONE's benefit, right? ;) Thanks Kelly!

  8. Wow! What an amazing weekend, what an awesome God! Congrats to you both! EnJOY your vacation!

    1. Thanks June! We had an amazing vacation... it was a bit too fast and furious for my liking - but it was Grand, indeed!

  9. Nice to meet you again after many years ! I LOOK FORWARD to following your blog. MAY OUR LORD BLESS AND KEEP YOU and YOURS!

    1. Thanks so much! It was nice to reconnect! Praying blessings right back to you, my friend!


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