June 1, 2016

What I Learned in (April and) May...

Somehow I entirely missed this post for April. Clearly I must have been learning lots of things because I failed to take time to reflect and write it all down? I will try to combine April and May while still keeping the list fun and relatively short! We'll see how we do!


12 Random Things That I Have Learned...

1. I learned I love new (to me) music and I'm old school in loving an actual CD in my hands!

In April and May I bought two new Cd's... Dave Barnes, "Carry On, San Vincente" and the new Bethel Music "Have It All" Cd. I love new music... 

I surround myself with music whether it is the focus of my heart, or simply background music or a running soundtrack of my days. You just can't even go wrong with Bethel worship as far as I'm concerned and Dave Barnes newest release is so reminiscent of the summers in the 70's that --well, how can one NOT fall in love immediately? (Also - Adele and Amanda Cook are still on repeat all. the. time.)

2. I (re)learned that I love local theater and I think we really should need to support it!

We rent the theater in the round in our small town for our Sunday services at Dad's House, but it wasn't until April that we bought tickets to go see one of the shows there! We had been to this theater before the church started, but we had shifted into thinking of that space as church. There are some amazing plays (as well as classes) that are going on in that building, and when they took on "Barefoot in the Park" and I realized that My Honey had never seen any version of it... well, it was a must-see and it was SO much fun!  

It reminded me to look in the paper and check out the shows coming to town --not only those who tour through, but the local shows... high school performances and local theater acts.  I always love the mix of people who gather to support the arts and the artists! We go to local musical events often... symphonies and jazz, etc. but we hadn't gone to many plays lately. However that is going to change! 

But don't be fooled... I'm not as cultured and elegant as that may sound. To prove my point, read on:

3. I learned that, for whatever reason, seeing Allison Janney take over the White House Briefing Room made me ridiculously happy... 

For real... I wish West Wing was real right about now because - oye... who couldn't use a little C.J. Craig, am I right?

4. I (re)learned that asking Facebook questions, and asking for tips/advice is a real thing - and it works! 

Seriously, I have seen people ask all kinds of questions on facebook, from places to stay, places to eat, how to fix things... and while I'm not so sure it should replace actual research or, you know... Google - it sure did come in handy last month when throwing together a quick trip to somewhere new with way too much to do and too little time to do it all! I threw out a possible trip to Las Vegas and asked for tips on where to stay (or where not to stay) and what to do if you only had a day or two there... it was extremely helpful! 

Turns out, my friends are super smart and mostly - they know me, so their suggestions were spot on!

And I also learned this: The Expedia App for your phone makes traveling SO easy!

5. I learned that I'm not sure WHY I don't plan these Three Generation Outings more often - but going out with my Mom and my Girlie is such a treat! (Bonus: Pedicures and Sangria!)

As a Mother's Day gift - to each other and to ourselves, my Mom, my daughter, and I all planned a day out... pedicures for all, and a delicious slow lunch... we felt pampered and refreshed and I realized mid-way through that I need to plan days like this more often. I am blessed that we all are in the same town, and are able to do this --I know that may not/will not always be the case!

6. I learned that as much as I prefer Prophetic Art during Worship, it is fun to team up and do an Illustrated Sermon piece sometimes, too!

Our Pastor was teaching through a series and we knew he would be talking about Teamwork and we decided it would be fun to have two artists paint separate canvases during worship and then put them together to show one finished image at the end. Our normal artwork is less pre-planned and more led by the Spirit and the worship... but once in awhile, this is fun, too! It ended up being a powerful piece that we donated to raise funds for an orphanage/ministry in Zambia!

7. I learned that I'm in love with my Sari's from Darn Good Yarn!

I can't tell you how hard it has been to not order more... shorter ones for the coming summer months! I LOVE love love these silk wrap-around skirts! I love the layers and the prints! I love that you order by letting them know the colors that you love (and/or the colors that you can't stand!) and they do such a great job at picking a color/pattern that you will fall for and want to wear again and again! I love mine... and it's only a matter of time until I give in and order another one (or two!)

8. I (re)learned how much I adore -and NEED- patio time in the Spring and Summer months...

It's no secret and definitely not a new lesson -but patio time in the mornings is my jam! In the evenings too, as long as it is not windy... but it's the morning with the sun just starting to warm and the flowers all open and searching for light, with the coffee freshly brewed, an empty journal page and a good book all waiting for me to come and sit a while and spend time with them! To breathe in deep and slow... to consider the day... It's more than just a preference or something that brings me joy. It's actually something that brings me back to center and keeps me healthy! 

There is something wondrous and romantic about spending time amongst the flowers... slowing my life to listen... experiencing the scents and sounds of living going on all around me while tuning in to my own heartbeat and the rhythm of my breathing falling in line with the music of His grace.  Sometimes - I honestly only have five minutes... but some days I manage to find 30 or 40 minutes! It is sheer bliss to me!

9. I learned that not only does My Honey clean up nice but that man can officiate a wedding like a boss...

Photo Credit:Robb and Jennifer Paul 

Photo Credit:Robb and Jennifer Paul 

Or --more like a Father! He officiated his first wedding last month and first off, let's just acknowledge that he got through it without tears... (there may have been bets going on.) but he was so great -honoring, professional, funny, and of course, loving.  He did amazing! It helped that the bride sort of grew up at our house and had been part of our family for years... but still!

10. I learned that while titles and ceremony aren't really our thing --being ordained and commissioned in front of our entire church family was over the top honoring and such a blessing...

We helped to plant Dad's House over a year ago and while we ARE pastors because of the call and gifting, to be ordained was never anything we sought after.  I know many believe schooling and seminary is required, but we believe that God calls and equips and we have pastored for all of our lives, while this is the first time we have officially held a position. It's not that we are against education, or haven't taken classes or courses or been trained... it's just we've never desired letters after our name and always desired to simply follow His gaze and join in what He is doing.

However, our lead pastors and our board of elders wanted to ordain us and honor us during our one year celebration. I'm not sure what 'difference' it really makes, but I hear there may be tax benefits and I guess you can address me officially as Rev. Karrilee! (...but please don't! LOL! For real... just don't!)


11. I learned that as much as I have loved MercyHouse and Fair Trade Friday, I finally signed up and joined the Club and just as I thought... I love it! 

We support MercyHouse in many ways and I have purchased one time boxes or individual items a few times, but I decided to sign up and join the Fair Trade Friday Club to receive a box each month for a monthly cost of $31.99  I got my first box yesterday and I am in love with everything in it! I suspect that will be the case every single month!

And finally...

12. I learned that no matter how old your kids get, if you can get away for a Family Vacation once in awhile, you should totally just do it! 

I mentioned earlier that we took a super fast, super full trip to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon last week.  It started out as a joke when our girlie was maybe 14 or 15... that we would go all Lorelei and Rory Gilmore and take a Girls Trip to Vegas for her 21st Birthday (because Vegas is closer and cheaper than going to Atlantic City!)  Years passed and I sort of forgot about the plan... life happens, bills pile up, and often those ideas remain just that: vague ideas that never really manifested into actual plans!  But about a month ago, she remembered and asked and let me tell you what... when your kid asks to go on a family vacation with both parents for her 21st birthday --even if it is to Vegas-- you figure it out and you say yes!

We are blessed and honored that she wants to hang out with us and we had a blast!  
I will post more on our trip to Vegas soon! (Maybe even tomorrow... so check back for more fun, and lots --and lots!!!-- of pictures!) but mostly I just wanted to say this: I learned that when your kid wants to spend time with you - whether it be walking a few times a week, getting together for coffee, or hopping on a plane and taking a new adventure... if you can swing it, the answer is yes!

You won't regret it!

So... what have YOU learned lately? I'd love to hear! New music, movies, recipes... new tricks, short cuts, how to's? Fill me in! Share the wealth!

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I'm serious! Fill me in! What did you learn last month? 


  1. I love that the trip worked out for all of you! What a blessing! Oh and so much THIS: "I (re)learned how much I adore -and NEED- patio time in the Spring and Summer months..." And I miss theater so much. I was on theater in high school, college and even did some community stuff during seminary days. One of my dear friends and her family are theater peeps. I'm excited to see her kids in "School of Rock" later in June!

    1. Because of course you love theater, too! ;) School of Rock would be fun to see! I'm sure you'll have a blast!

  2. I don't think I learned any "new" thing in May - but I did post. I loved your vacay pics. And, I am so glad you did the trip...anyway!!!!!!

    1. Some of mine were more like relearning or remembering... but still, obviously, I wrote a post anyway (too!) ;)

  3. I love all that you've learned! Pedro built planter boxes for flowers and a fountain for my pets (hummingbirds) for Mother's Day. I'm enjoying patio time for the first time since we moved here! Blessings on your and your honey as you continue in your ministry!

    1. Pedro - earning some serious brownie points! It sounds wonderful! xoxo

  4. Karrilee, Your posts are always so uplifting and I can just feel the joy in your words! All your flower pictures are so beautiful. Thanks for giving us this glimpse of your life in April and May! Blessings to you! xo

    1. Aw... you are so sweet! I'm always so happy to see you stop by, my friend!

  5. Karrilee, I orignally found your blog through Traci Michele's web design site, and recognized the design because she is busy designing mine right now! Loved your post and how you intentionally take stock of how God blesses in your learning through the month. I do it yearly, but monthly is so much better! I'd love for you to share on #FreshMarketFriday where we select a Featured Fresh Find every week:)

    1. First off... don't you just LOVE Traci? She is amazing! I just know you are going to love her design! I can't take credit for the monthly reflections... I tend to follow Emily Freeman when she has brilliant ideas (which is often, obviously!) I will head on over and check out #FreshMarkeyFriday (LOVE that hashtag!) Thanks so much for stopping by!


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