June 14, 2016

When It's Vital (and Humbling) To Know Who He Says You Are

This world, y'all... it is heartbreaking and brutal and it can seem like it is spinning right out of control.

We can tap into the heaviness and let the darkness talk us into believing that evil is closing in on us on every side. We are easily convinced because, well - the darkness is dark and it spreads like oil, oozing on to everything... covering, but not sinking in... making a mess of slippery slopes and roads we don't want to go down.

But I am reminded again and again to look up!

Look up! For your redemption draweth nigh...

And there it is. That hint of Hope that the Light has come and darkness will never overtake it! 

It's in that moment that we remember...

Darkness never wins! Light is always dawning... coming for us... and while darkness may seem to be getting darker, the Light is ever increasing and it is shining brighter and brighter as His Glory and Love are put on display for all to see.

We do Him proud when we let Love win.

Letting Love win is easier when we remember who Love is.

Love is a Person and He has already won us... 

Months ago, during a sermon, our Pastor talked about how the Lord asked Simon who he said He was and Simon answered correctly... and then Jesus went ahead and told Peter just who He thought he was.  I wrote about it here because we were encouraged to go beyond simply knowing who Jesus is --but we were lead in a time of prayer to ask God who He says we are... and He answered and I felt just a little sorry for Him because, at that time, He said that I was His resting place. Now - at that time... there was little to no resting getting done in my life. I needed the reminder... I needed to remember that He named me on purpose and I truly am called to be a place of rest --not just for Him, but for others as well!  I had let myself get too busy again and I was not operating out of who I was. 

It's shocking and more than a little unsettling when we realize how quickly we can fall out of our true identity!

In this season I believe it is vital for us to know who HE says that we are!  The world will try to tell us... but only He knows! When we are operating out of who He intended us to be, we step fully into ourselves... and are more fully able to reveal Him to those around us!

Recently I asked that question once again.  Go ahead... ask Him:

"Lord, who do You say that I am?"

Honestly, I was expecting the same answer... a resting place. I had been more intentional in being just that, but what He whispered to my soul was all together different this time. 

It was so romantic and swoon-worthy and I immediately thought to argue with Him (Just like last time!)  because isn't that how we are? He sees us through eyes of love but we so seldom see ourselves in that same light!

He answered my question with this:
"You are My Heartbeat set to the Rhythm of Words."

I know, right? 

Immediately, I thought two things:
1. Who doesn't want to be that?
2. Talk about pressure!

Only, of course, there is no real pressure but when the darkness slinks around and heaviness clouds your view, it's easy to forget what His heartbeat sounds like.

It requires intention and quiet... it begs for silence that is not deafening. His heartbeat sounds like love... with no shadow of turning... no ebb and flow... only Love... All In, passionately pursuing you, sold out, bought and paid for, fully redeemed LOVE! (Can you hear it?)

I stated on facebook last night how I spent most of yesterday without using my voice. I allowed myself the grace to sit in the feelings and to ponder my way through them.

After a tragedy, who wants to write? 

But I realized that when I write, I process... and as I process, I hear His heart beating and oh my goodness, what we need most in the blackness is the hint of Light and the comforting rhythm of a heart that beats for us!

His heart is broken... and it's okay to grieve. In fact, it's necessary and vital. It's how we join in with Him. So grieve... and then go out and put actions to His love.

My friend Deidra noted yesterday that her facebook feed was full of love and prayers and not full of hate. Mine, too.  I pray that is the case for most of us... all of us, really - but we know that is not true.

I think in the midst of such evil and hate, we have been gifted the opportunity to let His heart be seen... heard... felt... 

Listen, I don't get political here and I won't start now but let's just agree that we in the Church have done some serious damage over the years (decades/centuries) in spreading hate and creating division and misrepresenting the heart of God.  Maybe not you personally... but I think we can all agree that we, as humans, tend to mess things up and even when Jesus was walking in flesh and blood on the earth, He was pushing the limits of where we thought grace should reach. Praise God and thank Him for it, really -because Grace cost Him something... but He freely gives it out, and no matter where you stand on doctrinal issues or social issues or what have you, Jesus is perfect theology, and I am pretty sure He would be (read: IS!) walking around Orlando today, letting love spill out and letting His Light shine through the darkness.

I believe He is begging for His Bride to represent Him well... to offer mercy and grace... to mourn with those who mourn... I believe He allows us time to feel... to not just watch and see, but to taste and see... the pain and brokenness, as well as the joy and healing!  Lord, help us see and know both!

Help us to truly speak life... to be love... to shine on - in and for Orlando, yes! But also in and for our own cities and neighborhoods and hearts! 

I invite you to not just know who Jesus is. ("...the Messiah, the Son of the living God.") but ask Jesus who He says YOU are! Ask... and then listen and wait.

It is vital (and humbling) to know who He says you are!

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  1. Yes and yes! We love because He loves, it so entirely complicated but so completely simple. It's what He made us to do and too many stray from that. I'm with you, Karrilee - love and light win every time.

    1. Every. Single. Time. (you know... in the end!) Love you, friend! xoxo

  2. Well said, Karrilee! Blessings to you!

  3. I never realized that remembering our identity in Christ is a part of worship. I fall into the trap of overly focused on doing, when I need to think of abiding and resting in Him. Thank you so much for this Karrilee! Jolene

    1. Praying you find rest in Him... and you take the time to ask Him who He says that you are... believing His answer will both bless and stretch you - because He's good like that! Love you, friend!

  4. Sorry, messed up my first remarks, so retyped, lol.
    I gosh, I loved this... "But I realized that when I write, I process... and as I process, I hear His heart beating and oh my goodness, what we need most in the blackness is the hint of Light and the comforting rhythm of a heart that beats for us!"
    That right there just fed my soul, watered it, nourished it. Lord, be the rhythm behind the beating of my heart in everything!
    Love this sweet perspective, Karrilee. Love it. Hugs and blessings.
    P.S Love your flower images throughout this post....

    1. Oh friend... your comment just made my day! Seriously - is this not why we write? To feed and water and nourish? I'm so glad you stopped by! (And yes... Hydrangeas are my favorite and they tend to breathe a little calm and beauty into my resting and who doesn't need a little more of that right about now, right?)

  5. Oh friend, yes, yes, yes! Love, Gods love always wins. I'm leaning in and waiting to hear who God says that I am. I think who God says you are is spot on...you, my friend, and your words are a gift that point back to the light. "The light shines in the darkness and the darkness does not overcome it."

    1. You are such a gift and a treasure to me, my friend! xoxo I can't wait to hear what He tells you!

  6. You are my heartbeat set to the rhythm of words. I love that so much - my pastor mentioned something about us being Gods poem and that just shot through my heart. Much like your reflection today. Jesus is perfect theology - Amen! Love and miss you Karrilee!

    1. Ah yes... we are Gods' poema (Eph 2:10!) I think it was Emily Freeman who said that WE are what happens when God expresses Himself! LOVE that... and you! xoxo

  7. Hello Karrilee,

    May God shower his blessings on you. All the quotes are really nice and so true. God is a winner already. He is a creator. If we love each other then definitely he will be more than happy.

    ~Dr. Diana

    1. Amen! THanks so much for stopping by and joining in! May God bless you too!

  8. Love is a person - YES!!! Amen. Such good truth here. This was such an encouraging post. Thank you!
    Sarah (www.sarahefrazer.com)

  9. Such a lovely reminder of who and whose we are. Thanks so much. Blessings to you! Visiting from www.flowingfaith.com

    1. I'm so glad you popped on over for a visit Mari-Anna! I think we all need the reminder of who and Whose we are from time to time! Blessings right back to you, my friend!


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