March 18, 2016

When the enemy comes in, it really shouldn't be a Surprise... A Five Minute Friday

Y'all! This last week has been busy... not just 'full' - but busy! Man... mostly good things but still! If you recall, last week the Lord told me that I am a resting place... that I am a carrier of His Presence and a releaser of His Kingdom... but I glanced at my calendar and could only muster up a deep, exasperated sigh! Next week... next week I will rest!  

I missed out on the party last night but it was so worth it... because we got to do some pre-marital counseling with a young couple and ministering side by side, sowing into marriages and families - yeah... that is our jam!

This is Five Minute Friday (- a five minute timed free write) and our One Word Prompt for the day is: SURPRISE


I mentioned above that this week, y'all... I mean - come on? I did it to myself but I need a nap... or a chick flick... or -well, really - I need some down time with the Lord -just me and Him! That is what I really need!

Then again... that is how I am wired - to need quiet... to be quiet! And I know this about myself, but oh how I forget! I let myself get busy and over scheduled and I know that I can do it... but I'm not always clear halfway through if I am called to do it, ya know?

Here's the deal... this past week has been hard.  Heavy in ways I anticipated and in ways that I did not.  Add that heaviness to a bossy calendar and your normal run of the mill spiritual warfare and, well... like I said... A nap, man!

But this is what I know:

The enemy may be 'crafty', but he is not creative!  When he comes in with an attack, we really shouldn't be surprised, right? I mean - by now, we should see him coming... and yet...

I missed the twitter party last night because my Honey and I had the honor of meeting with an engaged couple and going over some pre-marital counseling.  We shared keys to a healthy marriage and that is so in our wheelhouse! We love to speak life and love into marriages and families and so wouldn't you know it - the enemy blindsided me last weekend and we - who honestly rarely ever fight, had all kinds of tension and stress surface and try to push us apart!

We worked through it and talked over things and we are good... stronger even, and better for it - because that is how good our God is and that is how much the devil does NOT get to win - or even gain ground. 

But my point is this:  Of course he attacked our marriage... we were preparing to talk about how to have an amazing marriage, so just of course, right? 

Crafty... but not creative!

Of course he attacks your life in ways and areas where the Lord is preparing to use you and bless you and call you deeper. 

The enemy is a liar and he is tricky... but he is not sly!
We should be on to him!

As we walk closer to God and lean in to be more in tune with Him, we learn to recognize the areas that are open doors or weaknesses where the enemy thinks he can just walk right on in and make himself at home.

Our job is to close the doors when we can, to invite the Lord in to be our strength where we are weak, and to not be so surprised when we discover that, yet again, there is an enemy at work in the corner of our heart and he's trying to look like he belongs... like he's all cozy and comfy and settled in. 

We have the authority to kick him out and lock the door!


I don't know about you guys but there only really seem to be a handful of ways that the enemy swoops in with me. Usually I see him coming and am able to cut him off before he sneaks on in but sometimes it's only in the midst of the battle that I realize who I am fighting!

He's so obvious! 

Let's not let him surprise us anymore!
Let's be on to him and not fall for his tricks! 

He doesn't fight fair... but the good news is that no matter how he fights or what he says, he loses. We win. 

{True story.}

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  1. THIS: "Our job is to close the doors when we can, to invite the Lord in to be our strength where we are weak, and to not be so surprised when we discover that, yet again, there is an enemy at work in the corner of our heart and he's trying to look like he belongs... like he's all cozy and comfy and settled in." The enemy loses. Love, Gods love always wins!

  2. Great post, Karrilee, and I agree completely!

    The enemy epitomizes 'the banality of evil'; the sort of "oh, come ON!" feeling when you can see him attacking.

    33 at FMF this week.

    1. Yes - I know you are well versed in how obvious he is when he attacks! Love to you, brother! Praying for you!

  3. Sorry about the heavy week yet LIGHT won, AMEN? Miissed you at the party.

    1. As I said... I hate that it blindsided me, but yes - Light won! We are good... stronger than ever! Missed being there, but as I said - we got to minister side by side and that is always so fun!

  4. He seeks whom he may destroy, but God will not let Him destroy us. Our Jesus is so faithful to protect us from him. Thanks for the important reminder!

    1. Amen! I love that verse, Mary! I remind the enemy of it often! I tell him you may walk around like a lion seeking whom you may devour - but you are NOT the Lion, and you may NOT devour me!

  5. Dude! Crafty but not creative. I LOVE THAT. You're so right; stupid Satan has been using the same tricks and the same strategies and the same temptations since the Garden and the fruit. He's got nothing new. And yet I'm surprised when he comes at me yet again. Dang! I needed to read this today.

    1. LOL!? Right? For someone so intuitive and discerning... dang it if I don't get blindsided from time to time! ;)

  6. Oh, friend, I'm sorry the enemy of our souls was pestering you this week. But I love your words, "...invite the Lord to be our strength when we are weak..." Yes and amen. May I remember that this week. Thanks for sharing your heart and life through your words. They are precious!

    1. Thanks so much, Julie! The Good news never changes - so it's just always true: What the enemy meant for evil... God will use for good! Stronger and Better already! ;) Thanks for stopping by!


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