March 7, 2016

He's Going to make us Marvel in March.

Here we are, a full week into March, and I decided to share a little secret with y'all.

Just a little something that I can't quite shake each day as I am praying. I shared a little glimpse of this on facebook last week and, oh my goodness, if God hasn't been whispering this soft and low to many others too!

Here's the thing: As I pray, I just keep hearing the Lord say:
"Look for things that make you Marvel in March!"

I know, right?

Marvel... It sounds so dreamy!
Who doesn't want to do a little of that right about now?

I mean, honestly - this winter has been L-O-N-G! And cold... and hard.  Spring is just now starting to get a little flirty (--my front door is open as I type!) and a little marveling in March sounds divine!

Websters defines Marvel like this:
MARVEL:  to become filled with surprise, wonder, or amazed curiosity; to feel astonishment...

As I shared on facebook, for the last several days before March, I kept having a physical experience of feeling a sudden shift... a tilting of sorts... but every time, as it was happening and afterwards, I could feel the Lord's peace over me. 

It was swift and made me dizzy -even if just for a split second or two. After it had happened several times, I decided to stop and pray and ask God what was happening.  I mean, there is a lot of sickness going around lately and I wanted to be responsible... I didn't want to ignore a possible ear infection or vertigo or anything. I didnt' feel sick - but I know that doesn't always mean that you are not sick... so I prayed.

Almost immediately I felt the answer as His peace washed over me yet again.  I asked Him again for clarification if this was physical and His answer was quick: This is spiritual.  I am showing you the shift.

He went on to encourage me to pay attention to when this happens for He will show us great and mighty things when His Kingdom comes and shifts the earthly atmosphere in which we dwell.  I think we often forget the power and authority that we have at our fingertips... on the tips of our tongues... and we forget to pay attention to more than just what we can see! It seems like this month, He has intentions to show up and show off a bit more than usual!

So I am paying attention and praying with more intention when I feel or sense this shift!

It was a day or two later, while in prayer again that I first began to hear God say to look for things that make me marvel!

I am currently readying this gem:

(Yeah. You're gonna need it! #LookingforLovely)

So Looking for Lovely fits right in with Marveling in March and I am fixin' to do both! (Yeah... I just said "fixin'" as if I was Southern!)

I believe we are entering into another season that will be full of Suddenlies and oh my goodness, I feel it deep down in my toes, how God wants to capture our attention and woo our hearts closer to His own.

We serve a God who is an expert at Shock and Awe...

Stirring up a bit of Marvelous Wonder is pretty much His wheelhouse!

So, I don't know about you - but this stirs me up to continue on with eyes and ears and heart seeking and wearing my childlike faith just right out there on my sleeve for all to see!

I believe He will show up in big and small ways... I believe He always does... but sometimes we rush on through our days or we have such tunnel vision, moving from one bossy list of things to do to the next, that we forget to slow a bit... to look around and drink in the wonder that He splashes all around us!

He is begging to grab our attention and to be the One we long for most! I believe, as we stir up our hunger and expectation in finding Him... He will hide out in wide open spaces, for all to see!

Let's watch and see what He will do this month... let's count the gifts and look for lovely and continue on with #thehappinessdare and let's be ready and willing to Marvel in March!

Are you in? Are you with me? 
I hope so!

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Tell me what has you marveling so far this month? How is He answering prayers, or showing you grace? How is He showing up and showing off for you? I'd love to hear!


  1. Karrilee, don't you just love when God speaks so clearly to you? To sense His presence and know that the Creator of World is spending precious moments speaking to me, fills my heart with such joy. I agree, I think God is doing a new thing- something we can't even dream of. Thanks for sharing at Testimony Tuesday.

    1. Amen, my friend! I'm so glad you stopped on by from Testimony Tuesday! (Don't you just love Holly?) Looking for Marvelous things in March with you!

  2. Marveling in March.....I love that. And what better way to marvel as we celebrate Easter thus month. I did preorder Looking for Lovely, I'm still a tad bummed about not making the launch team but life goes on. :) THIS: "So I am paying attention and praying with more intention when I feel or sense this shift" Praying with more intention....that's why my whole Lenten discipline started six years ago.

  3. I am also trying to marvel in March by joining in Jennifer Dukes Lee happiness dare. Taking the time to let God reveal His beauty is such a treasure. Your words about God getting you ready for something big hit home today too. God has been giving me an underlying theme to my one word of hope this year. It is "go big or go home". It is saying "yes" to things with the faith that God will open the door wide if it is meant to be. Thank you for these words today. God loves when we crave Him above all else.

    1. Oh I love that! Go Big or Go Home... scary, a little - sure! But mostly exciting! Praying for you as you lean in to the Shift that is coming, my friend!

  4. Well of course I love every jot and tittle of this post. Years about (maybe 4-5) there was a prophetic utterance by a man I greatly respect that we were going into a season of "SHIFT" - God is aligning things. There will be suddenlies. We are seeing Joel's prophecy fulfilled every day. It is exciting. Like the song says, "Things aren't falling apart, they are falling in place!" Is there a place on your blog that I can "tweet" this post?

    1. AMEN and AMEN! ;) (And yes... I removed the widget awhile ago because I was having issues with comments... but it didn't really fix my issue but I hadn't re-added it... so I did and you are good to go! Share your heart away!) xoxo


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