March 29, 2016

Nurturing Your Nest All the Way Through

Ahhh - the sweet life of Empty-Nester-hood!

Whether that is far (far...-wait for it... FAR) off, or you have already adapted to the whole quiet house/less chaos/more breathing room lifestyle, there is something mystical about Empty Nesters.

Something Unicorn-like and wistful, right?

I mean, what do they DO all day?

(Whatever they want.  The answer is they do almost whatever they want!)

I'm honored to be over at talking about our mostly smooth transition into Empty Nester Life and how the secret is Nurturing Your Nest all the way through the parenting years! (If you build it, they will leave...)

Join me over there...

(Click HERE.)

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  1. 10 years of writing blogs! You are amazing and so diligent! Happy 10-Year Anniversary!
    Love you!


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