February 26, 2016

When Morning Comes Slowly...

I managed to stop in for a bit of the party last night over on Twitter (#fmfparty) but as we discussed there, it had already been the LONGEST week ever and when I am feeling all the feels and that over-tired, well - I am easily distracted and I left to eat dinner and pretty much forgot to come back!  Still... the community that gathers around this free writing one word prompt is real, y'all and they are my tribe... so even when I forget to sit back in front of this screen, I know they know I'm there in spirit --even if my flesh is a bit too exhausted to climb the stairs!

This is Five Minute Friday (- a five minute timed free write) and our One Word Prompt for the day is: MORNING


It's not that I don't remember...

I remember those mornings that were full of rush and hurry... all the racing around and cranky "Wake UP!" yelling conversations... the piling into the car and hitting every stop light just wrong and then the joy of tackling the drop off parking lots.

I even remember the mornings before I changed my 'job' and I would have a latte to grab before walking in to a time clock to punch and a desk to unclutter before starting my day.

I would be lying if I told you that I missed it. Any of it...

Well... almost any of it! 

I do miss those morning drop-off prayers and hearing all the thoughts and worries and hopes from that backseat...

I miss the laughter and camaraderie of co-workers... co-laborers... co-anyone.  

But only once in awhile do I miss that!

Mostly, I have slid right into a life where Mornings come slowly and unfold over the hours in quiet grace and soft singing... a beckoning over my spirit and my heart to come away with Him and to awaken more than just to life... but a calling to awaken to LIVING...

To awake from the slumber of a routine and of rituals - even the ones that are good and right and true.

God is calling me in this season to Slow - and yet everything around me feels rushed and blurred.  I can still choose to be busy for there is much to be done.

However, I am learning (and re-learning and re-learning again) that Full and Busy can sometimes look and feel the same - but it's when morning comes slowly and we remember that whatever we are tackling, we're not tackling it alone... well, that makes all the difference! 

And that helps to make all the hours count...

That reminds me that I DO have
co-workers, co-laborers, 
even when the work before me feels
lonely and isolated... 
unseen or unappreciated.  

It reminds me that the One who did
all the striving and all the works
ever needed for me
already did them
and proclaimed, once and for all,
"It is finished!"

He did all that needed to be done... just for me. 
He did it just for you, too!

So while there IS work to be done... let's not allow ourselves to be lulled into a sleepy exhausting lullaby, thinking it is all up to us... or that we can even come close to doing it on our own!

No... when morning comes slowly, His light shines on everything and all darkness... and yes, even some of that busyness, has to flee!

When we let morning come slowly... 
His Spirit rushes in and hovers near and shines in us and through us wherever we go!

When we let Morning Come Slowly and unfold all around us, we see more clearly His Glory and we count gifts as His Light chases away shadows of turning. 

Darkness has to flee, yes - but it's not that everything will magically be all bliss and blessing. It's more that when we really DO 'look full in His wonderful face... the things of earth will grow strangely dim, in the light of His glory and grace.'


I know I am in a season where I can let Morning come slowly... but I believe we can all do it.  I'm not talking waking up an hour earlier. I mean, if you can and you want to, sure - but me? Well - I like sleep. It's one of my favorite things.

But I AM talking about being intentional when your eyes begin the stir... stretching your body as you open your heart and trying to let the first words to enter your mind be words of thanksgiving - instead of lists of things to do!
(I know... I know, believe me!)  I'm talking about taking a few deep, slow breaths before you let your feet hit the floor running.

I'm talking about a little silence during your commute... or if that is impossible, filling your ears and spirit with a bit of worship as you go about your way.

Letting morning come slowly
is more posture and purpose,
than it is planning and preparation.  
It's definitely more Peaceful
than it is Pinterest.

It's not about making... it's about letting!

Let's let Morning Come Slowly and Love Come Softly...
Let's Keep Watch and Pray and Believe... 
Let's Taste and See that the Lord is good...

And Let's purpose to:

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  1. THIS: "When we let morning come slowly... His Spirit rushes in and hovers near and shines in us and through us wherever we go" Taking time to worship.....yes...and I hadn't even thought of it but when I walked to work, I listen to my Pandora contemporary Christian music station. And I love my sleep too friend. Love you!

  2. Beautiful post about a feeling I long for! Letting mornings come slowly is what we are trying to teach our 7 year old that is AWAKE! as soon as she opens her eyes. We are trying to find a way to start a new prayer and reading routine for her in the mornings that will help her ease into her day so the other 6 people who are likely still in bed can also ease into their days too.

    1. Oh friend... my only was SO THE OPPOSITE of awake... but you have my prayers for CERTAIN!

  3. Lovely words. Now that we have retired, we are even more able to allow morning to come slowly. I miss sunrises and things that only come in those early moments, but when I rise I can go enjoy my cousins sunrise posts on FB that come nearly every morning as she rises to milk the cows! (I don't really miss rising to milk the cows just the sunrise!)

    1. LOL... I think I would be with you... missing the sunrise but not so much the milking of the cows! I can not wait for Spring and Summer and patio furniture and coffee every morning! Thanks so much for stopping by, Amanda!

  4. Love your post, Karrilee! It sounds like you and I are on the same wavelength. :) I've begun praying before I get out of bed and I try to remember to start with praising God and then interceding for people. It really does seem to help the day go better when I start off with praise and thanksgiving, even if it's only for 5 minutes. Blessings to you!

    1. Love this, Gayl! Same wavelength... same God! Thank for stopping by!

  5. Amen to slow mornings. It is a gift of the mission field that for the most part, I have nowhere to run to in the early hours. But often I run anyway, for whatever reason. I have to always be re-training my spirit to sit and wait for his presence to hover over me. These morning posts have been a great reminder. Love you and your words, friend.

    1. I love you so! If only time and money didn't stop me, I would be waking over a cup of coffee on your patio right beside you, my friend! #SquadGoals! One day!

  6. I am not by nature a morning person. But I really like the way you talked about being intentional when we first wake up. Usually my first thoughts center around the stuff I have to get done, or on abstract fears or nagging anxiety. It's much better to focus on Him, and let my soul do some much-needed stretching too.

    Thanks for the reminder.


    1. Those Bossy Lists, right? They can boss us from the moment we open our eyes if we let them! Stretching body and soul with you, friend! Thanks for stopping by!

  7. I love this! You draw me into the peaceful temple within that I left behind, to-do lists have taken over again. What a season you are in, in the slow, the deeper, the God breathed life full, robust, wisdom sharing! Love this "When we let Morning Come Slowly and unfold all around us, we see more clearly His Glory"..yes God's glory seen, experienced in the slow moments..thank you for this reminder again..always need these reminders! Blessings today!

    1. Oh Kathy... let me tell you - I feel, in this season, busier than I have in years and I am so not a fan of it! ;) This church planting deal is the real thing and I love it but it DOES feel like work at times... I have to fight to hang on to the slow and the deeper, full life! I think it's available to all of us, in every season - but some seasons are most definitely easier!

      Choosing wisely with you... and thankful for the reminders too!

  8. I love that song! I cannot wait until that day when I get to look full on His wonderful face. Beautiful post as usual, friend. Hope your week is getting off to a great start.

    ~#79 this wk

    1. Thank you so much, Lynette! I'm glad you know the song and love it as well! It's one of my old school favorites! ;)


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