February 23, 2016

How to Stay Calm in the midst of Chaos and a Crowd...

First off, I miss y'all.

For real.

I am following God's leading to step away a bit  (--just a bit, He promised!)  from screen time to sow in to this local family that He is growing through our new church and it is amazing... and good... and I love them - but I miss you!

You know that you are maybe a little overbooked and way too rushed when the fifth person of the day stops you just to point out that you are busy lately! And by that fifth time, your response of "Life is Full... I'm full, not busy!" seems empty and slightly untrue.  

Maybe a bit of Busy snuck in to my Full and I was unaware. I didn't notice this until, you know, I hit the wall head on and am forced to just take a seat for a hot minute! 

We NEED Winter to prep us for Spring... and we need Rest to prepare us for Work --even (or especially!) for Kingdom Work!

So how do we cultivate Kingdom and graft in Rest?
How do we bloom in all seasons?

How do we make sure, even in our Winter seasons, that we remain well-watered and nourished? 

How do we push aside Scattered to make room for Sabbath... How do we stay calm in the midst of chaos and a crowd?

We let Death die and resurrect Life wherever we go!

Life is in our oxygen... it's in the blood... and it's on our words.

So how we stay calm in the midst of all the noise that shouts and yells and grabs for our attention is nothing new around here... it's simply this:

Be a Hunter of Beauty and a Finder of Grace.

* Life is in our oxygen... 

Breathe in deep and slow... Inhale. Exhale. He is the air we breathe. When we breathe Him in with intention, we are able to slow the crazy just a bit and weigh down the seconds until we are fully present. 

* Life is in the Blood...

We stay connected to our life force! We turn our hearts and hopes toward God and pay attention to how we are Carriers of His Presence and Releasers of His Glory... We breathe Him in and then we breathe Him out!

* Life is in our Words...

We determine to speak Life... in the race of rush and the chaos of crowds, we are surrounded with so many opportunities to speak life or to speak death... to be positive or to focus on the negative.  We choose to speak life... to let LIFE drip off of our tongues and let LOVE be our guide!


As it was pointed out to me... this season is busy full! (Busy... and full, if I am honest!) and when I start to notice, the sirens song that calls to me is to just keep going.  But the song of love that sings over me beckons me to come away with Him.

Last weekend, my Honey and I did just that!

It was a full weekend - but nothing felt busy or bossy and much of that is because we slowed on purpose and we hung on to calm in the middle of crowds. 

We held hands, and strolled a bit... we breathed in deep and reconnected with each other and the lover of our soul, together.  We ate great food and snapped all kinds of photo's... we cuddled newborns and laughed with friends and loved on siblings... we enjoyed small wonders all around us and unwrapped gifts at every turn!

Here are some of the wondrous gifts that we gloriously stumbled upon:

                                                   Tacoma Narrows Bridge
               Shawn Niles at the PNW Global Legacy Conf.

                             Seattle Ferris Wheel as the rain let up!

                    Seattle Space Needle from our Rooftop deck

               View on an evening walk around Seattle Center
                                                Seattle Skyline at Sunrise

Mediterranean Inn - Seattle, WA                       
A Hotel with a full Starbucks attached to the Lobby? Yes please.

 Signs of Spring!                        

Come on!                          

Discovery Park

My Honey and two of his (three) sisters!

Our niece and her new little Mr. Wesley!


We counted gifts and took note of small wonders all around us... we listed them off one by one and held them close hand over fist... 

We came home after many miles traveled and many stops made and there were all kinds of crowds and chaos all around but we came home refreshed and it reminded me of this truth:

There is  grace to be found and beauty to be tracked right here, right now... right where I am and where you are, too!  We love a mini-vacay - but it's not necessary to be refreshed!

Jesus refreshes us every time we run to Him with open arms.

Run with me, my friends?

I am praying for calm in the midst of whatever chaos may be going on around you!  I am praying for fresh air, for resurrection life, and for words that build you up and fill you to overflowing this week, sweet readers!

Breathe deep...
  Hunt for Beauty...
    and Find some Grace!

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Where have you been hunting for beauty or finding some grace lately? What small wonders have you taken notice of? I'd love to hear!


  1. Thank you for this beautiful offering! Love these words right here... "We NEED Winter to prep us for Spring... and we need Rest to prepare us for Work --even (or especially!) for Kingdom Work!" Amen! Blessings sweet Karrilee!

    1. I'm not so sure how I keep forgetting this? ;) Thanks so much for taking a pause and sharing a bit of Calm with me, my friend!

  2. I love when you share your journey through photos. Your fullness is beautiful!

    1. Aw - thanks so much, sweet friend! I have missed you! Photos are my love language! ;)

  3. Karrilee you've captured the beauty of Seattle (and Discovery Park!) so well. The need to be still is a constant clarion call....Jesus, help us heed it.
    Bless you as you minister to those right in front of you...we'll be here when you come back :-)

    1. Last Saturday was breathtakingly gorgeous in Seattle! Thanks for the support - no matter where He leads me to spend my time - 'here' or 'there'! I'm thankful that He is letting me do a bit of both!

  4. Visiting your blog is always like a breath of fresh air. Loved your photos!

  5. Be a hunter of beauty and a finder of grace, what beautiful words! Sometimes it's hard to see the beauty when we are rushing around being full. ☺️ I'm definitely in a season where I need some quiet, down time. Thank you for this lovely reminder today. It was much needed!

  6. So much THIS: "How do we bloom in all seasons?" Ummm yes! So glad you got to take time to slow. I need to remember to do that more often too. I love the little bit of Seattle I saw a year and a half ago. I want to see more so I loved your photos. I got to journey vicariously through you. Love ya friend! Oh and holding a newborn....now that's a glimpse of heaven right there...one of my fave things in the world to do.

    1. Newborns are the best, right? xoxo Praying you are feeling better, friend!

  7. It takes so much grace, strength, discipline and willpower to stay calm in the midst of chaos. Not to mention, a lot of practice too in the every day.

    Thanks for sharing this inspiring post. Stay calm and stay blessed.

    1. Ah yes - it's really the PRACTICE and intentionality of it that is so vital! I remember... but only until I forget again! ;) So glad you stopped by for a visit!

  8. Great reminders and LOVE the pics too. Thanks for being a part of the #RaRaLinkup Karrilee :-)

    1. Of course! I love the RaRa Sisterhood! xoxo Thanks for stopping by, Katie!

  9. I'm so glad you found some breathing space!


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