February 8, 2016

What IF... a Post If:Gathering post.

After all that adulting, I am introverting a bit today because, well, ...If:Gathering was last weekend!

But it was SO GOOD, y'all!

This is the third year of If:Gathering and this is the third year that I have participated.

The first year, I threw together a quick small gathering in my home with some of my people.  Ladies who came to my home for book studies or prayer meetings or just to hang out or go for a walk... there were maybe 10 of us and we loved it!  I loved sharing some of my favorite people/writers/bloggers/world changers with some of my inrl friends who had no idea who these women were!

The second year, --well, to host they really wanted you to be plugged in to a local church, which I love - but I was not so much plugged in to one.  It was not for lack of trying or wanting, but we just couldn't squeeze ourself in and so I watched it from home on my own in my pjs, Voxing with a handful of bloggy friends through out the conference.  That Voxer thread is STILL active, now over a year later, and we talk every week and pray together and love each other and it was a real thing.  We weren't sure in the beginning because, in real life is so vital and important... but the more we connected and opened up and prayed for each other and checked in, the more we realized our "If-Voxer" was an actual thing!

I had been looking forward to 'watching' with my Voxer girlies again this year when the Lord tapped me on the shoulder and whispered, "But we STARTED a local church, remember?" Oh Yeah... that, we did!

So, it turns out, He had plans for me to host an If:Local this year and we joined up with another local church and we filled a house (or two) and oh my goodness, did we meet with God together!

Here's the thing... when we started a church, it was sort of assumed that I would be 'over' Women's Ministry.  However, I would prefer to place those air quotes around "Women's Ministry" instead --or as well, maybe.  I'm not so much a fan of separating out and dividing up and while I do think that it's important for fellowship and digging in deeper and there is a place for ministry that is focused on women as well as on men and children, individually, --overall... I want us to be a family together

But I love to plan me a party or an event and I already had two years of If under my belt, so I knew that while the ladies at Dad's House didn't know any of the If Leaders... I knew they would love them!  So I jumped right in, somewhat last minute, and for all of January it was all If, all the time.

But you guys, it paid off... already --and I know that this is just the beginning! 

We ended up having 37 women in attendance over the weekend and let me tell you, His Presence was strong. There was a time of repentance and communion and leaning in together... there was great teaching, great food (thanks Shawn!), and great times of prayer through out the weekend! One highlight for me was probably when we all squeezed into one room and prayed over those who were sick... we experienced several healings and miracles and prophetic words. You know... like we expect to happen whenever we gather together to love on Him and each other!

Several had to fight their way to get there and one of the women was a brand new Christian! We continue to pray that the work that God began over the weekend will take root and continue to impact and empower all of the ladies who attended - at our If:Local, and at other Gatherings all around the globe!

Here are a few photo's from our If:Local Gathering - Dad's House & Freedom Foursquare. Seriously... I can't wait to hear the stories and testimonies that will begin to come in about how this weekend impacted, empowered, and encouraged!

 We had a Fair Trade Friday table set up at our If:Local                             

 Communion... because, of course!                                    

 Starting of Day Two... bring on the Coffee!                                         


 Small Group Conversation Card discussions                                                    

 Our Caterer, Shawn Niles.                                                              

 Pay no attention to the To Go container... it's fine.                                                    

 Two words: David Platt...                                                   
um, and Two more Words: Make Disciples                                                  

 Because, of course we wrap up the whole event                                                     
in prayer on our knees! Way to lead us, Jennie Allem!                                                     

That is one tired, extroverted-out introvert face,                                                   
who is happy to be done but thrilled that it is just beginning!                                                    

You can pre-order the digital downloads (available for download on apx 2/22!) HERE to watch it on your own, or with a small gathering of your own people, any time!  Over and over again, if you're like me.  Because, it's that good!

I was going to include a bunch of quotes from the speakers here, but you'll just have to hop on over to Twitter and follow me there because this post is ridiculously long... and y'all know how I can't pick a favorite!

The If:Gathering... it is pure and simple, just like they say. It is Gospel truth... This is what it looks like to Love like Jesus loves... 

If we believe God is real,
let our generation live like it!

What if we all lived the Truth we know?

What if we all simply loved like Jesus and let His Light shine through us?  

What if we could really see lives changed, people set free, and watch darkness flee whenever we entered a room? 

What if...?
  What if...?

What if we all purpose to do just this:

We just might make Jesus famous and make His glory known!

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Have you heard about the If:Gathering? Did you attend, in Austin, or at an If:Local somewhere near where you live? I'd love to hear!


  1. Wow! No wonder you need to introvert! I'd ben just like you! What a dynamic IF gathering/experience! What a beautiful way to bring women together..I will be eager to learn more about IF gathering..I heard of it, but not so up close as you describe here. The photos are so lovely, warm and cozy. I love how you stepped up to the plate to do your part in making this happen!

    1. Oh Kathy, I encourage you to look into it! Several churches are doing If later this month... or in the Spring... so it's not too late to click on the map over at www.ifgathering.com and see if there is something near you still to come! (And if not... seriously - those downloads are such a great investment!) xoxo

  2. Love this so much! I was right there with you at a local gathering in Ohio and to say it was spirit-filled and glorious would be an understatement. It is one of those things that just keeps working on you slowly. Beautiful pictures!

    1. Amen, Mary! You know me and favorites - but I would love to hear who really stood out to you or what you put on your Domino? Love that we were leaning in together!

  3. 2015 I streamed the whole thing. This year bits and pieces but I can see from your screen pics I missed a lot. Heard David Platt. The opening speaker. The beautiful woman from India. The closing. But I think that's it. Thanks for the update and the link.

    1. Yes- loved Jo and the staff member from IJM... so so good! Also Bianca and Angie Smith and Jen Hatmaker... and Ann and Jennie and Rebekah... see? ALL! Just ALL of them... all of it! xoxo

  4. Karilee,
    Love the "if". What a concept. And I can see God's Hand in all of this. Blessings on you continuing to grow these women to HIm. I would love you to share at Word of God Speak. I'm following you at Playdates.

    1. Last weekend was definitely one big ol' playdate, that is for SURE!!! I will have to check ut Word of God Speak! Thanks so much for stopping by Janis!

  5. Karrilee, from the pictures it looks like you all had a really special time. I've never been to and If Gathering nor watched it online, but maybe next time. I'm not sure if there are any meeting locally here. I'm sure you were extremely tired but blessed!

    1. I would almost bet that there is a Local If:Gathering near you! Some even are still to happen later this month or next... so there may still be time! Check out the map on their website to see... www.ifgathering.com but if not, you could still purchase the downloadable messages! Or mark your calendar for next year! It's usually the first weekend in Feb! xoxo

  6. Oh, this looks like a whole lot of fun! Maybe next year I'll get inspired to join up!

    1. Oh I hope you do, Anita! It's pretty amazing! As I mentioned above, it may not be too late to join in as some If:Locals are doing it later this month or even later in the Spring! Check the map on the website and see if you can find something close by! xoxo

  7. I have missed you friend, but had such a great time away. Looks like your weekend was wonderful too. I cannot wait until I get to attend my first IF gathering. Also extroverted-out introvert...that line totally made me smile. I posted a pic on Twitter that said, "This extroverted introvert has had too much extrovert time so she is taking some "me" time!" Love you friend!

    1. How was Cali? And Hallelujah and Glory for some "Me" time! (And all the introverts say, Amen!)


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