February 16, 2013

Full On & All In Series (so far!)

This week, I began a new series entitled, "Full On & All In" that stemmed from a conversation I had with the Lord.  I am pretty sure I will be adding to this series, but for now I wanted to offer links to Parts 1-3...

I know they are a little long, but I believe there is Truth in each of the posts that can position you to experience Him coming at you - 'Full On' and Truths that will help you to grasp that yes - for YOU... not just for me... He is ALL IN!

So - here are the links to the series posts so far:

Part One - He's Coming - "Full On and All In"

Part Two - Full On & All In

Part Three - Full On & All In plus a Challenge

I would love to hear your thoughts on this series... if it rings true to you, what it stirs up in you, and what He is saying to you through it!  How have you experienced Him - Full On coming for you... or showing you that He is All In with you?

Happy Saturday!
Speak Life! Be Love! Shine On!

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