February 22, 2013

Five Minute Friday - What Mama Did

Last night was an UNUSUALLY quiet night at the Twitter Party over at #FMFParty... I don't know why it was so slow, but I am praying for each of you! I know for me - this week has proven a test and in some moments, I think I was winning... and in some - well, not so much!  So - in the spirit of what we are about here on Five Minute Fridays... here comes authentic writing... unedited, and unplanned out! (My how I am getting to LOVE this approach!)

Five Minute Fridays are hosted by Lisa Jo Baker.  It is open to anyone, so to learn more about it - and to jump in yourself (the more the merrier!) or just to find a linky to see what everyone is writing about today - click HERE!  The idea is to simply write... for Five Minutes flat... no editing, no deep thinking - or at least REthinking, no spell check - just write! Let it flow! We all write using a prompt that Lisa posts at one minute past midnight Friday morning (EST.)  I'm loving the community of amazing bloggers and the creativity that flows from these magical Five Minutes!

So - here goes: Five Minute Friday - WHAT MAMA DID...


Well - this is tricky as I just recently posted about how my Mama literally saved my life.  How after a traumatic birth, and weeks of no physical touch, it was her love - her skin pressed to mine - that pulled me up and over and instead of the death sentence I was given... she brought me home, cherished!  You can read that post here.

But today... I will tell you what my Mama did that she was unaware of, and how it has been a guide to how I live my life.

Me & my Mama on the right with my Daddy and my sisters! 10/2012

From my very shaky beginning, my Mama spoke into my destiny.

No - we were not church goers and we didn't read the Bible... there was not a lot of God Talk in our home however my mother knew for certain that God had a plan and a purpose for me.  She spotted it early on and called it into being.  She would tell me of my birth story with all sorts of dramatic flair.  She planted in me a greater awareness that I was saved not just FROM death... but FOR life... for something.

She always said it was because the Love of God flowed through me.  Funny... how 'churchy' that can sound coming from the unchurched.  I didn't know enough to think that was a high calling or something to shrink back from.  I shaped my life and my decisions... my choice of friends and right or wrong... all based on Love.  By His Grace, He lead me... even when I didn't yet know Him!

Being the baby of the family - I admittedly was spoiled... and I must say that I am not so sure that my sisters were spoken over in quite the same way. They were loved and cherished the same - of course.  But I think I edged out the blessing of having purpose sown into me from my very beginning!

So at the ripe old age of 21 - falling in love with my (now) husband, I also fell in love with Jesus.

Jesus... who is the very definition of Love... and I allowed Him to love me... to teach me... to correct me when my own love fell short!

Do I fail? Yes... sometimes daily!

But the good news is that it is not MY love that I am called to let shine forth... it's HIS!  And when I purpose in my heart to seek after and soak in His Presence - His love gets all over me... and fills me up... and naturally - supernaturally - He spills out!


So I learned early on that importance of word and encouragement and knowing that there is a bigger picture to our lives! I learned from a young age that the daily parts of our lives must not detour us from the eternal call...  can you hear it? That call to let Love flow through you? I wrote last week about how we must ALLOW ourselves to be loved... once we learn (and relearn) to do THAT, His Love is Joy and Grace and Laughter... it's Romance and Compassion and Healing...

His Love is a verb and each of us were created to put action to it!

Speak Life, Be Love, Shine On!

Five Minute Fridays gives us the chance to dive right in and share what He puts on our hearts!
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Five Minute Friday


  1. Anonymous12:28 PM

    What a gift your Mom gave you! I love the imagery - as she planted those seeds of calling in your life. To have this truth pressed into you over and over again, that you have a purpose... chills.

    What an inspiration to me as a Mom. I know that each of mine have a unique calling. But do I remind them?

  2. This is gorgeous, Karrilee! So much power in what we speak over our children and ourselves.

  3. So amazing how He works! What a lovely post and a blessing to have life spoken over you from the very beginning. What a lesson to all of us to speak life to our children on a daily basis.

  4. As your Mother, yes, I whispered so many times to you that God had important plans for you. I believed it then, I believe it today. I ALSO whispered words of wonder from God and for God to your sisters, Karinna, who was 4 days coming here after I went to the hospital,...smile..she has always been a little more than fashionably late...and your Sister, Kimberly, who came in like a breeze in a quick and easy way for both of us.

    I whispered to each of you of God's great plan for you...I whispered I would never ever give up on any of you...I never have. Raised in a strict Lutheran home where not going to church wasn't an option, or going to another church was almost disrespectful...I chose, yes I chose to let you each choose your own way, your own type of church...but don't ever think God did not have his hand on my shoulder guiding me, guiding each of you...I chose to preach with my LOVE...to show each of you undying love, how to share, how to care about others...all the things I learned at home and at church. In my effort to raise good adults, God blessed me and he blessed each of you with talent, wisdom and kindness. Sharing those things are the best tribute to God I know.

  5. (Look at you, Mom... all posting a comment and everything?) <3


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