February 12, 2013

"Surprise, you have not arrived!" Guest Posting over at OneWord365

"It's refreshing when you begin to feel comfortable in your own skin and in who you were really made to be.  It's Freedom and Bliss and Terrifying and Exciting... it's Who-Cares-Anyway, and Definitely-Not-Me.

Then it's Peaceful Confidence in His Abiding Love, and finally - yes FINALLY, in His Abounding Grace!

Yes.  It is all of those things! I pray that each of you are stepping into all of that. But let me bring you in closer... let me rest my hand gently on your shoulder, and speak softly so that only we can hear..."

To read the rest of the story, come with me over to OneWord365 today

...and check back here tomorrow as I continue on with my "Full On & All In" series.


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