February 5, 2013

Silencing those Fears with Truth!

I am joining in with Holley Gerth and her community of God-Sized Dreamers again today, discussing how it's simply a matter of time in pursuing our God-Sized Dreams that we will round the corner and slam head on into Fear.

It is not limited to crazy huge dream chasing... we hold within us the potential to believe the whispering of fear and allow his jagged voice to lure us into darkness at any bend.  But it seems when we have set our sights on a dream that is more about Kingdom than it is about worldly success, well then - Fear sets its sight on us.

Fear can be relentless... full of lies and shame and 'why even try's... so when faced with fear head on, how do we respond? What is the truth that is bigger than fear?  

For me, it was in the taking the risk to write down the God-Sized Dream and put it 'out there' that I really was able to see that what I thought was my God-Sized Dream was actually not big enough... He had a bigger dream... a better vision... a plan still yet unfolding.   My dream is to write... to spend time with Him and then turn around and write out what I have seen and heard and felt and grasped... to share and stir up and hopefully create hunger.  In writing that first post on Dreaming, He unfolded so much more.

While it includes and involves writing, it is really all about community! It's about relationship and really - why am I so surprised by this? Isn't everything worthy relational at the heart of it?  Isn't all that we do that truly matters - personal... relational?  If my biggest discovery rests on how intimate and personal and relational HE is, (and it does!) then why should it surprise me that He desires me to follow His lead.

So for me, overcoming the fear of putting this (new-to-me) God-Sized Dream out on the world wide web came quickly - but I pressed Publish anyway!  And it's been several weeks now and I am seeing how He is at work in it all.

Between participating in this community here with Holley, and reading this post here on Storyline, well - I was so stirred up!  (Go ahead... click and read it! It's not too long, it's worth your time,  and I will wait!)

Yes! Yes, yes, yes!  Maybe 500 is a bit lofty for my budget and the size of my living room - but I am SO going to do this!  In fact, I had already planned a party, so I was feeling pretty good about it!

Fear came at me in two ways, just days before my Pinterest Party.  

First - it came speaking to my insecurities... no one will come... it's silly... people are busy... it doesn't matter what you try, you can't gather community... you've tried before, remember? ...it's not really a God Dream anyway.  (You see how Fear first starts out merely discouraging, but then he turns mean and gets personal!)

Secondly, it came speaking to my heart-motives.  You see - originally I had wanted just a few friends... small, simple, low key! Then I decided the more the merrier (possibly with that above blog post to blame?)...  and then when it seemed (for a brief moment) that I would have too many people coming, I began to back track and panic.  All of the sudden this dream party was too big!  What if personalities didn't click and there was tension.  What if it wasn't going to be fun - but more like work?  What about seating... and budgets and crafts, etc.  

I was mid-rant mid-thought about what a hassle it may be when the Lord reminded me that I am the one wanting to invite in strangers and create community wherever I go! So... that will mean that I can't control personalities clicking or even if everyone is having fun.

The Truth that silenced fear was that I am not doing it alone!

I am partnering WITH Him and creating an atmosphere... I am prepping ahead of time, praying ahead of time, and focusing on my newly claimed mantra:  Speak Life, Be Love, Shine On!

If I keep these Truths in the forefront of my mind and heart... Fear can not take hold! After all, perfect Love casts OUT fear, right?  I have read that somewhere before! (In fact, I love how The Message says it: "There is no room in love for fear. Well-formed love banishes fear." 1 John 4:18)

So if when fear comes a whispering to your God-sized Dreams, or simply to your daily living... tune in to the Love Who is All In... He is coming at you Full On and you are not in this dreaming/reaching/risking/life living all alone!


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P.S. My Party was a success... everyone had a blast, and I already have plans for an Easter Pinterest Party!


  1. Thank you for the reminder, God goes WITH us...and I'm proud of you for going for it and creating community and not letting fear hold you back from what God has called you to do :)

  2. Oh friend how I love your heart. You big God-sized dreaming heart. LOVE that we are dreaming together. Know that I am lifting you up to Him today. Love & hugs!

  3. think this is such an awesome dream. I have to admit that I always fear inviting people over because I worry about my house not being clean enough, decorated to standard and so on but you are right it should really be about community. Think I'll begin planning a party soon.

  4. I just started this journey of deciding to let go of fear and cling on to faith. What inspires me is when I read stories of people who do the same thing as well. :)


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