February 11, 2013

He's Coming... "Full On & All In" (A New Series)

It is something He whispered to my racing heart a month or so ago... it felt dark, uncertain... as if when you first come in to a darkened room from a bright outside.  My eyes were not adjusting fast enough... my heart was slamming around and I felt as if I was grasping for something secure to cling to.  My balance was knocked off center and I felt like everything was spinning.  Even though there have been months of peace in between, to be honest - this was yet another world-tilting hit that came right at me and once again, I did not see it coming.

The pull down was strong... it was a force and while I knew it was not truth... it felt strangely comforting - the thought of just not dealing... of just not fighting for air... maybe not drowning literally - but at least a nap, right? At least I could reward my despair with a nap?

But it is in the darkness, with the pull of the force of hell trying to capture the power of my agreement, that I heard Him whisper!  In all Love, all Grace, with Mercy dripping off His lips, He spoke to my heart and He reminded me of this.... He said, "My Darling... you seem to forget... but I am ALL IN.  There is no shadow of turning with Me! I've got this. I've got YOU."

As my will and my flesh began to argue these facts according to my feelings, He refused to even entertain my words, but interrupted and said, "I am ALL IN whether you feel me or not... whether you see Me, or call out to Me... I am not withholding any part of Myself.. You've got Me... you get ALL of Me... and you better brace yourself my love, because I am coming for you! I am coming at you FULL ON!"

I will be writing this week about Love and how He loves us - How He comes at us "Full On & All In"... I will share how He coaxed me up from a nap and into a dance and what that shifted in my heart.  I will share visuals of what this can look like: Him - coming at us.... coming for us!  How fitting that it is Valentine's week...

I knew this would be a series when I typed this comment out to my sweet friend Jennifer in response to a post she shared:

"He comes at us Full On and He is All In... and calls us to run towards Him in the same way - holding nothing back! I remember years ago studying and breaking off strongholds... then I discovered the verse in Nahum where it says that the LORD is a stronghold and I thought yes! This! Lord YOU be my stronghold! (That just may have been the beginning of my own reckless abandon to dive All In!)"  

Join me, won't you, this week as we dive in to what True Love looks like... and how we are called to follow His lead!

May Love call out your name this week... may Grace surround you, Mercy envelope you, and Hope wrap Himself around you and send you out to:

Speak Life, Be Love, Shine On!


  1. Oh what beautiful words. And we often forgot don't we that God is not a feeling HE IS! And HE is ALL IN! Blessings to you today friend.

  2. Woohoo! This is just the best and most beautiful . . Can't wait for more, Karrilee. Love you.


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