April 2, 2016

What I Learned in March (Plus the Lucky Giveaway Winner!)

Here we are again, at the start of a fresh new month and even though it's been awhile, for most of you - you can guess what that means around here!  It means it's time for my favorite monthly link up over at Emily Freeman's place! I didn't write a post for February... all I remember about February really is just how over Winter I was... All. Month. Long!


12 Random Things That I Have Learned...

1. I learned that, it turns out, this cat lover is surprised at how much she is LOVING having a Grandpuppy! 

I mean, come on! Isn't he adorable? He's a Pembroke Welsh Corgi and his name is (Mr.) Bentley!

I also love that he goes home... and is 'someone elses' baby!

2. I (re)learned that hosting a Sole Hope Shoe Cutting Party is really pretty easy...

Well, to be clear - our party is not until May - but it's super easy to order the kit and just start collecting all that denim!  Our church is excited to come out and cut and fellowship together and help make a difference! For more info on hosting your own Sole Hope party, check out their website HERE.

3. I learned that, yet again, I can't pass up a good Book Launch Team... 

I'm honored to be on the Launch teams for Looking for Lovely by Annie F. Downs, Create vs. Copy by Ken Wytsma, and A Mile Wide by Brandon Hatmaker.  Seriously - each one warrants its' own Book Review post and I will write those up soon but y'all know what I am going to say... "You're gonna want to get this in your heart!" #truestory

4. I (re)learned that we are fancy salad people - and paired with a tried and true recipe, we will love left overs for days!

Well that top salad was actually a recipe that I got from my sweet friend, Susan Shipe.  We are normally not huge fans of Kale - despite all the fan fare and peer pressure, but this salad was so yummy! Quick and Easy and Delish! What's not to love, right?  However, we are not picky! It turns out when you buy organic Spring Mix, toss in some cut up veggies, some dried and/or fresh fruit, some nuts, and feta or Gorgonzola cheese - well... you can't go wrong! (Oh - and that tried and true recipe? Well who doesn't love a crescent roll wreath? This is an old Pampered Chef recipe for Chicken Florentine... so yummy!)

5. I learned that there is more than one amazing place to eat in Prosser...

We meet up with two other couples in a small town about 45 minutes away a few times a year. It's a halfway point and we normally meet up in the summertime and eat at a local winery with a patio and amazing food.  However, it was too early (read: too cold!) for that place so we decided to pick another indoor spot (Jeremy's 1896 Public House Eatery and Pub) and oh my goodness... the BEST hamburger we have EVER had! It's so good! 

6. I learned that this guy:
is not so fond of this guy:

He also notices that the puppy gets up on the furniture that the cat is not so much allowed on. Hmm... but it's the only safe place for little Bentley Bear. 

And speaking of Bentley...

7. I learned that Puppy Playdates are the best ... 

You guys? He's such a quick learner, too.  He mastered the stairs in just a few minutes... only seemingly doing a handstand, threatening to tumble head over heels/paws just once! #shortlegproblems #gosidewaysbentleybear

8. I learned that I am in love with custom made jewelry from The Finest Kind Co.

Seriously... I love this little company, The Finest Kind Co.! She has some GREAT sayings already that you can order... in aluminum, copper, or brass. But you can also Custom make your own saying! How fun is that? I bought two of these - using the blog tagline: Speak Life. Be Love. Shine On. (One for me... and one for the Giveaway! We'll get to that in a minute!)

9. I learned that Spring has sprung, y'all -and I am SO ready for it!

And I (re)learned that sometimes, splurging on a couple of bouquets of flowers will brighten your home and bring Springtime indoors - for days and days!

The return of Spring means patio furniture, reading and coffee time outside... it means longer walks with friends or all alone during the week... it means flowers in bloom and glorious sunshine and blue skies! Yeah... winter just kept hanging around WAY after I broke up with him but Spring is patient and steadfast, and hopefully - he won't be swayed! I know some of you woke up to snow... but I am praying Spring won't tease me like that here!

10. I learned that the more I have the honor to speak, and the less pressure I put on myself to 'teach' but rather embrace sharing my stories, the more ME I am able to walk in...

I had the honor of speaking at Dad's House on Palm Sunday. I opened with a Spoken Word and then went on to preach share! (My girlie had to work but she sent me an encouraging text in the morning because she just can't help herself!) #swoon

(No pressure to watch the whole thing - but the Spoken Word is just the first few minutes
and I would love for you to check it out!)

11. I learned that trying new things will help you find Lovely in delicious new ways! (Thank you, Annie Downs!)
California Rolls                                 

BBQ Nachos                                 

We don't eat out a TON... but when we do, we tend to go to one of our favorite places. And when we go, I almost always order the same thing!  But in reading above mentioned Looking for Lovely, Annie challenged us to eat some Sushi and while I am not a fan, I did enjoy the California Rolls - way more than I anticipated.  I also tried the BBQ Nachos at Famous Dave's and oh my goodness, just yes! Do yourself a favor!

And finally...

12. I (re)learned that in life, and in art, we must stop letting fear boss us around!  

I don't normally paint landscapes but I saw a photo of several waterfalls and a gorgeous sunset and I couldn't get it out of my mind.  I knew I wanted to paint it but I was too intimidated so I decided to just sketch it out roughly in my art journal.  Since I didn't hate it, I decided to watercolor the sketch.  I love the look of watercolors but I have no idea how to paint with them, but I was just playing so this felt safe. It was just a rough idea, after all.  Nothing that would hang up anywhere.

But I couldn't shake wanting to try to paint it on a canvas.
So I sketched it out bigger and began painting...

When I got to the point of painting all the waterfalls and water, fear began to creep in.  I wanted to just put it away --you know, for later... store it on a dark corner or the back of the closet.

I knew I didn't know how to paint water. I really loved the sky and I was afraid that I would mess it up. Ruin it.

But then I remembered, if I mess it up - worst case scenario is I simply paint over it! I mean - that is not so scary, right?

If I messed it up - I would paint over it and try again.  Or paint something completely different.  But remembering that freed me up to just jump right in and try it!

It's not perfect. There are things I will do differently next time... but as with most things, it just takes a bit of brave and a lot of practice!

That can be said of art but it can also be said of other areas in our lives.  

I battled some fear in March. Fear of wanting to quit. Fear of not being, as Annie says, a Finisher.  Fear of not wanting to show up but wanting to shrink back instead.

Things got messy and some 'strokes' didn't feel or look right (--still talking in metaphor here!) but over and over and over again, God would whisper loud to me, "Still show up! Don't hold back. Bring all of you to the table!"  

It's like he was saying, each day is a blank slate... a new canvas, and if you mess up, we'll just cover it and start again. 

"Even in the Worst Case Scenario," He whispered, "...You're still Mine! And I've got you!"

And so I painted... 


...and pressed on, and pushed through, and showed up, and refuse to shrink back!  I decided to stop letting fear boss me around or try to hold me back. I didn't even really notice I was doing that until I kicked fear out yet again.  He's sneaky, that guy - and yet oh so obvious!

So kick him out... paint. Write. Sing. Take that risk or try something new. I promise you if He said it to me, He is saying it to you: "Worst Case Scenario..." --you are still His! He's got you!

So, as I said, Spring has gloriously sprung here my friends, and I have hopes of learning all kinds of new things this month! What about you? What have you learned?

The One Lucky Winner of our
Ten Year Blogiversary Giveaway is:

LaRae Humes

Check your email soon, my friend!

As usual for this post, I am Linking up with EMILY FREEMAN

I'm serious! Fill me in! What did you learn last month? It doesn't have to be earth shattering or huge... sometimes the best things learned are the smaller, every day things!  What new skills or tips or recipes did you try out? Any favorite new books or movies or music to share? I'd love to hear!


  1. I love these posts of yours my friend. I need to take some time to reflect on all that God is teaching me. Life seems sucked up by work and homeschooling. Love your landscape painting! And those nachos.......!

    1. Well, if you happen to follow me on Instagram, then you probably already know my trick! ;) I tend to use Insta for more personal, less bloggy related things and so I just browse through my own IG feed for the month to remind myself of things I have learned! Works like a charm! (And yes - those nachos...!)

    2. Lovely post, Friend. Love the grand~dog. Our Sweet Lola is half Welsh Corgi and half long haired Dachshund! She is a doll baby! Love that sweet kitty two! Great post. I cannot wait to get Annie's new book on my paws!

    3. Oh Tammy - you will love it! I will write more about it next week but OH MY GOODNESS! It's one of those you can't put down but you also don't want it to end! Thanks so much for stopping by, my friend!

  2. Hey Karrilee, good to see you again, I am a near neighbor at Emily's this week. I loved your post and your pictures, love what you said about sharing and being more yourself and talking your story. I am there too! Many blessings oh and of course, grand-doggy is the best, swoon! Aliyah (setapartwarrior.blogspot.co.za)

    1. Hey my friend! It's so good to see you here Aliyah! Walking taller in our own skin... our own stories... our own identity that is so intertwined in Him --it's just the best, isn't it? Thanks so much for popping on over and saying hi!

  3. THIS: "t risk or try something new. I promise you if He said it to me, He is saying it to you: "Worst Case Scenario..." --you are still His! He's got you!" Fear so easily creeps in. And trying new things...I definitely need to try that. I'm so good at ordering my tried and true favorites. I need to finish Susan's salad. It looks so yummy! Bentley is adorable! Love you friend!

    1. Oh yes... in fact I am making another one of Susans' recipes tonight (empanadas) -- so far, she never lets us down! ;) I'll let ya know!

  4. 3. Things I learned in March:

    God loves to surprise.

    Resting is the hardest thing ever when you really NEED it.

    Rejection still stings no matter how much you try and run from it (aka deny it). But God still holds you through it when you face it and somehow encourages you beforehand when you don't even realize it.

    And oh here's a 4: Collages are terrifying yet exciting.

    Love you, Karilee. Thank you for always being real and honest and you. And oh, California Rolls yes yes yes! ❤️

    Going to watch your video later --will make this cold a little more bearable :)


    1. Oh Julia... it's so great to see you here, my friend! God DOES love surprise! Resting IS hard when we need it! And yes... rejection always stings but even in that, He knows how we feel! Isn't that just amazing? (hehe... yes... I agree with you about collages!) Sorry you are fighting a cold... praying for you!

  5. Ah, Prosser. I've actually been there a handful of times--maybe even seven or eight. I can't stay I've ever lingered to eat out, though :). It looks like you're havaing entirely too much fun with your grandpuppy ;). Isn't it nice not to have to clean up after him? I'm looking forward to being able to hand my grandson back when the diapers are dirty ;).

    1. I have to say, Anita, not having to clean up after him IS one of the best parts! ;) Love you, friend!


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