April 7, 2016

Create vs. Copy... an invitation to lean in and let go! A Book Review

I know? Two Book Reviews in one week!  I guess you know what I am doing when I step away from the blog a bit more... reading all. the. books. -that's what!

Still, you know how I am! When I find a good read, I like to share the wealth!

When I first heard that Ken Wytsma was writing a book titled Create vs. Copy I was intrigued because it has only been a few years that I have honestly stood up and claimed 'Artist' over 'crafty' and embraced igniting imagination instead of playing it safe. I'm still figuring out what this looks like and how it works.

Then I joined his Book Launch Team and Moody got a little crazy and sent us TWO copies! (One of which will be on it's way to our Giveaway Winner LaRae this week!)  When it arrived, I saw the Bob Goff endorsement and the subtitle: "Embrace change. Ignite creativity. Break through with imagination."
Yeah. That.  We want to do that, right?

But maybe you're like me and while you want to embrace change and ignite imagination and all that jazz... you just aren't sure how to engage and break through. Well, in his new book Create vs. Copy Ken gives us extremely helpful steps, tips, and the freedom to do just that!

Create vs. Copy by Ken Wytsma - first of all - is super fun-sized.  It's a hardback book with super fun illustrations* (because, of course -right?) and my copy is underlined and highlighted all over the place because here is the thing: This is not just another book about creativity that (...wait for it...) copies what everyone else says! 

Ken is bold enough to dig in and come up with a new twist by taking us deeper. He points out that artistic ability is a talent that some people have, but creativity is a human trait because we are created in His image.

He divided the book into two parts: Thinking about Creativity and Practicing Creativity and at the end of each chapter he offers ways to dig deeper with 'For further study...'  and 'Questions for Group, Team or Individual Reflection' options! Seriously - the resources that come with this book are amazing!

It will make you want to read... and then go DO stuff... 
...and then read some more (and repeat!)

I didn't get very far before I was underlining and post-it marking sections to go back and read again and again!

"Imagination, it seems, has a lot to do with inspiration, freedom to dream, and an appreciation for wonder." 
"If we want to grow young, we have to play, dream, explore. There is magic in the world, if we have the eyes to see it."  
~Ken Wytsma, Create vs. Copy 

Below are just a few of my favorite quotes but as you can see by the post-it's sticking out in the photo above, I have many!

"Make space for life to flourish. That is what innovation and creativity do. In fact, that is what all of us are called to do: make space for life." ~Ken Wytsma, Create vs. Copy 

"I try hard to create experiences that, as a family, we can hang on the timeline of our life. As a pastor of a church and a leader of a staff, I've begun to realize  making memories is an important part of my intentional creativity.  Community isn't something we fall into. It isn't something that just happens to us. It's something we forge. And we do it as we follow our creative God." ~Ken Wytsma, Create vs. Copy 

"We need redemptive creativity --creativity that aims not just for success, but freedom; and not just for ourselves, but for others and for the good of creation as a whole." ~Ken Wytsma, Create vs. Copy 

"Slowing down can help our creativity, and our creativity can help us find better and slower rhythms for flourishing. We need to get enough sleep, we need to practice self-care, and we need to pace ourselves." ~Ken Wytsma, Create vs. Copy 

"Attitude and positivity are the forgotten wings of leadership. Nobody follows a cynic." ~Ken Wytsma, Create vs. Copy 

"Critics happen. You can try to convert them, you can choose to ignore them, but you should never be afraid of them.  Critics miss the point and refuse to work hard enough to keep up with the changing world --they take themselves out of the game. They have neglected their sacred calling to make space for life and, in some cases, are actively snuffing it out." ~Ken Wytsma, Create vs. Copy 

In case you need a little more inspiration... watch this:

I loved this book and am loaning it to our pastor.  We planted a new church nearly a year ago and we are at the point where we are really praying into and planning out some structure and Oh My Goodness we want to be creative and not copiers!

I know once he reads it and returns it, I will be ready to dig in and read it yet again!

* I was honored to be a part of Ken's Book Launch Team for Create vs. Copy. I received two copies (Thanks, Moody Publishing!) and the above review is my honest opinion. No Affiliate links were used.

* = Stay Tuned! Moody has a little Creative fun release coming soon!


  1. This book sounds so intriguing to me friend. THIS: ""Make space for life to flourish. That is what innovation and creativity do. In fact, that is what all of us are called to do: make space for life." xoxo

    1. Right? I mean, come on! He talks about creativity and rest and self-care! What's not to love? ;)


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