September 2, 2015

The Rhythm of the Sway

I wrote about it earlier this summer --about how I have not been a fan of the wind.  

In addition to our smoke filled skies, and triple digit heat... the wind, y'all?!  Oh my! It's been crazy! We are surrounded by wildfires and the wind has not been a welcomed friend.

And yet... in this landlocked Valley, it's the wind that is the visible way God catches my attention and reminds me that He is here.

And Oh how I need that reminder every once in awhile!
I need that visual because some times... 
well, some times I forget!

I stay inside, out of the smoke and soot 
--you know, so I can breathe.

I've been fighting off something... some symptoms or virus or unknown allergies that result in not feeling well. It could be the new contacts, the poor air quality, or it could be something else all together. It's probably a little of all of that!

So I fight off worry and lean in to grace.
I pray for wisdom and plead for release. 

I stay inside... continue to quiet myself, breathing in deep,
so I can soak in slow and practice peace.

I close my eyes and feel Him near.
He's silent, but I have come to find comfort in that,
at least until I can hear...

I pay attention to the feel of my pulse
and the pattern of my breathing...
and I drink Him in.


I inhale healing... and exhale sickness.

I inhale peace... and exhale chaos.

I inhale love... and exhale fear.

I inhale faith... and exhale doubt.


I hear down deep in my spirit
declarations of the Word,
and I rise up strong,
feet firmly planted...

and I hear the call to come out
and walk on the water with Him...


I inhale relief... and exhale pain.

I inhale wholeness... and exhale broken pieces.

I inhale Kingdom... and exhale world.

I inhale all of You... and exhale parts of me.


I hallow Your Name, and give You room come in like a flood, let Your Winds blow.
And I Lean In, Swaying in the breeze.

When we are willing to sway,
we will not break!

The Wind blows and lifts up that which was
trampled upon and beaten down...
And oh how I have felt like that, 
from time to time...

And I watch the breeze
make waves of this tall grass,
and I see it's like fingertips or wings,
caressing and dancing around...
and I sense the Rhythm of the Sway.

The wind and the waves won't break me,
because You bend me and remake me.

Emily Freeman says it this way:
"The rhythm of sitting on swings does good work, 
a reminder that we are tethered even as we sway."
                                                                                             (Simply Tuesday, Ch14)
Yes... we are tethered, even as we sway.

There is something holy and remaking about
bending low and leaning in to the breaking...
for we know that He makes all things beautiful 
and He works all things together for our good...

And as I breathe in and breathe out,
I lean in and am lifted up...
Like the grass regaining it's stance,
I stand tall and brave,
letting the wind blow chaff away,
dancing with the rhythm of the sway.

...and I am fine,
because I am His
and He is mine.

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How have you seen His Spirit at work lately? Where is the rhythm of the sway for you today?


  1. Oh friend THIS: "There is something holy and remaking about bending low and leaning in to the breaking...for we know that He makes all things beautiful and He works all things together for His good..." Living on the prairies of ND the wind is always around which always reminds me of the Spirit. Feel better. I just visited one of my fave kiddos at the hospital. Her asthma flared up from all the smoke in the air. :( But she gets to go home tonight!! :)

    1. So happy to hear that your little friend gets to go back home! Praying for complete recovery! I don't usually battle with allergies or asthma/breathing issues - but the air quality has been off the charts and it makes me remember to pray for those in our area who DO battle... as well as for our firefighters because we are hours and hours away from the fires! I can't imagine what they are having to deal with!

  2. It is ALWAYS windy here in Iowa, which is annoying, but there is something about hearing it whistle through the trees that does strike some awe in my heart. I love the line "we are tethered even when we sway."

    1. Yes! That line comes from Emily Freeman... it sort of makes you want to go out and swing, doesn't it?


  3. I stay inside... continue to quiet myself, breathing in deep,
    so I can soak in slow and practice peace.

    Yes, how I'm feeling...

    1. Oh friend... praying you've been able to soak in some slow and practice a little peace!

  4. Two things my friend (AND THIS POST IS GORGEOUS by the way).
    God rides on the wings of the wind - don't forget that.
    Ann V says, "Breathe in "YAH" breathe out "WEH""
    Yahweh is in the breath - HE IS THE Breath of Life.

    1. Two things (AND THANK YOU SO MUCH!)
      I love that... God rides on the wings of the wind! I will not forget!
      And yes and amen - Breathe in Yah... breathe out Weh! So thankful for that sweet Ann with no e! ;)
      And for you... so thankful for you, too!


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