September 9, 2015

Choose Wisely...

I close my eyes,
as is my morning practice now.
I close them all the way to black,
lean back, and breathe in slow.

Suddenly, there is an abundance of noise.
Traffic sounds, machines beeping, and birds...
-- Lots and lots of birds...

I drown it all out
(Inhale.  Exhale.)
...and focus in on the chirping.

There is a wild conversation
going back and forth
with many birds,
with lots of chatter
and squawking about.

And then, there is the lone cooing of a dove.

God whispers soft that I have a choice...
I can listen to the noise and busy, bossy talking,
or I can lean in to the calming, peaceful call to
Just. Breathe.

I read it the other day... 

Something about a Nobel Peace Prize from long, long ago where a doctor discovered how a lack of oxygen contributes to cancer.

And I smile. 
Not because it's funny,
but because God is good.

All this talk of Breathing in Full,
of Inhaling Deep and Exhaling Slow...
and I think of how often God is at work,
and we don't even recognize it...
We don't even know!

And that gives me hope.

Oh but how Fear and Worry
wrap themselves around us
and cause us to hold our breath,
or to be shallow-breathers, 
gasping for air and relief,
never quite filling our lungs
or completely expanding
our heavy and hurting chests...
muscles and hearts
and souls breaking and wound tight.

But when we close our eyes
and breathe in deep,
peace comes in,
chaos is pushed out,

Again, the lone dove coos...
And again, I am reminded that
we get to choose!

Choose Wisely, my friends.


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Do you remember to breathe in deep, to slow time a bit and lean in and listen? So often the chatter is louder - but the words of wisdom are in the still small spaces and quiet voices. No matter what your season, I believe the Dove is singing over you, beckoning you to come... just close your eyes, and listen! 


  1. I love that fact about the lack of oxygen. I'm so thankful we serve a God who allows His breath of life to give us freedom and hope. Beautiful!

    1. Amen! (We here in America are well known for being shallow breathers... it's no wonder so many of us are sick! God is so smart! Thankful for the Breath of God that breathes into us, often when we are unaware!) Blessings, my friend!

  2. You really hit the nail on the head for me when you said that fear and worry cause us to be shallow breathers. I've never thought of that before, but I know my fears often keep me holding my breath. It's no wonder that my diaphragm lacked the sweet filling of the Spirit for so long because I clung to the enemies lies. I'm going to remember to breathe deep...

    1. Amen and Amen... (and I loved your letter today, BTW!) Breathe Deep... there is so much healing available!

  3. Oh friend I love you so! So much THIS: "
    Oh but how Fear and Worry wrap themselves around us and cause us to hold our breath, or to be shallow-breathers, gasping for air and relief, never quite filling our lungs or completely expanding our heavy and hurting chests...muscles and hearts and souls breaking and wound tight." I need to remember to choose wisely, to lean in and just breathe.

    1. Me too, my friend! Me, too! (And I know... I STILL owe you a Vox or two! I'll work on it!) ;)

  4. Oh dear friend, you wrote this just for me today. I have been holding my breath a lot lately. I am ready to push the chaos out and breathe peace in.

    1. Oh friend... trust me... I was preaching to my own self today! (But I am so glad that it ministered to you as well!) Let's exhale chaos and inhale peace together! xoxo

  5. Ah, I've gone through painful periods of my life when I didn't breathe. I know exactly what you're talking about! Thank you for the reminder to breathe...and rest (and I love the birdies on the phone lines ;) ).

    1. (and I am not surprised that you do!) ;) Yes... I am so thankful that God made us to breathe authomatically... but even then, I forget to get my fill! It makes me think of that worship song we sing that says, You are the breath in my lungs! Yes and Amen!

  6. There are so many great nuggets in here for me today. Breathing deeply has always been a struggle for me - now as a cancer survivor, that quote just hits home. You have me curious now...

    I love the ability to breathe deeply in His promises, His Truth, His amazing grace. This is beautiful. Thank you!

    1. When I read that article, I was struck too! I mean - it was discovered in the mid 1920's I want to say? The doctor found that cells require oxygen to stay alive - but cancer cells do not... so when you are not getting enough oxygen, healthy cells die, but cancer cells remain/grow? He also talked about alkaline (healthy) vs. acidic (cancerous) cells... the cure, he said way back then? --This: high levels of oxygen. So all this breathing in deep is good for us on so many levels! Amazing, right? Thanks so much for stopping by!

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