September 7, 2015

It's Just That Sometimes I Forget...

Sometimes this world, --it comes at us hard
and it leaves us tender and breaking.

Not a one of us is spared.

Can I just whisper it soft and shaking, 
"I know..."

I know how the temptation is strong
to pull away, to isolate and self-protect.
I know how it can sound like wisdom and feel like grace
to build those walls, high and erect.

Oh, I have played that game...
Simply ignore and smile through the pain... 
To pretend that everything is fine...
Hoping it may hurt less, 
given enough time...

We can run for cover
as we hide behind a mask...
we can try to be strong
--but that strength, it will. not. last.

On the outside,
we may try to look like we are in control,
standing up tall, while play-acting in a movie
But it's on the inside...
It's in your weakness that He shows up
and it's in your brokenness that He finds Beauty.


We lay, tangled and naked,
bare and laid out,
...breaking and bleeding,
as our hearts are torn
and our tears are leaking,
And he pulls me closer
and tells me Truth
that I already know.

He gets up and moves on,
but I? --I am stuck here in my head,
weeping in this bed,
and just when I feel
my heart begin to harden,
he gently lays himself on top of me
- a literal covering - 
He holds me and loves me in holiness...
and he whisper-prays truth yet again,
with shaky breath and brokenness.

...And even in the midst of the battle
-- even if we don't feel it,
we know that He is near.


In the tearing away
and in all of the shattered pieces,
His Glory mixes in
and all of His love, --it releases.

And we can say it,
and hope that we mean it,
but some days
we are not so convinced...
"It's gonna be alright." he repeats.
"...unless, of course, it isn't." is written on my face.
But still, and always,
God is goodand All is Grace...

(It's just that sometimes, I forget.)

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What about you, friend? Do you forget? 

I am praying that that no matter what we face, we remember that He is near, that God is good, and that All is Grace!


  1. Oh friend sometimes I forget too. Tears rolled down my face as I read your words tonight. Summer was so good but was also crummy too. I've been so guilty of playing this game too: "Oh, I have played that game...Simply ignore and smile through the pain... To pretend that everything is fine...
    Hoping it may hurt less, given enough time..." But like you said, it's really about grace! Loved this line too: "It's in your weakness that He shows up
    and it's in your brokenness that He finds Beauty." YES!!

    1. Right? We love it... but we hate it too! ;) Praying for you, my friend! (And I owe you a Vox, I know!)

  2. We ALL forget, which is why God's faithfulness is such a mercy. Thanks for linking, Karrilee.

    1. Amen! Thanks for stopping by Kelly! So thankful for His faithfulness and mercy!

  3. Beautiful words. Thank you.

  4. Have you read "The Hidden Half of the Gospel" by Coneff? I've been so encouraged by it and by how we can relate all of our suffering and pain to Jesus--who suffered in every way as we did. Jesus wants us to see how he shares our pain so that through him we can witness to others. Satan wants us to use our pain to self destruct.

    1. I have not read that book (yet)... but thanks for the recommendation! He truly does work all things together for our good... (it's just that sometimes, we forget!) ;) Thanks so much for stopping by, my friend!

  5. This is so lovely, so vulnerable and real, Karrilee. I could picture Grace covering me as you so vividly described. Let me never forget, Love. All is grace. Yes.

    1. Thank you, my friend! There is beauty in brokenness, yes? We tend to forget that too... or are at least temporarily blind to it! Thankful for Grace that covers, and Love that lifts us up! xoxo


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