August 31, 2015

What I Learned in August...

I think I have been participating in this monthly Link Up over at Emily Freeman's place long enough that y'all know how much I love it! It is fun and quirky and filled with tips and tricks and great lessons learned... if you don't play along yet, I think you should!

Let's get started!

12 Random Things That I Have Learned...

1. I learned that making memories is still so vitally important, even after your Nest is Emptied... 

I wrote about it last month --of our quick overnight trip out of town... how we took off on a Friday morning, just My Honey and I, and how we found Wonders both big and small.  

We have always made memories... loved each other on purpose and with intention... our only Girlie only halfway jokes that she has always been the third wheel.  

We actually really love each other and we love to make each other laugh... we love to hang out together, and work together, and discover new places and --you get the idea. But somehow, in the back of my mind, after over 18 years of Summer Family Vacationing, taking a trip with just the two of us somehow felt less important? I mean - sure - in the midst of the raising tiny human(s) stage - getting away just the two of you truly IS vital. But when it's just the two of us, all. the. time. --well, it was easier to think it was not as needed. But let me tell you - no matter what season of life you are in: vacations, little get-aways, day trips, dates of any kind = VITAL! Vital, I tell you!

2. I learned that I am so happy, so honored, and so lucky to be able to be a part of these Book Launch Teams...

I also talked a bit about this last month... I had just finished one book (*You can read that review here!) and started another (I haven't written that review yet - but you will want to pre-order it now!) and I had Amber Haines' new release Wild in the Hollow waiting in the wings. (You can enter to win a copy of that book here!) I have finished them all and loved them so... treasured them, really and felt such honor in being able to read their hearts!

This whole Bloggy world is crazy and the Internet offers many things -- much of them are not so great, however one of the best things that the Internet offers is Community. And not just a vague faceless, nameless community... but a community of writers and artists and seekers who have found grace and found God and who desire to live out loud and bend down low and you just may find that you have found your people strung across the world wide web and you so connect in heart and spirit that distance doesn't feel real. Yes. This. Thank you, Internet, for this!

So when there is a Book Launch/Team for one of my people and I am able to participate... I jump at the chance. No matter how high my (other) stack of books towers! (Hint or Fair Warning... some of my favorite authors have books releasing this Fall... so no worries -- I will not run out of great words to read and to tell you about! #YoureWelcome!)

3. I learned that just because a conference sells out before you can purchase a ticket, it doesn't always mean you can't 'go there'... 

As soon as I saw that the Bethel's Womens Conference theme this summer was Wonder (My OneWord365) I knew I wanted to go! And then, they sold out almost immediately.  I pushed it aside knowing I couldn't go but at the last minute I remembered that I was able to watch it live streaming and so invited a friend to watch it with me and oh my goodness... it was so good! (I mean, come on! Bethel worship along with messages from Havilah Cunnington, Chris Caine, Lisa Bevere, --just to mention a few!) Again - Thank You, Internet, for making the world feel smaller!
4. I learned that Coloring Books are a real thing, now --and also, asking your local bookstore to order you 'an adult coloring book' may get you a funny look...

Our Pastor said he went in to order his wife one of Johanna Basfords' coloring books and worded it just like that, and it took the clerk a moment to recover and know what he was asking for!  (Have you given in to the craze? I have always loved to color and there is something so relaxing about sitting down and unwinding with some colored pencils and a pretty pattern or picture to fill in!)

5. I learned that this whole Dad's House Church gig is full of Wonders...

God just keeps showing up and showing off... like, every single week, y'all! We are growing and excitement is building... God is up to something good and we are so thrilled to get to play along!  We had our first Small group leaders and hosts meeting over the weekend and hope to kick off a small group ministry in a few weeks!

We had a church picnic last night and you guys... almost every single person came out to break bread, visit on a deeper level, play games, and just grow together as a family! 

Wonders... all around!

6. I learned that my parents were everywhere and into everything way back in the day --otherwise known as: I come from Royalty, y'all... 
OK - so maybe I should specify... Junior High School Royalty! How fun is this?  My Mom brought over a collection of editions of The Libby Ledger, the junior high paper that she was on. My parents started dating at 14 and have been together ever since and oh my goodness they were SO involved in All. The. Things!  

My Mom has always been outgoing and active... it was no surprise to see her in her cheerleader uniform or as the editor of the paper.  My Dad, however, is uber shy and quiet... I would have never guessed that he was voted King and the ASB President, and the leader of the band... and yes - they actually put their ADDRESSES in the paper when they made Girl or Boy of the Month? Can you even? Also - yes, this was in the 50's and paging through it all DID make me think of Danny and Sandy and made me want to watch Grease again!

7. I learned that I don't need much of an excuse to fall out of a good habit... 

It's true... way out West here, we are pretty much on fire. We have been battling forest fires all around our State and living in an actual Valley - well, the smoke rolls in and settles. It has been smokey, and hot (triple digits), and the air quality has been less than stellar and even though I belong to a gym, in the summer months - I walk outside. I love it... it has been my workout routine for years now but the past month or so has had me mostly hiding inside. I did a few indoor workouts, but I didn't once venture across town to hit the gym. (Thank goodness for Back to School and back to routine and my soon return to Gym workouts! I am so out of the routine and so susceptible to being talked out of good habits so much easier than out the bad ones! As my friend said to me last week over Voxer, 'I'm so done with me!' LOL!  Yeah. That.)

8. I (re)learned that I {heart} Whidbey Island...

We headed back to the Island for a long weekend and oh my goodness... even though I would love an Island that is maybe a bit more tropical and that is surrounded by the actual ocean, Whidbey still does the trick and offers views and hikes and plenty of ways to enjoy a bit of slower Island time! (Plus - getting together with family is always such a gift!)

9. I learned that I also really, really, really {heart} Yakima...

Our (All American) City... we know how to show up!  Our City Council decided to have a drive to help send emergency supplies to all the firefighters who have been fighting the fires in the Okanogan area and man, Yakima pitched in!  Our church decided to donate some items as well, so we went shopping and filled some bags with needed items that filled a truck that was delivering the supplies on Friday.  Pray with us for rain, for relief, for restoration.

10. I learned that it doesn't matter how many times I watch it, I love West Wing...

I was slow to come to this series when it was live on TV.  I assumed it was heavily leaning toward one party and while one party did reside in the White House for the series, it is the amazing WRITING and acting and directing that undoes me every time. Thank you Netflix (via the Internet... Do you see a pattern here?) for enabling allowing me to binge watch the Bartlet administration doing its' thing!

11. I learned that there is this recipe that is so easy and so delicious, it just may change your life --or at least your week!  
This one? Yeah... this one is on the menu at least once a week now! It is Chickpea Curry over Basmati Rice from The Pioneer Woman and you are gonna want to make it - and eat it - right away! Trust me!

12. I learned that I often find my favorite tops at JCPenny's because they always say the best things...
I have bought shirts in the past that say things like: "Live Your Dream" or "Change The World" - and when I saw this one... well... of course, I had to have it!

"don't quit your day dream
love more, talk less"

Right?  So good!

Here's to September and the return of routine and oh so many new lessons!

As usual for this post, I am Linking up with EMILY FREEMAN

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So - what lessons have you learned? What new skills or tips or recipes did you try out? I'd love to hear!


  1. I heart JcPs too. And so many good books. I started Searching for Sunday on Sat and I'm almost finished. Wild in the Hollow is next!! I think I'm going to try this link-up for the first time. And, my friend, THIS: "you so connect in heart and spirit that distance doesn't feel real. Yes. This. Thank you, Internet, for this!" All the yeses to that!!!

    1. I'm looking forward to Searching for Sunday... I am slowly starting For The Love - and I just got Deidra's new book for her launch team and oh my goodness, SO Many good books, is right!

  2. Great list! My husband and I will celebrate 35 years this October and I am hoping for a little getaway. You inspire me in this. Thanks.

    1. Ooooh Happy Almost Anniversary! That is great! Our Anniversary is in October as well! According to Hallmark, we got married on 'The Sweetest Day' - of course! We will be celebrating our 23rd!

  3. I love my coloring book. I've been enjoying it all summer! Wonder if she is making a new one? My husband and I do stuff like this often. We love new adventures.

    1. Debbie... she IS! Her new one is all under water and it comes out this month! :) I have Secret Garden and Enchanted Forest - but I am slow in filling them in... they are so detailed! Still - I'm pretty sure I am going to buy the new one when it is out! They are gorgesou!

  4. Very very lovely photos Karilee.

    There is so much you have learnt in oone month.

    Many Blessings to you

    1. It was a full month, for sure! I love this link up because so often, it doesn't FEEL like we are learning much... but we are always gleaming wisdom and learning lessons from life! Blessings right back to you, my friend!

  5. Love your post and what you learned, Karrilee. I'm going to check out that chick pea recipe (Love that Pioneer Woman). AND JCPenny tshirts. I never shop there, but you go a great tshirt. How wonderful that you went on a vacation with just the two of you. :-)

    1. Oh Betsy... I just bought all the ingredients (again!) - I may need to give it a break soon so my Honey doesn't get sick of it (if that is even possible!) Thanks so much for stopping by!

  6. I learned that with God's help, my family can weather some tough storms and come through them still standing strong!


    1. Oh Sharon... I love this! I mean, I hate that they had to learn that - but I am praising God with you that the storms have been weathered and God is still God! Blessings, my friend!

  7. Sounds like a great month! Thanks for sharing.

    1. It was full - but full of great things! Thanks for stopping by, Kelly!

  8. So many fun things! I have read several blogger's What I Learned posts and I am always find them so intriguing. I am going to need to jump in on that bandwagon some time. Probably not next time because it will be in the beginning of 31 days! Can that be right!? I love how you took pictures of the TV for the conference by the way. I bet it was awesome and all of those books look really great too!

    1. I can't even with the reality of 31days almost being here! I still don't have a topic and I SO do not want to just wing it this year... or worse yet, skip it? Gasp! Praying for direction and for a flow of words... you know, soon! Oh so very soon!

  9. Such fun to see what you learned in August. I hopped over from Emily's place because I recognized that beautiful smile. Blessings friend!

    1. Aw - you are too sweet, my friend! So glad you hopped on over! xoxo


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