August 12, 2015

Trading Fear for Beauty... aka Lean In and Let Go!

It's true! I am consistently amazed lately at what kinds of Beauty can be discovered when we just stop being afraid!

I wrote about it the other day, how I used to be a runner... as in, I would see or hear a bee buzzing around me and seemingly involuntarily, I would run. (Silly, I know. But the struggle was real.)

But I have come to realize the bees are not, in fact, after me. They are not even interested in me and when I force myself to still, I can see beauty!

I wonder when the Brave to let go of fear and instead seek out Beauty began to have its' way with my heart and I think back to a birthday "gift" years and years ago. (Notice I use quotes, Joey-style...)

My Honey knew very well when he married me that I was full of irrational fears and high, high walls of self-protection.  We worked and worked and invited God in to renew my thinking and little by little, I leaned in to freedom.

So, for my birthday one year, he decided to take us all to Seattle for a nice lunch up in the Space Needle. As in... up high, at the top, as it spins over looking the waterfront... ("Um... thanks, honey!")

(Side note: Just some of my fears at that time included fear of Earthquakes, Water, and Heights. So, you know, this was not a welcomed gift whatsoever. But he was convinced and determined and my girlie was watching me. I didn't have much choice but to lean in and let go of fear!)

You can bet that I enlisted my prayer warriors to cover me... to beg for a bit of Brave to show up at a high altitude, or --well, for us to just not go at all. I needed one or the other.

That was over nine years ago now and fear of those things can still try to stop me, but I have tasted freedom and I don't give in nearly as easily now!  That day, all this time later, is still one of my favorite days!  Fear no longer had a hold on me and at least for those few hours, no irrational thoughts even entered my mind. My girlie got to watch freedom unfold and saw how we overcome and saw that the reward is that most often, we find beauty!

The skies were clear and blue and the views (--yes, even from the outside deck!) were breathtaking. I didn't even realize that I was being brave until we were back down on the ground and my girlie pointed it out to me! 

I had actually forgotten to be afraid!

Sorry Girlie... we both look much better now! Like fine wine and all that... 

Holley Gerth writes,
"That knot in your stomach isn’t untying anytime soon–the only option is to accept it as part of the ride and even dare to enjoy it a bit."
So much truth.  I was reminded of how all year long this year, God has been asking me, 
"Who told you you could have a comfort zone?"
And Jillian Michaels yells it to me through my TV,
"Get comfortable being uncomfortable!"

...and I hate her as my legs shake and sweat rolls down my back. 

But I see it now...

This invitation to lean in... to let go... 
to no longer be slaves to fear, 
but to hold your ground or leap off the edge
and instead of giving in to fear
with eyes clinched blind, 
to keep your eyes wide open
and just look and see all
the Beauty you will find!

As a bonus... or maybe an anthem... there is this: 

(--it's been on repeat around this home and heart for months now
as I let go of comfort zones...)
Bethel Music, We Will Not Be Shaken                                                 

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What are the comfort zones or fears that have held you back and how is He urging you to just let them go? Or if you have let go already, what kind of Beauty did you find as a reward?


  1. Anonymous12:14 PM

    Thank you for your post Karrilee! Visiting from Coffee for your Heart!


  2. I love that you gave into the fear for your daughter that day. And yes, there is so much beauty when we give into the fear. And there is my one word for the year popping up again: "brave." If you haven't read Kaitlyn's Bouchillon's post today YOU MUST! She talks about how each of our braves might look different. Oh and I so understand about Jillian Michaels. At Curves, she is on their videos and leads stretches etc between the machines. Oh and I love that anthem...yes...that shall be our anthem! :)

    1. LOL! I just love all the ways we are the same! (I'll check out that post by Kaitlyn, too! Thanks!)

  3. Get comfortable being uncomfortable--can't say I'm a fan of that one, but I love that you've tasted freedom from fear. What a wonderful poem you end this post with--love it. You're pictures remind me of when we lived in Whidbey Island from 1992-94. What a gorgeous corner of the world!

    1. Ah thank you, friend! We are headed over to Whidbey soon and I cannot wait! xoxo

  4. If we ever get to your corner of the world, will your brave intertwine with mine and go up to the eye of the needle and have lunch? ;)


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