August 24, 2015

Time is a Gift that God Lavishes Upon Us...

I sit in the quiet... drinking in the stillness of a Monday morning on the patio.
I breathe in deep... slow... relishing this one more day of vacation with My Honey 
before we completely return to 'normal' life.

I ask God what He wants to speak to me, through me, today. 
I ask, "What Small Wonder do You have in store?"

Immediately, this is the whisper on the wind that I hear:

Time is a Gift that God Lavishes Upon Us...

We are free to spend it, to invest it, however we want.  
But we can. not. save it or store it away!

It's like manna, only good for one day.

People who face death,
--who know that they are dying,
they know this truth.

Gratitude rises up
and being fully present
becomes their goal.
They reflect back
in thankfulness,
and count gifts
in every day.

This is what Ann Voskamp taught us: 
That the only way to slow time down
is to weigh it down
by being all in!

This is the real secret to living the Abundant Life
that was promised to us!

And here's the thing:
We are all dying.

Chances are extremely high
that we will all die of something,
some time.

And that is why we are most fully alive
when we do like Tim McGraw sings,
and we live like we are dying!
Country music fan or not,
there is a whole lot of truth
crammed in to that song.

It's easy to be thankful
in the good easy times,
and it's harder to be thankful
in the bad hard times,

But at all times,
We Give Thanks!

And maybe it is the hint
of Fall in the air,
or the smoke hanging thick
in this land...

Maybe it's being in my
feeling I have a bit more
time on my hands...

Maybe it's reconnecting
with family...
reminiscing behind,
and making plans...

But He whispers it soft, 
and I know it is true:
Time is a gift that He gives,
equally to me and to you.

Time, as the Lord's been teaching me,
is like money, ...and Lord,
I want to spend it wisely
and invest it well.

I want to be present, be honest...
I want to learn to listen, to speak.
Lord let me remember to dwell.

I don't know for sure
what tomorrow holds,
but today?
Well, today I've been
lavishly gifted this time,
and with eyes and hands
and heart wide open,
I intend to make
the moments matter,
I intend to make Him shine.

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What about you, friend? How are you investing your time? How are you spending it, or slowing it, or making Him shine?


  1. Oh friend all the yeses and amens to THIS: "I don't know for sure what tomorrow holds, but today?
    Well, today I've been lavishly gifted this time, and with eyes and hands and heart wide open,
    I intend to make the moments matter, I intend to make Him shine." That is what I want to do too. Your post reminded me so much of the last paragraph in my post today. Kara and Andrew showed me and continue to show me what it means to 'live like we are dying" because you are right we are all dying...we do not know the day nor the hour. I am thankful for the time that God lavishes upon us and I don't want to squander it away, I want to relish in it.

    1. I simply adore you, my friend, and I am so thankful for your friendship and encouragement --and for all the ways you get me! ;)

    2. Yes, Yes, Yes, Thank you so much for this reminder Karrrilee. I so often get the urgent and important mixed up. Tara, this post also made me think of Kara and Andrew also. Thank you both for your encouragement and friendship.

  2. Ah, I'm afraid I waste a little too much of the time he gives me--and I'm working on becoming a better steward of it. I have to use things like stop watches to keep me on task ;). On the other hand, I know how precious each moment is and I'm learning to live all in as often as possible!

    1. Oh friend - I think we all can 'waste' time every once in awhile... and I think often when we think we are 'wasting' it - we are actually investing it in a little self-care or down time, and that is necessary and vital! Staying present in the moment is key... and of course - staying thankful! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  3. Whew. Heavy, but SOOOO good. I love it when God whispers His truth to us in this way. There is a Kung Fu Panda quote (at least that's where I heard it- ha!) "Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That's why it's called the present"

    1. Whew... well I didn't MEAN for it to be heavy! ;) I think I am just ever so aware of the gift of time lately. I love that quote... there is a little book I remember reading as a kid that had the same sentiment of how the present is a Gift (and that's why it's called the present!)

      Thanks so much for stopping by, my friend!

  4. I'm learning to weigh down time - by being intentional in it- by finding God-messages - it changes how I spend my time and what it's filled with. I needed this reminder with the start of this school year! Thank you, Karrilee!

    1. Ah yes... I know this is a timely reminder for me, too! Fall always means the return of routine and it's so easy to let time slip away, rather than staying intentional with it -paying attention to how I spend it! So glad you stopped by and praying for your new school year!

  5. I love this. Love it. I want to not take one second for granted, not spend one second doing anything that would disappoint my Creator. I want to love lavishly and deeply, laugh often and too loudly, shine brightly for my Jesus.

    THANK you. You always touch my heart.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by Elisabeth! I so appreciate your encouragement!

  6. Beautiful truth, and remembrance of savoring all our gloriousl God gives! I hope you had a beautiful time with your hubby.

    1. Thank you so much, Kathy! We did have a beautiful time... it was a short trip - but a nice, relaxing one and you just can't beat a little Island time (even if it's not in the tropics!) ;)

  7. Karilee, how pretty is that? So glad I stopped by your lovely site today and read this.
    Oh, that my time-manna would be used wisely to make Him shine today too.
    Thanks for sharing. :)

    1. You and me, both! Yes and Amen! Thanks for stopping by Brenda! Here's to wisely investing!

  8. How I love your poetic encouragement to fully invest and enjoy the time God gives us. It's so easy to get caught up in a million things and subtly slide into a half-there presence with our family. Sometime's God gives us reminders that each day is a gift. That was definitely on my mind after a car accident this weekend. I'm so grateful to be okay, but it was a vivid reminder that we do not know the number of our days. Blessings sweet linky neighbor.

    1. Oh my friend... I saw the pictures on fb and am so happy to hear that you are well! Nothing like a scare like that to remind us that every day is a gift! xoxo

  9. Karrilee -

    WOW!!! Such a great post - I love that I am your neighbor at #RaRalinkup These lines totally hit me: "We are free to spend it, to invest it, however we want. But we can. not. save it or store it away! It's like manna, only good for one day. Such a great point - and so true yet, I never thought about it in those terms. :) Blessings and thanks for getting me to reflect on this truth today. Oh, and I just love those moments when God speaks and we hear something that gets us to ponder.

    1. Debbie, Thanks so much! I love that we are neighbors too - and I love that we are fellow PNW/Washingtonians as well! So glad this post resonated! Thanks for stopping on over!

  10. Yes! Never compared manna and time before! Indeed time is a gift! patsy

  11. Lately I'm reading "Letters from the Land of Cancer" by Walter Wangerin. His reflections on the possible end of his life have been stirring. Thanks for joining SmallWonder, Karrillee.

    1. That sounds intense, but I am sure if it - as Glennon says - Brutiful too! Thanks for stopping by!


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