July 2, 2015

What I Learned in June... A Link Up

...And we're back (again) with my favorite quirky link up, "What We Learned..." hosted by Emily Freeman.  

It's such a great practice to look over the past month and see what we learned! It's filled with actual useful tips (although usually not here!) and some not so useful lessons learned. (Those, you will find here!) Well, they were probably useful to the one sharing them - but maybe not so much universal in nature.

Anywho... we'd love to have you join in on the fun!

12 Random Things That I Have Learned. 

1. I learned that when I sit still, poetry comes out... 

I am finding freedom as I sit in the stillness and let myself just be, and more often than not, poetry comes out!

2. I learned that we can survive a month without TV (and find way more time, somehow!)...

While we don't watch much TV, we had fallen into the bad habit of having it on as background noise and getting sucked in to too much sitting and staring!  And let's just all admit to (mostly me) marathoning Netflix like it was my job from time to time.  We found it was only really a sacrifice when sports were on that we would normally watch (like tournaments, not just everyday events!) and we gave in to watch a match or two but overall the TV was off (and we were reading all the books, or - I don't know... talking or being more social or sleeping!)

So - it's July 1st and we haven't yet decided what it is that we are fasting from, but month by month this year we have been agreeing on something to fast together.  So far this year it has included meat, coffee, sugar, ...I think extra spending, eating out, and maybe our phones (gasp) are in the running for the rest of summer!  But hey - if we can give up coffee... we can give up anything! (Except maybe electricity/air conditioning, because - you guys! - triple digits for weeks and weeks!)

3. I learned that when it is so hot  for so many days, we can go down to the river to pray... (and fish... Dave fishes, too!)  
It has been super hot - unusually so, even for us desert dwellers... so the escape to the river (literally, just 20 minutes from our front door!) was a welcomed excursion! Plus... just look at this:

Sooo... #DoItAgainDad

4. I learned firsthand that the Fair Trade Friday Club products are AMAZING...
I mean... Gorgeous!  (Some of these items will be offered as a Giveaway in a week or two, so be sure to check back!)

5. I learned that there are a lot of cool things happening downtown! 
Well, there always are - but summertime seems to be hopping! From Lunchtime Live on Fridays with free concerts in the park, to Thursday Market with live music and food vendors, to festivals and wineries, local shops and restaurants...  We love our town! #IheartYakima #AllAmericanCity

6. I learned that s'mores and worship around a fire pit on a summer night is not only amazing, it's also -uh, informative... 
As in, discovering your pastor is really, really, really great at various impressions. Discovering this by hearing him break out into the entire "more cowbell" routine - spot on: priceless! 

7. I learned that celebrating birthdays on Facebook makes one feel loved... 

 OK - I guess I relearned that one! Seriously - I have the best friends... from all over the world! Some of whom I have had the pleasure of living life face to face, all of whom I live heart to heart!  

8. I learned that just maybe there is no such thing as too much love for Hydrangeas, also known as, Are you sick of all my Instagrams of my hydrangeas yet?

I know, right? #Swoon (*I also learned that hydrangeas drink through their petals, not so much their stems... so when you cut them, they need to be dunked in water and then misted from time to time to help them to last longer in a vase! Thanks Susan!)

9. I learned that triple digits are HOT - and I am Oh So Thankful for A/C...

We are used to triple digits around these parts... just not so early in the summer, or for so many days in a row!  Even still, as far out as our forecast goes - it shows highs in the triple digits! 

We actually lost power a couple of days ago - a huge chunk of the city lost power... (We feared having to eat All. the. Ice Cream. for dinner.  We're all about taking one for the team and all that, so we were willing - just so you know!) Luckily (?) power was restored within an hour.  We once again realized just how reliant we are on power... as in chargers for phones and, you know, air conditioning! I also learned that it's hard to be grounded inside and to be fasting TV at the same time... but it's doable!

10. I learned about Cents of Style and that I actually really do love my new Kimono...

My friend Kaitlyn tipped me off on Cents of Style when they were having a sale on super cute scarves, because - of course!  But when I saw the Kimono's on sale, well... I bought it to wear over my swimsuit - but it's so adorable, I paired it with skinny jeans and heels and wore it to church! Oh my! I love it - and think I will be featured in it for the rest of the summer!

11. I learned that no TV means more reading, more sitting and being still, more talking, earlier bedtimes/more sleep, but also this: Game Nights!

So - for real... we love games.  As a family of three, we used to play games together quite often, but as empty nesters - not so much! But in June - we pulled out all the (2 player) games... Sequence, Phase Ten, Uno, Boggle, various card games and then, Dave pulled out the Cribbage board. My Honey attempts to teach me every five years or so - but usually we play two or three hands and then he gives up. He is a gamer and used to play Cribbage and Chess with his best friend, so those are the two games I didn't know or have to learn. Shh. But, Kevin passed away and has been gone for years now. So it was good for Dave to get it out again and I think I may actually understand it this time! (Now - if we can just play it again, before another five years pass... I just may retain how to play!  I think playing it with Red Velvet cake on the side helps!)

12. I learned that the more I read Emily Freemans' words, the more I fall in love with her --and Jesus, too, sure! -- in the most non-stalker, slightly-fangirl sort of way...
I am honored to be on her Launch Team for Simply Tuesday, coming soon! (FYI - preorder now! You're gonna want it!) I am over halfway through it, but I am conflicted. You see, I want to gobble it all down and devour it... but as you can see by the subtitle, this book encourages small and slow! If you've been reading this blog at all for the last couple of months, well then - you know - this is perfect timing and just so much confirmation of things that God has already been speaking to my heart! 

In fact, the more I read Emily's words - whether in book form (Simply Tuesday, Grace for the Good Girl, A Million Little Ways - seriously you guys... all MUST reads!) or over at Chatting at the Sky... I feel like if we lived in the same town, we would most definitely share a bench.  She is my people... kindred and in tune and goofy and deep... I feel like we would pray and laugh and cry together... I feel like we would make each other better versions of who He made us to be... and what is better than that? (She will do that for you, too. I'm pretty sure!)

I am Linking up with EMILY FREEMAN

So - what about you? What did you learn last month?  I'd love to hear!


  1. Beautiful and stunning sunset pic on #3. Hooray for you making it into Emily's Simply Tuesday launch team! I'm jealous : ) Beautiful list here and thank you for stopping by and reading mine!

    1. I just love these lists, don't you? It's so fun - not only to remember what I have learned, but to see what other people are learning as well! Thanks so much for stopping by Pam!

  2. I have come to love "What I've Learned" posts. Writing them too! Since you LOVE hydrangeas so much I am so very glad to have given you the little watering hint! And, Emily Freeman - you know, I really like her. She's the real deal. I wanted to be on the launch but, well, it was graduation week and our girl was graduating and I'm sure you can figure out the rest!!!

    1. Emily is amazing! I have had the pleasure of meeting her in person twice (so far - #notastalker!) and she really is the real deal! Loved your list as well! June was full of lessons learned (and relearned!)

  3. Hi Karrilee,

    This was so entertaining.

    I love hydrangeas, living local, fair trade, game nights, and the river! Looks like you had one awesome month. Who needs tv when we have so much to live for.

    1. Vanessa, Hey there! Well - I am glad you were entertained! LOL! I love this link up because it means at least once a month (more though, if you stick around - you will see!) I get to be silly and quirky and random... maybe a little less serious! It's a super fun gathering each month, and I always learn from other peoples' lists as well!

  4. Enjoyed your pics and reading about how you spent the month of June. It flew by way to fast for me!

    1. Oh yes - it flew by for me as well! I love this link up because it gives me the chance to slow a bit and reflect back... pull out the highlights and remember! Thanks so much for stopping by, Christina!

  5. Oh Karrilee, I just LOVED this post. So entertaining, so fun. Enjoyed getting to know you better. You live in Yakima! Way to go! I've been SO grateful for lower temperatures --as in amazing, we haven't had triple digits yet, and that's a TOTAL MIRACLE in Izmir.

    Something I've learned this month? That it's okay to just slow down and BE. I don't have to be busy all the time. I can rest and relax. (This home schooling mama is LOVING her summer vacation.)

    1. Betsy, thanks so much! I love these posts! I go back and reread them from time to time to remind myself of all the things I have learned and that alone, slows time a bit and helps me to rest and relax! If you are no already reading it, I encourage you to grab Emily's new book - it's all about slowing and resting and being content in the life you are living right now - no matter what season you are in! (And serious props to all the homeschool mama's... I am sure it takes even more intention to carve out that quiet sabbath time... but it's probably more needed and beneficial, too! So happy to hear that you are finding that to be true this summer!)

  6. I learned that God is a master at timing. And when you think a particular situation has no solution, and you are at your wit's end, both physically and emotionally, that's when He can step in a make a miracle.

    I learned that I should never doubt Him.


    1. I'm sorry you had to learn this lesson Sharon - but I am oh so thankful that our God is in the miracle business and (somehow?) His timing is always perfect in the end! Praising God with you for miracles and the faithfulness of our God!

  7. 6 and 7 arey faves. So much truth to #6. There is indeed so much truth to sitting around the campfire. It is holy ground.

    1. Amen! He can turn any ground Holy! (Welcome home, friend!)

  8. The food, the music, the sunset... Yep, it's confirmed. I wanna come hang out with you! Your lessons always look so fun!!

    1. Oh how I would love that! :) Any time! Thanks so much for stopping by Tondra!


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