June 5, 2015

The Gift of Quiet Stillness... A Five Minute Friday Post

I had another Twitter Party to attend last night.  Shhh - I know! I felt like I was cheating a little bit... and then I had to run out because I was subbing for my old Bunco group and hey - I love y'all... but Bunco means good food, lots of fun, and prizes, so... ;)

{I can't say it enough, really - I love my tribe! The gathering happens on Twitter on Thursday nights and then  we write our hearts out and hit publish all over the interwebs on Thursday and Friday (and sometimes on Tuesdays!) It's where we encourage and uplift... where we share prayer requests and praise reports... where we talk food and friends and we find support and kindred hearts and we are reminded that life is good and God is good and we are not alone... and then we all write for five minutes flat, a flash mob of wordsmiths letting our hearts and our fingers do the talking tapping and we hit publish before we can second guess it all away. We'd love to have you join us!}

This is Five Minute Friday and our Word Prompt for the day is: GIFT

Y'all remember last summer, when God was silent. 

For months on end, He was quiet with me... not chatty at all. 
In all that stillness, He taught me Rest.  

And now, this summer - I am reading The Good and Beautiful God by James Bryan Smith and while I am only two chapters in, you guys --it's amazing! The book has 'Soul Training' - a challenge at the end of each chapter. The first chapters' challenge was Sleep. 

Sleep, y'all! As in - stay in bed one day for as long as you possibly can! (Right then and there, I knew I was going to love this book!)

Chapter Two challenges the reader to carve out five minutes, each day, of silence... of enjoying nature and creation and being quiet.  Oh my, how it can center you and quiet all your thinking so that you can clearly hear.

Today... before I sat down to write... I did just that and in my sitting and waiting... I rediscovered the Gift of Quiet Stillness... 

This summer, it's not on His part, but on mine!


With the low rhythmic hum of traffic, I closed my eyes and re-imagined it to be the steady sound of the tide, rolling in and rolling out. The birds songs lifted high on an ocean breeze that tasted almost salty on my lips.

I inhale deep... hold it in... 
lungs full of God's breath...
and slowly, I exhale.

I opened my eyes and catch diamonds sparkling in the grass.
At first, just one, but it's amazing what you can see once your eyes are trained to look... droplets of water resting on stems, shouting praises to God.

I close my eyes again and feel the sun soaking in deep, stirring my soul to awaken to a holy hush... a moment of silence.

Head back, palms facing heavenward, heart wide open, and not a cloud in the brilliant blue sky to stand in between us. 

I feel the Spirit also soaking and stirring...

In five minutes or less, He fills me to overflowing and reminds me that I never have to ASK Him to wrap His arms of Love around me.

For indeed, I am held...


He reminds me that He works inside and outside of time and is not bound by what binds us.

I think back to a conversation I had yesterday with a friend, speaking of adventure and taking flight.

I realize a year ago, I would have not leaned in, wild-eyed and ready...

I would not have felt anticipation and excitement
...maybe for her, but definitely not for me.

But now, I am like Isaiah
& with shaky faith & coal-stained lips,
a smile spreads full across my face,
& it reaches the twinkle in my eye
that now matches His own
as I say boldly,  
Here am I, Lord. Send me.


Silence is a Gift... to Quiet ourselves, our souls, and lean in to the stillness reaps rewards that you won't know until you just do it. 

Five Minutes... just five minutes of breathing slow, silencing the distractions, and focusing on the Lord... you will be amazed at how clearly you can hear Him!

Five Minute Fridays gives us the chance to dive right in and share what He puts on our hearts! Click here to read what others have to say about "GIFT"

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  1. Such a beautiful reminder that He desire to give us good and that we don't have to ask Him to wrap us in His arms. I needed this today in this season. I will chose to rest in His silence. :)

    1. Amen, my friend! Amen! Let's choose to Rest in Him, always - in all seasons! Praying for you...

  2. You are the second person this week who has mentioned that book! I'm going to have to look it up. Five minutes of silence a day sounds like a wonderful gift. So good for the soul. We need that kind of discipline! Blessings!

    1. I'm only just barely into it, and I am loving it! And - bonus - it is Book One in a Three Book series!

  3. "[I]t's amazing what you can see once your eyes are trained to look."

    What a wonderful post. Thank you. It is utterly amazing what we can see once our eyes are trained to look.

    Visiting from Five Minute Friday

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by Drusilla! Yes - it's amazing what we truly see when we train ourselves to seek!

  4. Lovely poetry are these words. And, I LOVE that gold mug!!!

    1. Ah thanks, friend! And that mug... (say it with me now...) it's one of my favorites! ;) (Thanks for praying and checking in on me too! It's always nice to know someone notices when you are gone!)

  5. Such a wonderful post! I will have to check out that book, I have been looking for some good summer reads.

    Visiting from Five Minute Friday

    1. Oh it's a great summer read! At least it has been for me, so far! (As I mentioned in a comment above, it's also Book One in a Three Parter!) So it really may end up being a summer series!

  6. Karrilee, this was beautiful!
    Last weekend, I got to do just that up in the mountains. I hiked to six different waterfalls and at one, I lingered. I didn't want to leave. It was majestic. Like a secret cove. Mesmerizing. And? The awe-some presence of God was so evident!
    Thank you for your lovely post.
    #80 this week. :)

    1. Tammy - your trips sounds amazing! I love to meet Him in the mountains, or at the sea shore! But it's nice to be reminded that I can close my eyes wherever I am, and He can take me wherever He wants to meet! I felt the refreshing this morning of being at the beach... and it was wonderful. (Of course - I still want to actually go there too... and your waterfalls sound great! We hiked up to a couple last month and it's so majestic and powerful!) So glad you stopped by!

  7. Oh yes friend!! Five minutes really can make a difference. How do we steward the time we have been given? Some friends and I did a book study on the book "Sabbath" by Wayne Mueller. If you haven't read it, you totally should, the subtitle is "Finding rest, renewal..." Loved this post friend! And love you!!

    1. I have not (yet) read that book - but you are not the first person to suggest it to me! I guess that means I need to find it, yes? ;) Have a great RESTFUL weekend!

  8. Hoo, boy. Do I need this. I've been feeling very overwhelmed lately without really knowing it. Really stressed about getting "everything done" (whatever that means). I crave silence in a way I can't even describe.

    1. Seriously - I am in a very quiet season... empty house - mostly non-bossy days... and yet - intentionally taking just five minutes to quiet all the things going through my head and to just sit and be with Him... priceless! Praying you are able to find/make the time to enjoy the gift of quiet stillness too! Trusting that it will calm and soothe you, the way it is doing that for me! Love you, girlie!


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