June 10, 2015

Launching into Act Two...

Lately, I am practicing peace
and pursuing His Presence
both at the start of my day when I rise,
and as it winds down with an evening breeze
softly blowing over my rested laying down.

This is not new, of course.  

I've walked with God for over half of my life now
and it's not that I haven't spent my days with Him.
But I have been more intentional about it recently.

If I am honest with you,
(and I make that my habit here)
- I didn't want to write anymore about it. 
I feel like a broken record... 
but it is what He is doing in me, 
what He is calling me to do,
and I believe while it is personal 
-it is so necessary in this loud
and fast paced world of ours!

You see, He's been calling me to Slow...
which feels odd because
it's not like I am running around,
entertaining all kinds of Bossy,
and yet the call is clear:

Come Away with Me!

It feels like we are entering
in to our Second Act
and He whispered clear to me the other day
that this is our Launching Season.

Now there was a time not too long ago
that that would have given way to fear,
but instead it gave way to Hope and Adventure
and still-unseen Open Doors
and all kinds of Possibility!

It seems this past year or two
has been a bit of an Intermission
and this call to Sabbath, to Rest, to Quiet
- it's all in preparation for what lies ahead.

Taking just five minutes to quiet, to still, 
to shift thoughts and mind
and emotion back to Him...
It reminds me that, always, He is near!

When I pause, turn my heart

and attention toward Him
and find He is always there,
it takes the pressure off
and eases the temptation to worry!

For when I start my day 
filling up in His Presence,
I can rest assured that He is with me,
and He is working all things together
for my good.

All things are NOT good, of course.

No, we live in a broken and fallen world.
All things are most definitely NOT good.

...And yet, someday I will look back
and see how His hand and heart
were intimately and intricately involved
in my every days.

He takes All Things
 --the good and the hard
    (for I no longer call them 'bad'.)
and He weaves and shapes them,
He molds and makes them
into things that grow us
and bless us and enable us
to bow down and to stand up...
that stir us up
to shout His Glory and Praise.

Maybe not yet... maybe not today...
but He truly is working for our good.

I can see it already, as I look back.
Hindsight can be a gift like that!

But for this Second Act,
I am purposing to
stay present and intentional
stay abiding and abounding...
stay aware of bringing Him with me
and inviting Him in.

I am ever-more mindful now
of how I breathe Him in,
fill up, soak and savor...
and how when I do that, 
I become a carrier
of His Presence
as I go about my days.

For we are Kingdom people 
and we are called...

We fill up. We spill out.

We live our lives to the King,
and for His Kingdom.

Tweet: "...someday I will look back and see how His hand and heart
were intimately and intricately involved in my every days."

Tweet: "I become a carrier of His Presence" @KarrileeA

Tweet: "For we are Kingdom people and we are called... We fill up. We spill out.
We live our lives to the King, and for His Kingdom." @KarrileeA

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So how are you filling up and spilling out lately? I'd love to hear!


  1. Oh friend yes! You definitely need to read "Sabbath" by Wayne Mueller. Sometimes I feel like a broken record too, but the thing is God sometimes calls us to keep sharing that record...even when we don't want too. All in the world is indeed NOT GOOD, but God is good. I want to spill out for him and for his kingdom too. THIS: "For we are Kingdom people and we are called...We fill up. We spill out. We live our lives to the King, and for His Kingdom." Those words remind me of one of my all time fave bands Rend Collective Experiment and their song "Build Your Kingdom Here." Blessed to be your neighbor over at Tell His Story today. Love you friend! (And thanks for reminding me of the importance of Sabbath and taking time for myself.)

    1. Seriously - in all my spare 'reading time' - I am gonna have to get that book! I love Rend Collective too... and now I am gonna have to go listen to that song again... I'm sure I have heard it - but I can't place it right now! (Missed you tonight at the #fmfparty!)

  2. So well said. I like your perspective of the good and the hard. Amen!

  3. Karrilee,
    I love your perspective on Romans 8;28-30 and how what once gave you fear instead now gives you hope and adventure...wonderful :-)

    1. He is... He is wonderful! Love you, Dolly! Thanks for popping on over!

  4. You always seem to remind me when I need to purposefully fix my eyes on Him. It's so hard to be in a routine in this phase of life - with children waking at night, illness that crops up (or shall I say broken arms and poison ivy)...even the day-to-day responsibilities that fill every nook and cranny of every hour. It's so much harder now. And then I remember just how much He helps me when I spend that time with Him. He keeps me at peace when things are hectic. He fills me when joy when there is turmoil around me. He keeps me smiling when some days it's just hard to find all the things to smile about. And you're right... the older I get the easier it is to see the hindsight of it.

    I so appreciate your words, Karrilee, and how they never fail to point me to Jesus.

    1. Well now that is just the nicest comment! I mean - Gah! How does one respond to that? ;)

      Praying for you and this lovely transition... and of course - for all the Other things, too!

  5. Karrilee, I am all on that slow pace and peaceful ways thingy! Seeking sanctuary and solitude in busy, crowded days with retreat to Secret Place. Love connecting with kindred spirits there. I'm publishing now and this lifestyle of quiet and reflection is absolutely essential to my writing and work. Blessings of the day to you--a refreshing cup of cool water your words and images have been to my morning. Thanks so much for dropping by The Writer's Reverie.

    1. I love this comment so much because even though we have only just 'met' - you are speaking my language, my friend! So glad you stopped by! And yes - Joy and Secret Place dwelling and peace and slow! Kindred, indeed!

  6. Love this friend. This morning I was reflecting on Martha and Mary. This is such a beautiful example of choosing to stay focused on the ONE thing that is necessary! If you are willing, I'm going to link to this poem when I blog about Mary and Martha.

    1. Amen! (And of course, I would be honored, my friend! Link away! xoxo

  7. Trying to stay focused on Him in the midst of some busyness right now. This is beautiful, Karrilee.

    Wanted you to see my reply from the comment you left on my blog about autoimmune. Glad I could give you some info on autoimmune disease. I know that your friends will be so grateful you make the effort to understand the trials they face. It can be lonely when you have invisible illnesses. People don’t understand why you can’t do what they do when you look perfectly ‘normal’ to them. Sometimes just listening to them is a gift, help them to keep moving forward knowing they are not alone. Blessings to you.

    1. Thanks so much , Kim! And yes - it's always so good to be reminded of the blessings of staying flexible and full of grace! Thank you for that!


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