June 2, 2015

What I Learned in May...

Somehow I think I skipped a month, but you will notice that May was filled to the rim with new things, so that may be why! I was so busy moving forward, I must not have carved out time to look back over April! At any rate, we will pick up in May and we're back with the beloved quirkiness of the What We Learned link up over at Chatting at the Sky with Emily Freeman.  We'd love to have you join in on the fun!

What We Learned in May...
12 Random Things That I Have Learned. 

1. I learned that I really can travel all by myself (like a grown up) and not be stressed out or draped in fear... 

I  wrote all about my trip to attend Jumping Tandem already... I learned many things there but I already wrote that post.  The thing that I most needed to learn before I ever lifted off from Seattle or touched down on Nebraskan soil was this:  I can find some Brave and a little Peace and I can do things that I never ever would have dreamed of doing. 


It helps to know my background. I was raised in fear and in a family that really didn't travel. I married at 22 and ever since then, any traveling or sight seeing or adventure that I have had, has featured My Honey (and usually our girlie) by my side.

Sure... I ventured out on a few road trips on my own or with friends, but overall - if it involved a plane, it involved my hubby.  I didn't really realize how much I depended on his sense of direction and quiet confidence until it was not holding my hand or seated beside me.  I had lots of prayer coverage and I had peace in knowing that I was supposed to be at Jumping Tandem... that helped. 

But I can't tell you how much peace... as in, holy supernatural peace, that I had through out the entire weekend.  It felt like it was exuding out of me, shifting atmospheres and changing environments all around me.  I learned so many of the 'hard things' that I thought I couldn't do turned out to not be so hard after all... and I could, in fact, do them... like a boss even.

2. I learned that I LOVE all kinds of Photography sessions...

OK - I knew that! I do a little photography on the side. I am self-taught, minus a few basic classes (and tons of YouTube videos!) and I don't really go out looking for clients. But I hadn't done much for a few months, and I can't explain how much joy I get in shooting portraits. Most of my clients are people who wouldn't normally be able to afford a professional.  I had the joy in April and May to shoot this little family and just playing with the photographs after the session made me so happy!

3. I learned that starting a church on Mother's Day, that is also your Onlys' birthday, makes for a lot of birthing and celebrating (and cheesecake... because, of course!)  

I keep promising to not turn this blog into a church planter blog... but our first Sunday was on May 10th, and we were blessed to have a great turn out and a lot of support - including having our Birthday Girlie there! I declared since it was Mother's Day, our first service, and my Birth Day, I would eat cake. It was my one cheat day!

As far as church goes, we just keep meeting on Sundays and people keep showing up! More importantly, we keep showing up to spend time with Him... and most importantly - He is always there, showing up for all of us!

In other words... so far, so good!

4. I learned that fasting Sugar is not as hard as I thought it would be...

I should clarify: It was not as hard as fasting coffee and it was not as hard as it could have been!  We didn't cut out ALL sugar, but we did cut out most sugar.  We cut out all obvious things (cake, ice cream, candy, pop, etc.) as well as paying MUCH closer attention to grams, cutting out or changing things like yogurt and juice.  

Still - going without coffee was SO MUCH HARDER! (June is no TV... which is good news for all of my stacks of books!)

5. I learned that one of the benefits of starting our own church is that we get to bring back a bit of the arts and artistic expression... 
We've already had a Spoken Word performance as well as painting during worship... we've encouraged our people to pray and prophesy over each other, and I am sure we will have more and more creativity rising up!

6. I learned that there is a cheater way to add audio to this blog... 

I'm sure there is a higher-tech way to do it but I learned how to make a Voice Memo on my phone, and then upload it to SoundCloud and embed it here on my blog! It's super easy - even I can do it!

7. I learned that sitting on the patio at North Town Coffeehouse downtown on a Saturday afternoon has become our Thing... 

 We LOVE patio weather... we love to sit outside at home, at coffee shops, for meals at restaurants... wherever and whenever we get a chance to relax on a deck or patio - we're gonna take it! For the past several Saturdays, my Honey and I find ourselves sipping on an iced latte and chatting and reading and just being together on the patio at our favorite local coffeehouse.  We stay there long enough that lunch time rolls around and we buy a pizza around the corner from a local pizzeria and eat (on the same patio!)  We can spend hours there... enjoying a bit of Sabbath Rest, sitting side by side!

8. I (re)learned that prayer works and having the Body rise up and bow down together is such a gift...

I wrote about this here... our girlie is feeling MUCH better now! Thank you, sweet readers, for praying with us and for us!

9. I learned that, once again, I find #Wonder along my walking routes and fall in love with nature every Spring...

I'm so thankful that I take my phone with me everywhere, because that is how I capture all these wonders...

10. I learned about these two new kinds of Triscuits and you guys 
--you HAVE to try them...

(Clearly - we like to snack, and since cake was not an option... LOL! --we found these...)  
We love them both and they are so different:
  Balsamic Vinegar and Basil = Tangy Goodness!
  Toasted Coconut and Sea Salt = A Hint of Sweetness!

11. I learned that not only did I make it onto the Fair Trade Friday Blogging Team, but through MercyHouse, you can host a Mercy or Fair Trade Friday Party in your own home! How cool is that?
The Fair Trade Friday Blogging Team is new so I'm not sure what all it entails, but you can rest assured that there will be posts coming soon! We have been long time supporters of MercyHouse and I am honored to be on this team of bloggers to help raise awareness and bring freedom! And that party idea? Yeah... that's gonna have to happen!

12. I learned that I wish I had discovered "When Calls the Heart" on Netflix earlier in the month...

...because I would have binge-watched it all already but now I have to wait until July to watch it! (Maybe... we'll see!  We are making a few exceptions... like sports events, and maybe a movie or two but I'm pretty sure binge watching a TV show on Netflix is just too much like actual TV watching sooo... I will probably wait to watch it! ...Probably!

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So - what about you? What did you learn last month?  I'd love to hear!


  1. I just love you to pieces! It's so exciting seeing your church plant grow and prosper!! God is doing amazing things through you and those in your life, my friend!

  2. Wow! I love reading these posts.I learn so much from them as well. Good for you, traveling by yourself! I'm a scaredy cat, and have only flown once with my husband. But yet I'm allowing my daughter to fly by herself this summer-for the first time ever!- I'm nervous enough for the both of us!

    Your photography is beautiful-I love taking pictures and my husband even bought me a nice camera, but I need to learn how to operate the thing and get it off auto :) What a beautiful ministry it is taking pictures for people that wouldn't be able to afford it otherwise. I know they appreciate you so much for that! And YAY-for your church planting and it's growth. I pray God will continue to bless it.

    1. Alecia, Is this not just the best link up? I learn so much - not only about the bloggers, but just so many great tips and ideas! Praying for your girlie! I remember the first time I 'let' my own fly with a group that did not include me or her Daddy... peace is a gift and He freely pours it out over your Mama heart! Thanks so much for your prayers! We can feel them!

  3. Hello neighbor #94 over at RaRaLinkup! Loved your pics and posts. You learned an awful lot in May - and I never get tired of the church plant posts!!!

    1. Yay! I love that we are neighbors! May was SO FULL! Sweet Lord... but full of great things! Love you, friend! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  4. Hi friend! God is doing amazing things through you and Dad's House. You learned a lot this past month. We never did a lot of traveling by plane when I was little. So the first time I flew I was afraid but now I actually kind of lovd traveling by myself by plane. Oh I'm going to have to try those Triscuits. I love coconut!! And I love spending all my time outside this time of year too!

    1. It was a packed month, for sure! Oh my goodness, you are going to LOVE those Triscuits! I am still trying to figure out what to put on them,,, chocolate spread seems like that may work! ;) You'll have to let me know what you think!

  5. I didn't know you were church planting and would love to hear more about that! We're pastors too, and planted a church with my son-in-law as pastor 4 years ago and it's doing great!

    1. Elizabeth, well - we didn't know we were church planting until very recently either! ;) It was a quick work and our heads are still spinning a bit - but it's going well! I have blogged about it a few times this past month and I am sure it will show up from time to time because, well - you know... all consuming, right? So far - in all the good ways, though! Thanks so much for stopping by! (And always great to hear a good report of successful plants!)

  6. Oh wow. You really have a ton going on! Congrats to you for starting a new church. It looks like God is showing you so much and I love hearing all about it. Cheering you on from the #RaRalinkup on Purposeful Faith.

    1. Kelly... luckily - it doesn't usually FEEL like a lot going on, so that helps! Thanks so much for stopping by and creating such an amazing Community over at the #RaRaLinkup!

  7. Sounds like May was an amazing month! Thanks for sharing all of these... and can hardly wait to see what lessons your June will hold!!!

    1. Tondra, thanks for popping over! Yes - it was an amazing full month! I'm with you... June is gonna be fun!

  8. I'll have to check out When Calls the Heart! we have this family joke about the Love Comes Softly series--my husband watched the first one with me, and about a week later, we sat down in the living room and he said, "You have any more of those "Love Comes Through the Window" movies? I love your new photo, well, all of your photos, but specifically the one of YOU!

    1. Oh you will love it! LOL! (I enjoyed the Love Comes Through the Window movies too!) ;) Thanks about the photo's... the new headshot was taken by Brandee Shafer whle at Jumping Tandem! It was so quick & last minute & we were packing the car & leaving... and so of course, I love it! She did such a great job! (It didn't hurt that it was taken at the end of a very restful and amazing retreat, too!)


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