November 18, 2014

Miracles in the Dark... Let Light Come

The power went out the other night. Like -no warning (as is normal, I suppose!) and suddenly:
thick inky darkness.

No sound. No flicker. Just soft lighting and then suddenly, black endless nothingness.

Until the lights --I mean, ALL of the lights-- go out, you don't really realize how dark darkness actually is.  

We were in the basement watching a movie with only a small lamp on and suddenly the lamp, the clock and lights on the tv and dvd player, the lights on Wii remotes, the hallway light upstairs... even the street lights and traffic lights outside... all of them, gone.

"Hello Darkness, my old friend..."

No, wait... Not that.

Literally, hours before this black out, I wrote this in my journal:
"We are surrounded by
Darkness and Death.
It's no wonder that
we've been called to
Be Light and Life.

We are His, after all,
and He is the Light of the World
the Way, the Truth, and the Life."

We are nearing that time of year that we hear this message most often.  Christmas time... the Saviors' birth... a Light shining in the darkness... you know the drill.

While I believe the whole story and I long to shine brightly, I also know that we are surrounded by a lot of darkness. It's everywhere we look, and it desires to cloak us in and put heavy burdens on us and lessen the light that we have been called to live in.  Even my look-on-the-bright-side, cup-half-full bent can see that times are hard. 

We are not big Evening News watchers.  It's not that we are unaware (mostly) but there is just so rarely ever anything GOOD reported on and, listen, we all live in this world - we know it's fallen.  We walk around and work and live and go to the Mall and we can see and feel and hear the heaviness.

The Struggle IS real, ya'll... it's not just a saying.

But here's the thing...

When it is so dark,
it only takes a little light
to change what we can see.

Maybe you're in a season of wandering around in a fog... battling a bit of darkness of your own.  Maybe you have lost your way or don't even know which way is up, where to look to, to find the light. Maybe the darkness is thick and it's making it hard to breath. Maybe it is sickness or finances or fear that is crippling.  Maybe it is just an unsettling and you can't pinpoint why or what or when it even first started creeping in. Maybe you have felt lost in the woods for a long, long while now. 

But I believe you are being drawn out into the clear!

Maybe the thought of the coming season of Joy to the World feels like too much to bear. Maybe hearing another encouragement or platitude or well-intentioned comment about how things will turn out fine and how God is with you is not really making you feel very seen or heard or held at all.

I'm sorry for that. In some ways we are all in the dark. Sometimes we don't know what to say.  Sometimes we want to have the answer or be the answer or simply wave it all away and wish it gone.  

Instead let's pray for miracles...

We pray for God to lighten the load
and light the way and Oh My Goodness,
how He already has, but we forget!  

We forget that God brings Miracles in the Dark... every day...
Miracles happen all around us and within us and we are unaware or unimpressed because we want the miraculous to be big and showy with lots of fanfare

But sometimes Miracles come slowly and silently... unfolding and unfurling like a reluctant smile.  It does no good to fight against it, for once we begin to take notice and give thanks one by one, we can't help but find miracles in the dark as we let light come.

Sometimes light comes in with cloud cover and rain, and sometimes it comes in with clear skies and the warmth of the sun.  

But it comes. 

Sometimes it comes in quiet time... when no words are left to pray. And sometimes it comes with the company of friends... kindred hearts and spirits who wrap warmth around us and pour out love.  

But, either way,

Light comes. Miracles happen.
Hope is restored.

There is a verse that I love and I know I need the reminder from time to time while living in the midst of this world... I don't know if this helps you - but I know that it helps me:

"For once you were darkness, but now you are light in the Lord." (Ephesians 5:8)

That is some great Good News, right there! What I love most about this verse is how it reminds me... I was once darkness... but now I am light in the Lord!

Yes. This
Let's not forget this.
We have been redeemed and the Light of the World abides in us! (Talk about a miracle!)

When we lost power a few nights ago, it was just for a few hours but it was quiet. Eerily so... and completely black.  But in that darkness, we knew it... we were not alone.

God is not looking for a back door, quiet exit, sneaking-in-back-corners-in-hushed-tones way to say that you are His! Oh no!  

He wants it loud and proud
and out in the
wide (bright) open spaces!
He wants everyone to know and see! 

He wants to move in you and through you and work Miracles in the Dark... He wants to partner with you to Let Light Come!
Oh how I pray you are willing.

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  1. Anonymous4:54 PM

    Karrilee, such power in this post and the words of God. We were once darkness and that is a power-punch right there. How we need to remember that for we are light and sometimes the only light that many will ever see. Standing strong in Him Who is Light is how we are to stand. Glad you are my neighbor at Testimony Tuesday.
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda

    1. Linda, Thanks so much for stopping by! Amen... we so easily forget that we WERE darkness... but we are now Light!!! Blessings, sweet neighbor!

  2. Anonymous6:30 PM

    This is some powerful encouragement, friend! Amen and Amen!

    1. Jennifer, thanks so much for stopping by! Shine on, my friend!

  3. I love your blog. I found it recently through 31 Days, and now I can't get enough! Beautifully said!

    1. Lynnae, thank you so much! I am so happy to hear that you found my little corner here during 31 Days and you are still coming back to hang out with me! That blesses me so! Honored to have you! Shine On, my friend!

  4. Amen! The world is indeed dark--and He has called us to bask in his light. I love your description of how some miracles unfurl slowly like a smile :).

    1. Anita, ah yes - to bask in his light... let's do that! xoxo

  5. This is as beautiful as it is important, Karrilee. Thank you for sharing it with us at Unforced Rhythms. Love to you.

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by, Kelli! It's always an honor to keep such company... I love the Community that gathers for Unforced Rhythms! Love you right back!

  6. But it comes. Love this! Nice intro and great application. But it always comes. Makes me think of Resurrection Sunday. It always comes!

    1. Amen, right? IT COMES!!! Thanks so much for stopping by Wendy!

  7. Karrilee - This is a beautiful post full of encouraging words. It is amazing how quiet the darkness feels when the light goes out. Ever notice the comfort one small candle can bring in a power outage? That is all it ever took to dispel any fear my kids might have in the dark. No matter how small the light, it is always greater than the darkness. Grateful to have linked after you at Tell His Story this morning! Blessings!

    1. So blessed that we get to be neighbors over at Jennifers' place! Yes... it's funny because when the lights went out, we had candles on the coffee table in front of us but my husband hesitated before lighting them because they were new and had never been lit... he asked if it was okay to burn them. (They were part of my room redo.) Isn't that how it can go... we need Light and we have access to it right in front of us, but we have to give permission... we have to participate with it. But yes, one single tiny flame can light the whole room! So thankful to have connected with you, friend!

  8. Such beautiful words and encouragement. Thanks for the reminder. I especially love this sentence: "But sometimes Miracles come slowly and silently... unfolding and unfurling like a reluctant smile." It reminds me of the thankfulness challenge that I have been doing this year through Ann Voskamp.

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by Jo! I really liked that sentence as well! (You know how you write and it flows and you read it back afterwards and know that God was writing with you? Yeah. That. That sentence was his and oh my - I love it too!) Oh - and so much Amen to counting gifts with Ann! I think everyone should do that! #1000gifts

  9. Just this morning I had to say to my sister, "I don't have the answers, but God..." Lights in the darkness, and as you say here - the darkness surrounds us. Only God can change anything. He is so worthy of waiting for! xo

    1. He IS so worthy of waiting for... and the Good News is He came... He's already here! So thankful for you, friend! Shine On! xoxo

    2. I liked it then, I like it now!

  10. Thanks for the uplifiting post. I'll be looking for the Light that chases away all darkness.

    1. Amen, Barb! I think we all need to reminder... Light has come! Thanks for stopping by!

  11. Wow, Karrilee,
    You got to experience first hand what you just wrote in your is amazing how a little light banishes darkness and to remember God's Light is always with us even when the way seems dark to us (John 1:4-5).


    1. Dolly, I did get to experience it right away... and I am such a visual person, I truly did appreciate it right away! A few hours in, however, I was ready for light (and heat!) Amen! Thanks so much for stopping by, my friend!

  12. I felt like I wandered around in the woods for years. And the funny thing is, when you're in there wandering around in the the thick of it - you don't even realize it until you come out into the light. Looking back into the trees makes me shiver now. Makes me realize how blessed I am to have seen (at first) that glimmer of light that made me look at everything so much differently (as you say.) Have you heard Barlow Girls' "Hallelujah (Light has Come)?" I've been listening to it a lot lately and it's reminding me of the light that I am so grateful has truly come...

    1. Jennifer, Amen my friend! That is so true... often the dark rolls in slowly like thick fog that blocks the light. The light is never really gone... He never leaves us! So thankful that you made it out into the Clear, my friend! (I had never heard that song before, and now I love it! Thanks for sharing it!) Love you, friend! Thanks so much for stopping by! Shine On!

  13. Yes, yes! He is the light! No wonder we're drawn to all things bright and beautiful. Thanks for taking us there today, Karrilee!

    Shine, girl!

    1. Amen, friend! All Things Bright and Beautiful! (And sparkly too, because - of course!) Thanks so much for stopping by, Linda!

  14. Preach it sister! LOL Love that verse from Ephesians, that book is just full of gems. Thanks for reminding us that our Jesus is the light of our world.

    1. LOL! Thanks Tobi! Yes - I LOVE the book of Ephesians! So rich! And yes - Jesus is the Light of the world... we hear it often this time of year, but I think for many who feel lost in darkness, it doesn't always ring true! I just wanted to remind them... remind us all... we were once darkness, but now we are light! It's in us... and it always comes! Thanks for stopping by, friend! It's always nice to know that you were here!

  15. THIS: "But sometimes Miracles come slowly and silently... unfolding and unfurling like a reluctant smile. It does no good to fight against it, for once we begin to take notice and give thanks one by one, we can't help but find miracles in the dark as we let light come." God knew what I needed to read this morning. You're so right...a little light gives just enough life. And look at that a post I hadn't read of yours yet! :) Love you friend! Thank you for the reminder that miracles don't always happen the way we want them too. For me, that would mean that Laura would be healed. And the truth is that, soon she will be free of all that ails here...just not in the way we had hoped or prayed for. Advent is one of my fave seasons because it reminds me always of Jesus "the light in the midst of the darkness."

  16. Great post! (I kinda like S&G ;) ) love. this. "When it is so dark, it only takes a little light to change what we can see." You shine a bright light to Jesus!


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