November 29, 2014

That Thing I Do Now - Vol 72

Hey there, friends! I pray you had a wonder-filled Thanksgiving! Whether you are a Black Friday shopper, or a Hunker In And Spend Time On The Couch relaxer, I pray you are recovering from the festivities, and letting His goodness and blessings continue to be counted... inviting Him to linger longer...

And just in case, somehow, you are lacking something to read... I am here to hook you up!

Featured today are posts by Kristen Welch, Robin Dance, Glennon Melton, Jennifer Dukes Lee, Deb Wolf, Holley Gerth, Asherita Ciuciu, a post from right here... and - of course - a video!

Happy Reading! 
(Ya'll know to click on the authors' names to read their whole posts, yes?)

* This one by Kristen Welch over at We Are THAT Family with Dear Exhausted Mothers of the World...
"This week as we prepare for company and cooking, family and friends, let’s put ourselves on the list.

God didn’t tell us to be thankful.

He told us to give thanks.

And we know all about giving, don’t we? 

We give our kids the last cookie we were saving for ourselves.

We give them our hoodie off our own back because they are cold at the park. We shiver through.

We give to our children first. Because that’s what we do.

Giving thanks might just sound like another thing on our list. Someone else who needs something from us.

But here’s the beauty of giving him Thanks when we’re empty, tired and worn down, worried and burdened:

In exchange, He gives us rest. "

This post by Robin Dance over at The GraceTable with On Magic, Tradition & Sacred Tables...
"It doesn’t matter if we’re with family or friends, time is suspended when we gather at a table. We eat, we drink, we give and receive, and for those few extraordinary moments, we’re removed from a sometimes harsh world in a way that wholly celebrates life. 

A table is a special place, a sacred space, where heart, soul and body are nourished. 

* This post by Glennon Melton over at Momastery with Travel Light...

"“Forgiveness is giving up all hope of having had a better past.” -St. Anne Lamott

When we let something go that’s been weighing us down, we can feel the relief in our bones. We feel our shoulders unfurl and our lungs expand. We take a deep breath and lift our faces to the clouds. We feel stronger, braver, free-er.

Peel off the backpack. Lay it down and walk away."

* This post by Jennifer Dukes Lee with The Art of Flying and Full Living...
"On the big screen of eternity’s theater, our lives are microscopic blips.

I want my wee little blip on the screen to blink boldly for a King, before it flickers out. I want to pay attention, love well, lay down my own desires, and make daily decisions that match up with my beliefs. I want to reach out, lean in, look up, and bow down. I want to breathe more deeply, see more beauty, make more room at the table, learn more from the Teacher, and pass more of the good stuff onto my people."

* This post by Deb Wolf with 5 Important Characteristics of Peacemakers because while we have lots to be thankful for, let's not forget what is unfolding all around us...
"I’m sad for my community. For the mothers and fathers. For families. For business owners. For those in leadership and those who serve. For children who don’t understand.

Ferguson isn’t far from our neighborhood. I know people who live there. And my heart breaks…

For everyone.

Which is the reason for this post.

You have opinions about what’s happened. You most likely decided in advance what you believed the grand jury decision should be. You empathize with one side or the other. You’ve made judgments about Michael Brown and Officer Darren Wilson. You’ve had an emotional reaction to the chaos that ensued Monday night.

Please keep it to yourself.


Because we are not peacemakers when we add fuel to the fire. When we bite and belittle each other."

* This one by Holley Gerth with Peace on Earth, Ferguson and Hope for Us All...
"As long as this world keeps spinning, we will have more work to do when it comes to learning how to love each other. But I’m certain of this:

Kindness is even more fierce than hatred. 

Choosing to listen is an act of wild courage.

Gentleness is a quiet bomb that can explode the barriers that divide us. 

My prayer this Thanksgiving is that we gather around tables. Yes, with people we already know and love. But also with those who are different than us. Those who we don’t understand. Those who might even make us feel angry or afraid.

Because one day we will gather around another table in heaven for a feast that’s been a long time coming. And I don’t think God will ask us, “Were you right?” I think He will ask us, “Did you love each other?” Because that’s what every Father wants for their family."

* This post (and free downloadable ebook!) from Asheritah Ciuciu over at One Thing Alone with Unwrapping the Names of Jesus: An Advent Devotional...
"Unwrapping the Names of Jesus is an Advent Devotional for women.

On the surface? It’s a study about the different names of Jesus.

But really? It’s about how the gift of Jesus brings new life and great joy the deeper we know Him, an especially powerful awakening during the Christmas season.

Unwrapping the Names of Jesus: An Advent Devotional is finally here

It’s designed for the woman who wants more from the season than holiday parties, hors d’oeuvres, and a new leather purse. You want a deeper walk with Jesus. You want to know Him and touch Him and find rest in Him and talk with Him. And you want to wake up on Christmas morning bouncing with excitement to celebrate Him."

* This one from right HERE with How To Create An Atmosphere of Gathering In for the Holidays - or any day...
"Recently (due to the holidays, I am sure!) I have been reading posts and articles about battling Perfectionism... about the pro's and con's of the (dreaded?) Drop In, and about the stress of having people fill your home for the holidays and I get it... I really do!  I can come off all Hostess-y and Chilled... but I admit if my doorbell rings unexpectedly, my heart races and I scan the rooms with panic in my throat and vulnerability fogging my vision.

You see - I like things picked up... put away (-ish) but I am not a clean freak.  Oh - it's clean... but it's no where NEAR spotless.  My Little is all grown up and out of the house so for the most part things stay where I put them and if there is a mess, it's our own doing.  Our house? It's lived in ya'll!

But more than readying my Home for company, I want to prepare my heart for Christ... I want to prepare Him room, first in me... and then fill up with His Presence to overflowing so He pours out all over my home and guests. "

Lastly, we like to wrap This Thing up with  a video... because that's just how we roll...
Sometimes it's a funny, or an invitation to worship, or a book trailer... today - it is this: 

Brian Regan
on eating healthy & loosing weight...
(Not that I'm sayin' anything!)
Happy Weekend, my friends!

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