April 7, 2014

Counting One Thousand Gifts is easier in the Spring

In my little corner of the world, Spring has sprung and she is LOVELY, ya'll!  (She knows that Fall is my favorite, but we agree to not discuss it, because we so enjoy our morning walks and coffee and devotion time on the patio together!)

I am finding it easier to count one thousand gifts in the Spring! I'm not sure why... maybe it's Springs' flirty ways and romantic breezes that whisper warmer days ahead, but I am finding my eyes wide open, and my heart is scribbling down one thing after another!

Sometimes, they make it in my journal... some times they just roll around my heart, bouncing around a bit before they sink in soul deep in thanksgiving. 

Counting On...

#1975 - A Friday Night Out with great friends... Good food, good friends... we have lived life with these people for over 20 years now!
 That Pizza? Sweet & Savory = Bacon, Pear, & Aged White Cheddar

 #1976 - A Warm House, shelter in the midst of the roaring wind!

#1977 - Talking things out, in the dark, laying on backs side by side, slowly closing the cold empty space in between (instead of going to bed angry!)

#1978 - An Open Saturday when it was needed... a day trip to Seattle to visit Dad in the hospital... (and finding him looking much better than we expected, praise the Lord!)

#1979 - Our Gorgeous State... left nothin' but blue skies, and headed straight into this wall of fog, up and over the Pass to find rain and snow... and once again, blue skies!

#1980 - Discovering Rock Bottom Brewery downtown Seattle for lunch! Delicious!

#1981 - (Re)Discovering that a Day Trip to Seattle is totally doable and must happen more often!

#1982 - ComicCon was in Seattle - so THAT was fun! (The first 6 or 8 people we passed who were all dressed up I didn't even think anything because - well, Seattle! - but then it started to dawn on us... I only snapped a couple of pix!)

 #1983 - Great HUGE Praise with Dad's test results coming back with no cancer! (Not what the doctors predicted... but God!)

#1984 - Spring Flowers - every where! For the love...

 #1985 - A Sunday afternoon Family Walk

#1986 - A walk with a friend... catching up and talking real.

#1987 - Writing cards to friends and family... sending them out Old School!

#1988 - A Lunch Date with my Girlie!

 #1989 - A new Commissioned Art piece from a woman who attended a workshop that I taught at a retreat last year! 

#1990 - Encouraging Comments left on my blog! #Swoon

#1991 - Finishing a Great Book (written by a friend) only to get the next Amazing book (written by a friend)... and the NEXT Great book (...) is on its' way! (Non-affiliate links... simply Must Read books! You're welcome!)

#1992 - First Iced Latte of the year!

#1993 - My (free) Instagrammed Vaca- book from Shutterfly

#1994 - #1996 A Box FULL of old Vintage books - just ready for crafting! (Making Vintage Book Spine Bookmarks and Vintage paper Bird Ornaments for #inrl) 

 #1997 - Dove Chocolates... for when you need a little breaky!

#1999 - Corporate Worship that flows and waits and invites His Presence to come right on in! Worship that lingers... 

#2000 - A Sunny Sunday Afternoon... My Honey on the patio BBQing, listening to Baseball, and Gardening a bit in between.

#2001 - Finally (yes, finally!) sitting down to watch Frozen! Our Sunday night Family movie pick... with my Honey, and my Girlie(s) = Perfection! (A little less than perfection? My girlies singing "Do you wanna build a snowman..." over and over after midnight... and they are 18!) 

#2002 - A sunny walk with a friend on a warm Monday morning.
 That is Sun Tea brewing on someone's porch, ya'll!

#2005 - After my walk? This is my next 'appointment' on my Bossy List of Things To Do:
A little If:Equip time with Deidra Riggs and Angie Smith, some #RestlessProject homework, Coffee and Jesus to start the week off right!

Now, it's your turn... Grab a pen, or just open your eyes and watch and see how He shows up and pours out blessings all over your day!

Linking up with Ann Voskamp in Counting (beyond) one thousand gifts...

Is it Spring yet where you live? Are you finding it easier to find signs of Him as well?  Join us in counting on... listing the ways He blesses us in our every day lives!

If you want some daily prompts to help get you started, you can go HERE for Ann's daily Gifts!


  1. Anonymous5:37 PM

    How fun Karilee! Love the photography! I added my "joy" to the end of another post but yours grabbed me from the beginning!
    Blessings, Mary!

    1. Mary, thank you so much! I appreciate it when you stop by!

  2. You can feel your joy and enthusiasm shining through this post. I love all of the beautiful pictures! Happy Spring!

    1. Jo Rose... what a great comment! I love these #multitudesonmondays posts! They are so fun and uplifting!

  3. There is so much beauty here. Your girlie, she's gorgeous! And those spring flowers, oh I love that spring is here. And worship that lingers, YES, that makes my heart swoon. Love ya!

    1. Kindred hearts.... Barbie! And OH MY LORD you get to have Bill and Beni at your church and I am trying to not be jealous! Enjoy!!!

  4. Spring has only half way sprung here in New England. The snow is gone, but the days are cool and rainy. I need some vitamin D like whoa.

    I loved this list! I'm going to try that pizza on #pizzafriday this week!

    1. Yay for Vitamin D... praying you get some soon! And wow - let me know how the pizza is... it was so delish and I wish I could even remember what kind of sauce they used - but it wasn't super saucy, ya know... but the combo of pears, and bacon and that wht cheddar - OH MY GAH! (Good thing that restaurant is out of town!)

  5. Karrilee,

    Nice to meet you. I'm hopping over belatedly from Ann's link up to count gifts with you. How fun to hear of your Seattle trip, of spring's beauty, and of nice times out with family and friends.

    Washington is a lovely state, isn't it? I don't live there, but have relatives there.

    Have a great week,
    Jennifer Dougan

    1. Jennifer,

      Thanks so much for stopping by! I love that link up over at Ann's! Yes - we are quite pampered with a lot of lovely here in WA... you don't have to go very far to find whatever you want - desert, mountains, lakes, rivers, beach, big cities, etc!



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