April 22, 2014

Counting Gifts all around Easter

I read it this morning, that we are Resurrection people and I can feel the rising in my bones... the awakening to All Things New.  Ann Voskamp posted on facebook this morning that "we get to be the Resurrection People: 
we get to believe that hope rises from dead places, that impossible stones can be rolled away, that all the sad things are becoming undone. We are the Resurrection People & Hosanna is our song!"

So I sing Hosanna, and I count on... writing out gifts, one by one.  I am still amazed at how once you start- once you really open your eyes and heart and become Hunters for Beauty, you become Finders of Grace! Every. Single. Time.

So in the midst of a crazy busy week (more than usual... not that I am bragging - because... well... we like a relaxed, laid back kind of flow!) I remembered to slow time down by breathing deep, leaning in, and holding a pen in my hand, searching for signs of Him... and He - as always - was is everywhere!

Due to busyness... and blessings abundant this week - and the fact that I am off to count some more... here is a condensed random list:

Counting On...

#2019 -  A long overdue coffee date with a friend...  Hours of catching up!

#2020 - Hearing about what God is doing all over the world from a missionary visiting from Nepal.

#2021 - A long walk with my Girlie on a gorgeous Spring day!

#2022 - Finding one of my quotes used for the upcoming inrl conference!

#2023 - Meetings with Steve and Wendy Backlund - sharing Joy and freedom! So good!

#2024 - Being asked to run the Book table... Because, you know, All. The. Books. 

#2025 - Cleaning out and donating some of our excess blessings!

#2026 - inrl prep work!

#2027 - Spending a Saturday afternoon with my Honey... Starbucks, driving around, laughing, reading, and just having no agenda together!

#2028 - My Girlie switching her work schedule so she could spend Easter Sunday with us!

#2029 - My girlie's First Easter Basket (aka her ONLY Easter Basket!)

(See? Falling apart sad!)

#2030 - Walking to church on Sunday together!

#2031 - Easter Sunday lunch with the fam and all the little cousins...

#2032 - Easter egg hunting with the Littles

My Girlie                              

#2033 - Our Annual Family Photo:

#2034 - Spring Flowers

#2035 - A somewhat impromptu much needed Girlfriend Getaway... four of us were in serious need of an escape get away so we packed an overnight bag, and hit the road with no agenda other than to relax, have fun, and laugh! I said #YesinmyMess and left in a rush...

So I am counting on while on a little Girlfriend Retreat... And when I get back home it will be time for (in)RL which means more counting!

Linking up with Ann Voskamp in Counting (beyond) one thousand gifts...

What Gifts did YOU discover last week or over Easter weekend? I'd love to hear!


  1. Hi Karrilee,
    I enjoyed your list of thanks, especially the pictures. I could feel the gratitude reaching through the screen and touching my heart, igniting joy.
    Blessings to you!

    1. Dawn... what a beautiful thing to say! (I so love taking pictures, and sometimes with these lists I wonder if I am using too many... so your comment was - wait for it... - a gift to me!) Counting with you...

  2. I am so glad that your daughter was able to be home for Easter. I loved all the beautiful pictures. I agree with Dawn the pictures are very inspiring. God is indeed everywhere, and I love the places that I can find beauty when I take the time to look.

    1. Jo - me too! I know my Girlie is getting to be the age that she will miss out on some gatherings. It's started already actually... but we were all thankful that she was able to switch a shift around and be with the fam on Easter! Hunting for Beauty with you... Counting Gifts... Finding Grace!


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