March 29, 2014

That Thing I Do Now - Vol 37

Hey there everyone! How are ya'll doing? I'm not sure if I am seeing better, or getting used to the floaters that cloud my view - but I am still stepping away from this screen more than usual - which may become my new normal really!  I appreciate all the prayers and as much as I may joke - I really do believe that they are working... my eyesight is being healed and getting better and yet - the time away has been good... necessary even! (As if God knew that all along!)  So - even with less time sitting in this chair, staring at this screen - I have managed to compile a pretty impressive Gathering of Awesome, if I do say so myself! (And I do... oh how I do!)

Happy Reading!

* This one by my friend Kris Camealy, reviewing the new book Love Idol, (plus a Giveaway!)  "Our imperfections are not a pink slip for this life. We don’t have to spend our lives trying to prove our value. We can choose, just as we are, to reflect God’s glory. We can choose to let our imperfections be a beacon of grace.

This post by Jen Hatmaker on running your race and using your gifts.  "I am inspired by people doing what they do best.  I mean, I really am. As I read or pay attention or listen, I constantly catalog other people’s gifts, and I think: This is so their lane. I cannot explain this surge of pride I feel when someone bravely offers their gifts up or shares their talents with us or just sings her song well."

* This post by Sarah Bessey on being a late comer to loving Paul... "Now I think that if Paul knew how a few of his words had been twisted, misinterpreted, and misapplied to be used against women, he would be broken hearted."

* This one by Ann Voskamp over at A Holy Experience with a Letter to her Daughter ( - to all of us, His daughters, really!)... "I know there feels like there’s only one of you. The you right now. The one who Feels All The Things.  But believe the impossible things, because it’s true: There are two of you, really. The Short-Term You —- and the Long-Term You. The Now-You — and the Becoming You.  The Immediate You. And the Ultimate You."

* This post by my sweet friend Jennifer Peterson with a list of 39 Ways To Show Love To Your Family  (I can't pick just one as an example because all 39 are great ideas!)

* This post over at Outside the City Gates by David Rupert on Dreamers and how we need them (you!)  "And so it is with dreamers. They will never be popular. They’ll be called “out of touch.” They’ll be scorned and talked about behind their backs. They’ll lose friends. But someone around here has to dream. Someone has to see things the way they ought to be. Someone has to articulate and plant the dream in fellow humans."

* This post over at by Jennie Allen on the importance of being intentional and an opportunity to pursue friendships with #inrl  "It easier to survive this life on the surface, brushing up against people gently, rather than doing the mess of intentionally loving them. Love takes risk. Love takes forgiveness and grace. Love takes effort, time, and commitment. You commit not to bolt when it gets hard, because it will get hard.  And if this is the cost of deep relationship, we just don’t have capacity and space to go deep with everyone. So we have to become intentional.  We don’t just need people; we need the right people."  (Check out the Link Up on this page as well, that features posts from some of the Speakers for this years In Real Life Conference!)

* This post over at Jennifer Dukes Lee's place - so powerful!  It's a gathering of awesome post over at Jennifer Dukes Lee's place today... a gathering of Beautiful and Brave and we are bonding together, linking arms and hearts and hopes, laying down Love Idols left and right and those Not Enoughs? We are so Over It! (Join us?)

 * This post right HERE from Abiding Love, Abounding Grace where I write about my OneWord (Vision) and how I can not see. "It's when I can catch a faint scent of the fragrance of Christ that I find myself tuning in to the senses He has given... I lean in, and breath deep, and I remember that He is here - whether I can see Him or not.  He smells like Sweetness and Sensual all at once and I remember that He is in hot pursuit and He is the air that I breathe and the perfume that I want to linger after I leave a room."

Lastly... A video! Because that is how we do...
and because I have just finished this amazing book and honestly - I HIGHLY recommend it! Ya'll know how much I love me some Jennifer Dukes Lee (see above linky love!) and this book is from her heart - but it's all about His heart for you!

What did I miss? Did you find anything Amazing online this week that I didn't list here? As usual, link it in the comments and share the love!  

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