March 15, 2014

That Thing I Do Now - Vol 35

Happy Weekend, ya'll! I hope you are experiencing glimpses of Spring! Last weekend, we were in Oregon just outside of Portland and on Friday it was glorious and sunny and warm and on Saturday it was typical and rainy (and yet, still not cold!) and being in Oregon with all that GREEN made me even hungrier for Spring and new life and flowers... and yes, sunshine. Always sunshine!  The Faith and Culture Writers conference was Ah-MAY-zing! Seriously... plan on being there next year, if at all possible! It's incredible!  So this week I was processing and reading books (yes... I accidentally came home yet again with new ones?) and looking for signs of Spring.

Still - you know how I love to hook you up with all kinds of Awesome and this week did not disappoint! So if  you happened to miss any of these posts... well, here you go! 

Happy Reading!

* This one by Lisa-Jo Baker because, as I have said many times before, if she is gonna write it - you're probably gonna want to read it! This one - on going on a Beauty Hunt... yes! Yes - let's do THAT!  "I must be beautiful in thought before I am beautiful anywhere else.
I will be a passionate beauty hunter – quick to recognize it in myself and translate it for Zoe. Beauty in attitude, beauty in excitement, beauty in laughter, beauty in service, beauty in grace, beauty in community.

This post by Alyssa Santos on Mending Broken Things! "I cannot mend, cannot seal the cracks, cannot repair the broken places or worse, keep the Liar from sneaking in through the broken places whispering shame. My hands are empty and lay upon my lap, or rub my forehead for the hundredth time, or busy themselves with distraction. But they cannot mend."

* This post over at Three Way Light by Jody Lee Collins on her experience with The Love Idol Movement.  "Idols I know--those man made (me made?) forms--lifeless, a poor rendering of the real. Not-gods I've erected to take THE God's place."

* This one from my sweet friend Logan Wolfram on her current trip to Uganda with Sole Hope. "As we stooped low, He was elevated high through our love and care of His babes in Wakisi.  We took part in the person of Jesus today… we became the tangible love of our first love… and the humility I saw on the faces of the women stooped beside me was among the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen."

* This piece over at SheLoves Magazine by Saskia Wishart with an invitation to Pull a Bob Goff. "I can pull a Bob Goff. I can say: despite how crappy this situation is, or how insecure you are being right now, let me inspire you and speak life into you."

* This post by my sweet friend Ashley Larkin (whom I have now hugged in person... it's ok, you can be a little jealous!) with a gorgeous poetic recap of the Faith and Culture Writers Conference last weekend. "Cup my hands to catch the prayers and the locked gazes and nodding me-too’s. Hold the wisdom of those who share the ways of word loving (and word struggling), of storytelling and eyes opening yet further."

* This piece, a Five Minute Friday offering, by Alia Joy on writing in a crowd. "You listen to the stories of all the other voices and you learn to hear then notes that sound like home and you learn to recognize the ones that sound like family and you learn to reach out to the ones that sound foreign to your ear. Your whole world is cracked wide from listening to stories."

* This post over at, by Kendra Roehl on loving our neighbors. "Mark 12:30 says, “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’ The second command is this, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’”

The verse was quoted late last spring during a Sunday morning message by our pastor. After he mentioned it, he paused.

“And what if God was really serious?” he asked. “What if he actually meant we should love our literal neighbor?”"

* This post is by a new to me writer over at Just Adela, on Coffee with God and Being Enough. "I couldn’t tell you anything else that was said after that.  My heart shattered.  Years of building intimacy with God, and I had just been told what I thought I had with Him wasn’t good enough.  So I stopped."

* This post right HERE from Abiding Love, Abounding Grace "as part of The Love Idol Movement, I am giving up Self-Doubt for Lent because, well - why not? Well - it's only because He said to, and I must admit when He first suggested it, I laughed.  Yeah, just call me Sarah."

Lastly... A video! I saw this video on Emily Wierenga's post on Social Media and it is so perfect... Enjoy!

What did I miss? Did you find anything Amazing online this week that I didn't list here? As usual, link it in the comments and share the love!  

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