January 15, 2014

You are Loved... (in)RL

In case you forgot... You're Loved, my friend!

You. Are. Loved.

We are gathering together again over at sweet Holley's place and we are sipping from super cute cups and we are talking real, and sharing life... We are laughing deep at silly things, and we're reminding each other, once again, of the Truth that we so easily forget.

 Is this not just the cutest cup? I know...
it seems my family thinks I have a 'cup problem'
but still? Ca-YUTE, right?
You. Are. Loved.

I don't know your life. I don't know what you struggle with, or how much you carry - or if all that you carry is even really yours to lug around... I don't know how you entertain the whispering tape in the background of your days or what that audio sows into your soul.  But I know me. I know my story... I know what replays over and over in my mind.  And I know I can easily forget.

So instead of gathering for coffee talk and keeping it light... filling up on scones and lattes and that thin layer of friendship on top... let's be real and honest and risk a bit of uncomfortable and open up... Let's just see how deep this sisterhood runs.  

You see, I am not a huge fan of small talk. I can do it.  I mean, it IS necessary from time to time.  But what my heart longs for the most is a conversation to go deep... for walls to fall down, and doors to be open and Real life to unfold in the midst of some coffee talk. I believe in relationships and fully investing and I believe in the power of my words.  I am determined to live my mantra out loud and on purpose - To Speak Life... to Be Love... to Shine On... because that is who He has made me to be.

Something glorious began to happen to me a few years ago... I wrote a bit about it HERE... You see, I began to care more about Truth and what He thinks, than I did about the lies that felt true, and what everyone else thinks.  Oh - I have not arrived... I still struggle with fear of man - well, woman - really... and I still really want you to like me... so I understand how it is safer, easier even, to just skim the surface and let all the Sweet and the "I'm Fine, How Are You's" stay on top...

But what I really want is to stir that up and mix it in and I want you to feel a little bit of Brave floating around and a whole lot of Real rising to the surface! I left the urge for Perfectionism long ago and now how I love to show all the ways that I am not perfect.  I don't have it all together.

Say it with me... be brave... say it:
I don't have it all together.

But that's okay... and do you know why? Because the One who loves me best, holds everything in the palm of His hands and He holds me in His heart.  He doesn't want me to have it all together - He wants me to admit that I don't - and see that He does.

More than anything - I want you to know this is True... it is truth - for you, too!  Relax into His Love... He can handle the truth of who you are... He knows anyway - and Loved you all the way to the Cross... to the grave and back... in order to be with you now.

You are Loved, sweet friend. 

Let that sink in deep and soak up all your doubts and fears.

Today, we kick off Registration to attend an (in)RL gathering - wherever you are!  This is the Women's conference that comes to you and it is so much fun!

I am hosting for the second year in a row and I can not wait to see what God has in store this year!  Last years' theme was Staying in Community (even when it would feel or be easier to leave!) and this year we are focusing on how We Need Your Story! (even your un-fine, real-life, honestly-how-things-really-are-right-now story!)

I wrote about Community and my(in)RL party Before it happened... and Afterwards, honestly reflecting back on how I felt it went... and then how He confirmed how HE thought it went! (Hint - His opinion was much better than my own!)

What we want most for you to know... what we want you to encounter while attending an (in)RL meetup is this... 

We want you to know that:

You. Are. Loved.

Your story matters ...and it's amazing. Do you know how I know that? Because He made you to be Awesome and you are!  Your story - ALL of your story, not just the cleaned-up, edited-version-of-your-Best-Foot-Forward story - but the whole Messy-Rough-Draft-of-it... ALL of your story matters and oh how we long to hear it!  

Parts and pieces of your story will match up with mine, and hers, and theirs, and together we will grow and learn and live life together - side by side, heart to heart, and we will remind each other of Truth when we forget.

And the greatest Truth - the one that makes all the difference, no matter what you are facing is this:

You. Are. Loved.

And in all our reminding... we will fall in love too and we will be friends... sisters even.  We will see you and we will love you and be loved by you... we will dish out Grace, and a little bit of Mercy... Joy and Peace will pile up and before we know it - Love will overflow...

All because our God is relational and He desires us to be relational too!  He calls us to... (say it with me now)...

Linking up and sharing a cup of coffee with Holley Gerth again today

Linking with Jennifer Dukes Lee for #TellHisStory

For more info about the 2014 (in)RL Conference, and to register for free, click HERE


  1. WOW! Karrilee that was so beautiful and REAL. Thank you!

  2. So glad I returned the visit =) Love this.

  3. What a great post! Thank you for emphasizing the truth and what God really wants for us. Beautiful!

  4. Great post (I'm also testing your commenting system) keep ROCKING it sister. You are amazing!

  5. What is this push we have to appear to have it all together? Do we focus too much on the hurt we've felt in the past that we can't be real now? Being ok with being "un-fine" is where I want to be!

  6. Beautiful, real, and I'm just thankful for your heart, friend. Blessed by your candor. From a fellow fear-of-(wo)man struggler/conqueror-in-the-making. :) xo

  7. I just love this... I want to be THAT truth-seeker - the one that seeks only HIS truth! Love you so much friend!

  8. Anonymous2:38 PM

    For so long I to have longed for that deeper conversation. To find those that would hear my heart more than my words. I think Him daily that I have been blessed to have found it. Thank you for the beautiful reminder to look for those that need us and remind them they are loved.

  9. Oh yes, this is beautiful! To speak truth and life no matter what others may think. I am asking Him for the courage to share more of my story. I signed up for IRL! So excited!

  10. OH, I wish I would have attended last year! But this year...I am in! Thanks for keeping it real, and also for the help tonight!

  11. I'm so glad you wrote about this! I'm with you - let's give up this whole "I'm fine" thing!

  12. Hi, I'm visiting from The Weekend Brew, following you in the line.
    Beautiful post!! We are LOVED! Yesterday on facebook I saw a picture that said, I'm not in control, but I am deeply loved by the One who is. I saw that at just the right moment when I really needed to have some encouragement. Isn't it amazing how Father comes in right when we need Him. If only we will look around us and see His amazing hand loving and caring for us.


  13. Hi Karrilee,
    I'm with you on small talk - I don't care for it. I don't even feel I'm good at it. But when we share our stories? While they may be different, there are parts that bring us together because it's what we have in common, or it's what makes us realize we're not alone in whatever we're experiencing.

    Visiting from The Weekend Brew.


  14. Thank you, THANK YOU!

  15. Anonymous10:44 AM

    LOL... you had me at "you have a cup problem"... me too! I picked that same cup up the other day and told my hubby just how cute it was. Thanks for this post it was truly encouraging!

  16. Love! There is that "brave" word for me yet again! I think an InRL meetup would be awesome.
    You are loved too my friend!

  17. Loved this line: "He wants me to admit that I don't - and see that He does." What a great reminder!

  18. I had to learn to believe HIS truth and not the truth that felt true. It was such a freeing thing to finally be free to be the completely imperfect me, and be okay with it (most of the time at least, I am still a work in progress, that's for sure!) Oh, and yes that cup.. I have a cup problem too! Just yesterday I forced myself to put a really cute one back on the shelf at Starbucks..LOL

  19. Anonymous1:38 PM

    Oh, man, I hate small talk to - I get bored so easily and gee willikers small talk is boring - I want to care the most about what he thinks - I am single and on a dating site - I had an inappropriate statement texted to me by a fella - and I knew, nope, he's not the one - when you live in faith, you do not have to compromise on what is truth and good and right! Thanks for reminding me.

  20. You'll appreciate this: when I make my Trader Joe's spicy chai every afternoon about 1 or so, here's how I prepare it: Empty big mug, one packet of TJ's Stevia, one tea bag, the cream THEN the boiling water. Hmm. see the word picture here? Small talk? Not my style, put that cream in and POUR ON THE HOT STUFF, the deep calls upon deep, iron sharpens iron stuff. GREAT POST.


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