January 25, 2014

That Thing I Do Now - Vol 28

That Thing I Do Now - Vol 2

Happy Weekend, ya'll! Can you believe we are already four weeks in to 2014?  I pray it is unfolding for you in all the best ways!  I don't know about you - but a few of those best laid plans have already been skipped a day here and a day there for me... I have to remember to give myself grace when I fall short of my own expectations! Some of those things have been pushed aside because, well - you know me and how I love to read All the Things. Who has time for everything else, when there is so many books and blogs waiting to be opened up? (I know, I know... I'm learning to balance it out more! Again!)

But - still, reading at least SOME of All the Things is at the top of my list, so here is my offering of my gathering of awesome from around the Internet!

This is what I found... Happy Reading!

* This one by Holley Gerthon When You're Misunderstood...

This post by Seth Hainesover at The Deeper Story on losing faith in the church... so good! "We are all here, all hoping not to be despised. We are all here, all wearing hope like perfume."

* This post by Deidra Riggsover at Jumping Tandem... an honest post about depression. So powerful and beautiful!

* This one over at  Holley Gerth's Coffee for Your Heart link up by Barbie Swihart... so good! (Bonus - Barbie has a great devotional book out called Coffee Talk with Jesus and you are really going to want to read it!)

* This by Shannan over atFlower Patch Farmgirl on Loneliness... seriously - read it!"Alone doesn't exist within the bounds of God's love for you."

* This little piece of Awesome by Jeff Goins on Fear and what stops us. 

* This post by by Glennonover at Momastery on Stars... well - on how there is no Disaster as long as there is Light.  A must read, ya'll!

* This post by Jamie Wright over at The Very Worst Missionary on Saying anything online... "In truth, I don't care about your opinion. For real. I do not care.  But, your story? Yes, please. Your story sways me, moves me. Your story changes me."

* This post over at Incourage.me with 4 Ways to Cultivate Margin & Breathing Room in Your Life by Crystal Paine(Ya'll know how I love me a Bossy List - but my secret? I actually DO schedule in some breathing room!)

* This post right HERE from Abiding Love, Abounding Grace came after a day or two of protest. I had some unexpected emotions surface and even as they were knocking me a bit off center, I was mentally writing this post. I am so glad I waited it out... prayed it through... and simply sat with it to let Him speak to me in the midst of it!

Lastly... A video... because this is how we wrap this Thing up! So... in honor of the brutal cold, and - well - my love for all things #hashtags, plus - you know... Jimmy Fallon!

Here ya go:

...and you're welcome!

Stay Warm, friends, and Read On!


  1. Thanks for the shout out my friend.

  2. Oh, this post has fun written all over it... thanks for the great links. I am off to explore!
    Hope you have a fantastic weekend, Karrilee. :)


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