January 11, 2014

That Thing I Do Now - Vol 26

I pray you, like me, have rediscovered a bit of returning to rhythm and routine this week.  

Sure the mornings are still cold and dark, and I am not a fan of winter... I like to get past January (-March) quickly and move forward to the coming Spring - but these chilly mornings and let's-stay-in evenings lend themselves nicely to a bit of extra reading! And who doesn't love that?

I found myself back at this screen, or curled up on the couch reading a bit more this week... even with all the other things... reading tends to always win out!  So - as is our practice - here is my weekly gathering of Awesome for you! I hope you enjoy them!

Happy Reading!

* This one by Tammy Hendricksmeyer over at If Meadows Speak on ... well - just trust me!

* This post by Jen Hatmaker where she shocks us all and admits that she is not perfect... wait - what? Yeah - we already knew that - and that is why we love her! And by 'we' I mean all of us ...but mostly me, really - because clearly we have already established this, right? 

* This link up over at Holley Gerth's is going to be an every Wednesday sort of coffee date! Check it out and browse through all the linked up posts too... so much encouragement here! Just so much!

* This one over at Emily Wierenga's where she talks about Africa and community - but so much more! (This is where I admit to sharing a table at Allume with Emily but being so shy and a bit star struck, I missed out on having a conversation... this girl? She just pours out grace!)

* This by my friend Rebekah over at Three Bees in a Blue Bonnet on three little words... because, well - ya'll know I am a fan of breathing!

* This little piece of Awesome by Sarah Bessey in which she shares how Romance interrupts the moments... (did ya see what I did there?)

* This post by Lisa Jo Baker because - as I have already mentioned here a few times, whenever she wants to write about parenthood - it's gonna be a favorite for this Mama's heart! Even if I am in a totally different season of parenting... just this: "And I know we will remember today differently. And I realize I’m grateful for that. You storing up treasure and memories so golden and delicious. Me learning the art of letting go of me first and welcoming a family into a solar system where I used to be the sun, the moon and all the stars and liked it that way."

* This post by Jennifer Dukes Lee... I know - I try to mix it up each week and not feature the same writers all the time - but this? Well - how could I NOT include it? "What if I awoke to wonder, and remembered that days are mere blips, and that I could live more poetry in my own skin, if I colored outside the lines. That my best work isn’t in a sealed room, but somewhere under a frozen sky, where the wind blows wild through my hair?  What if I took one giant leap outside my safe boxes, risked tripping over my words, made a holy mess of things and then laughed with friends over the fun we had?" 

(Here's another tip for you - Jennifer has this book, Love Idol, coming out and you can pre-order it on Amazon right now and even though I haven't read it yet, I can tell you that oh how I think you should... you really really should! I know I have mine ordered and can not wait to have it in my hands - and heart!)

* This post over at Outside the City Gate on Running like Grace!

* This post right here from Abiding Love, Abounding Grace on focusing not on what you're doing wrong, but on What You're Doing RIGHT! What are 3 Things that you are doing well?

Lastly... A video... because ( say it with me now: ) "That's how we do!"  Below is another preview to an upcoming movie! I may be the last person that has yet to read this little Christian book - but I foresee a trip to the library so I can read it before the movie comes out! 

Heaven is For Real - the movie.                           

What did I miss? Did you find anything Amazing online this week that I didn't list here? Link it in the comments and share the love!  Have you read Heaven is For Real? If so - what did you think? Do you believe people visit Heaven? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


  1. I love this thing you do now, that you've been doing for a while. In the midst of crazy work, I don't always get a chance to pop around to new spaces on the net and find things I so very much want to read. I love that our tastes and interests so often intersect so that I can so often count on just coming here to find something I'll absolutely love. Which is why it always terrifies and blesses me beyond belief when you include me in the company that you do. I know. I'm trying to get over it, but really? You know what I mean, right? Thank you for another wonderful recounting of great places to be. And thank you for the kindness of including me among them.

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