January 20, 2014

Counting On with (and Praying for) WorldHelp Bloggers

Even though I am well into this habit of seeking and finding, I am still amazed at how much clearer we see when we really begin to look.

After a fun-filled and wonder-full weekend, I am counting on - but not just in the usual ways! 

I joined up with WorldHelp Bloggers last year, and this week - there is a Team of Story-tellers in Africa, who are writing what they see and what God is up to and it is simply right UNdoing me!  In all the best ways... I am undone...

...and I'm reminded of everyday little blessings - of all the gifts that we so easily just take for granted and this week, I am purposing to count even those... and I am linking hands and hearts (and pocketbooks) and sowing into Being the Gift and building hope and and a rescue home in Uganda!  

For more info, and to read the amazing powerful inspiring posts... click HERE.  Can I ask you to pray with me? 

Pray for this team... pray for these babies and for the Mama's and community that God is building up and bringing around them... pray for healing and hope to arise. Pray that they will see one thousand gifts and more!  

If I may be so bold, can I ask also that you consider skipping just one latte... maybe two - this week and sow into providing a Rescue Home for the orphans in Africa? If you can give more, by all means - but I know for me - the one thing that changed my life the most last year was the reminder from Noel Brewer Yeatts that every little bit counts and adds up and is an offering that may not change the world - but it can change the world for one person... for one family... for one village! 


Count with me, won't you?

#1812 - Cool, fresh, clean water - first thing in the morning... straight from my refrigerator.

#1813 - My parents... who live blessedly right. next. door. (So many of these kids have never seen an 'older' person... they have never seen a father, or grandfather. ever.)

#1818 - My girlie - excitedly sharing good news after a full day of work... sharing what a good day she had. Joy in the little things like favor, a job, and opportunities.

#1820 - Family time, all three snuggled up close, or laying on our carpeted floor, playing games and laughing deep.

#1821 - Friends, being vulnerable, sharing their real and asking for prayer.

#1823 - Ask, Seek, Knock - the promise of finding.

#1824 - Laundry, clean and warm from the dryer - all piled up and waiting for my attention!

#1826 - Cozy blankets and Fuzzy socks on a cold wintry night

#1828 - Surrounded by friends, enjoying watching all kinds of sports after church on Sunday.

#1829 - Fresh fruit and veggies... in season. (and Frozen ones out of season!)

#1830 - Hearing the stories and testimonies of friends who have left a piece of their hearts in Africa - both online, and in real life!

#1831 - Feeling Safe in our Home... Having Peaceful Sleep, and Hope for our future.

#1832 - The chance to #BetheGift and change the world, for $5 or more!

Linking up with Ann Voskamp in Counting (beyond) one thousand gifts...

For more info on the WorldHelp Campaign to build rescue Homes in Africa, click HERE!

Are you counting too? What are some of the things that you forget to count?  What are some blessings you have found once you really started to look for them? I'd love to know!


  1. Anonymous1:35 PM

    What a powerful ministry this can be. Looking into the eyes of the kids moves me to pray for them and for whatever the Lord has in store for their future.
    I stopped by from A Holy Experience and SO glad that I did. The photos of your family are darling and the words you use to share are a gift.
    Hope you have a wonderuly week ahead of you!

    1. Thanks so much Donna! I am so glad you stopped by as well! It really does help to look into their eyes, yes? Thankful you are praying with me!

  2. I love how your heart is constantly towards Jesus. Its very inspiring!!


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