May 22, 2013

When there are no words...I invite you in

I want to write...

I want to have something to say...

But not just anything
- not just words
to fill your screen,
but I long for prose
that will allow
hope to fill your heart.

Me - who is rarely at a loss for words,
am finding myself in the quiet... in the still... waiting...

                                                                                         Blessed Memories 2013

I am sitting in corners, and praying silently for Oklahoma, for all of us... 
I am gathering with my tribe and talking about the best and the worst,
and where we found God in between...

                                                                                        Blessed Memories 2013

I am searching for words of wisdom,
and yet leaning in to embrace the Grace of God
that in times like these can seem elusive
and the mysteries of God that can seem unfair...

Oh my how in these moments, we just wish He would answer to us!
...that He would explain Himself and this mess of a world
and why if He could calm the wind and seas back then...
then why can't He do it now?
Through us?

And in the midst of my wondering and my whys - this... 
this is what He said:

"Never forget, My love, that I hear you when you pray! Never let your intercessor soul fall into a routine of saying words, but not expecting that I am gathering them up as they slip out of your heart and right past your lips! They make a difference... YOU make a difference... simply by turning your heavy heart towards me and lifting up heavy hands anyway."

Sometimes we praise on - anyway.
We do it because we know in our heads it is right
even when we feel in our hearts that it won't matter.

Sometimes we have to be like Jesus
and call things that are not as though they are...
and sit back... breathe in
even when we have no air
- and watch Him work! 

                                             Blessed Memories 2013

There is a goldmine... treasure untapped
when we remember that our God is in the details,
but He is also a Big Picture God.

He is inside and outside of time and He holds everything in His hand.
He uses all things together for good for those
who are called according to His purposes
but oh how these verses can hurt
when they are meant to heal.

Sometimes - we are just too zoomed in... too caught up in the details,
and we forget that He is so madly in love with us...
that His heart is for us more than anyone elses'!
He holds all the answers, even when He is
- for whatever reason - not really doling them out for us.

When we are broken - He was broken first...
When we feel at a loss and out of words
- He IS the Word,
and He assures us that
not one tear, not one sparrow
 not one beloved person - young or old -
is ever truly lost to Him!

So I invite you in...

In to the quiet today...
in to the gentle rocking back and forth,
- a mothers' silent anthem of comfort, to the leaning in, the praising on,
the unspoken accepting of the fact that sometimes
- sometimes - we just don't have all the answers,
but thank God, we know the One who does...

We know the One who can bring peace,
restore order, heal brokenness...
We know the One who holds our hearts
and gathers our tears,
and He can take all our
wondering and our why's...
He longs to be a Bench for you
in this season of unknowns.
He is willing to sit with you,
hold you close, rock you warm, & hear you out...

...and in return, He asks for you
to be a Bench to others.

                                                                                       Blessed Memories 2013
And so, I invite you in...
How can I be praying for you today?

Speak Life.  Be Love.  Shine On.

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