May 9, 2013

Grace In Motion - Throwback Thursday (aka Repost)

It's Throwback Thursday... so in honor of that, here is an old post from 2011 that the Lord has been reminding me of lately... Enjoy!

Speak Life. Be Love. Shine On.

"Grace In Motion"
"Who among us isn't hoping for, striving toward, and praying through a Breakthrough in one form or another? There is always something beyond where we are now and often it seems that there is something (whether real or perceived) that stands in the way. The keys have been given to us for breakthrough and much of what was handed to us I believe lies in the revelation that Victory is (already) ours... the price has been paid, the battle won, and the Authority transferred over to us to enforce. I've been pondering on the reality that we live - right now - in two realms..."
To read the original post in full, click HERE!

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