June 22, 2015

Happy Father's Day... to the only true Good, Good Father.

I know... it feels like this should have been published Sunday, right?

I get that. 

It's just that I just wrote it today... and really, it was more from me to Him, than from me to you - but since it is Monday and I'm all about play dates with God and counting my gifts and such, I thought I would go ahead and share. 

Trust me... it's right on time!

It's Monday morning, and as it has become our tradition, I grab my coffee and a (small stack of) book(s) and go sit outside for some quiet and slow waking up.  (It is Monday, after all!)

It's early... well, early enough that the sun hasn't quite made it up and over our giant black walnut tree.  No... it just flirts with me with streams of sunlight filtering through branches as the birds sing their morning songs. Lawn mowers, distant traffic, and sprinklers join in with the symphony of summer.

Here I sit, as shade fades and the light warms my shoulders, I close my eyes, shift my attention, listen beyond the sound into the silence, and I breathe Him in.

I wonder:
"Did I forget to say it yesterday? Happy Father's Day? I know I thought of You, God. I referenced You, compared others with You, even lifted up worship and praises to Your Name. But did I turn my full affection and attention to You and say, Happy Father's Day, God? Did I tell you that I'm so glad You're my Abba, my Daddy, my Father --and that I am Your daughter, sister, beloved, Bride?
It's true! I am so, so glad, that You are a Good, Good Father. I want You to know that more than anything else, I long for You... for Your Presence, for Your will to be done on earth as it is in heaven, for Your Justice and Mercy to pour out and in and through..."
In my hushed morning hour, I lean in and remember yet again that this seemingly lack of productivity is actually, below the surface, producing MUCH in me, and I give thanks.

So I count on... Last week was full of celebrating, of wonder, of gifts in all shapes and sizes... These are a few random 'gifts' that I captured last week. Thank you Instagram for all the reminders! Hello (again!) mid-40's forgetfulness!

 An evening of worship (and s'mores!)

My Honey and I got to bring the Word on Sunday,

 Aaaah, Monday Rituals!!!

One of our Favorite Summer Meals!
(Cheater style... Lean Cuisine Thai Spring Rolls
and a super easy Caesar Pasta Salad!)

Fun Mail! I won this from my friend Barbie!
It's on Repeat in my car now!

Off to Bible Study wearing my #ftfclub Village Artisan Necklace
and carrying my JOYN tote from Fair Trade Friday!

This Jonah Boy... he follows me from room to room
and is always at my feet!

Praying over the names of the gals who made my new bag, 
and seeking a bit of quiet in the middle of a noisy Starbucks!
(A Challenge God gave me... to find Quiet in a noisy setting!
It can be done, but it takes intentionality and work!)

And then Birthday messages begin with this one from my Mama.
Every year, she tells me the traumatic story of my birth,
reminding me of how much she and Jesus love me
and how He has plans for me!

And this one from my Girlie... 
(Keepin' it real, y'all!)

 Birthday plans: to hang out with said Girlie, pretty much all. day. long!
We hit a new outdoor eatery, saw a matinee,
then we went swimming at my friend Barbara's house!

 Dinner celebrations with My Honey (and Girlie, too!)
and a little live music & more celebrations downtown!
Yeah. I'm a pretty big deal.
(Only just the Opposite of that! LOL!
...but it was the official kick-off of our
Summer Downtown Thursday night Market!)

 Perfect timing: My 1st ever Fair Trade Friday Club box!
A trial box stuffed with GORGEOUSNESS!
A few of these items will be featured right here
in July as a Giveaway!

 Dinner out of town with 4 of our very best friends...
Good wine, good food, good friends!
Too many gifts to count!

A super cool birthday gift from my friend Amy...
because SHE KNOWS ME!!!

New earbuds, new podcasts lined up, and a new (longer) route,
because did you see all that delicious food up there?
Yeah... back on track, baby!

 In the midst of last week, let's not forget #Charleston... 
not a gift, for sure - but more of a(nother) wake up call...
Praying it continues to work, long term! #EndRacism

Art Journaling through Psalm 23
(and coffee!) #Swoon

While I was doing that (above)
my Honey was fishing, and he sent me this, on Father's Day,
and all I could think of is that old commercial (for Lifesavers?)
"Do it again, Daddy! Do it again!"

And lastly, because I know it's been like, DAYS,
since I posted any of my Hydrangeas and you must have been
wondering how they are doing! (You're welcome!)

So how are you setting aside a bit of time to play with God? To sit in silence and just be with Him? How are you finding gifts and blessings and wonders both Big and Small, all around you? I'd love to hear!

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Oh - and you thought I forgot... I didn't forget!
Here, a little video of a song that has become
sort of a 'theme song' for our new church... Enjoy!


  1. While reading this post I've smiled at your photos, thought about God, and become inordinately hungry! Thanks so much for sharing, and a very Happy Birthday to you!!

    And yes, what a wonderful Father we have - our dearest Abba!


    1. I know with the FOOD already, right? ;) It was a week of celebration... and delicious splurges... and so worth it! (But now I am back to salads and walks... because I'm all about the balance!) ;) Thanks for stopping by Sharon!

  2. I love the way you wrap words with these pictures for your counting of gifts... and oh. How I'm a little envious of your Monday morning ritual - but really, LOVING this for you :-) Happy, happy belated birthday to you, friend!

    1. Thank you, friend! xoxo (I know my Monday morning ritual may not be a long season, so I am making time for it now and enjoying it for as long as He lets me!)

  3. Thanks for sharing your grateful heart, Karrilee. So many of your images resonate with me - the coloring, journaling and the hydrangeas - I finally have one blooming this year and I'm VERY excited.

    1. Ooooh - Coloring, Journaling, and Hydrangeas? Yes - I am loving all three! (My hydrangeas took a LONG time to bloom consistently... I'm sure the same could be said of me, too!) ;) Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I love my Enchanted Forest coloring book. It's awesome! I also planted Hydrangeas and they are thriving. Very pumped up about that! We have much to be thankful for don't we? If we just look for the gifts God gives, they are everywhere.

    1. Debbie - to be honest, I am a little intimidated to even START coloring in it! It's so awesome... I would hate to mess it up! ;) (Don't worry... I will get over that soon and dive in!)

  5. Your posts are filled with so much gratitude and JOY- it leaves me encouraged every time. Thanks for sharing your gifts and your life with us!

    1. Awww - thanks so much Karen! It's always nice to see you!

  6. Wow, this is so full of riches, Karilee! I loved seeing all your gifts, watching you smile through the blessings. Yes, this one is right on time. (And that book--The Good and Beautiful God--do tell? Must I read?)

    1. Laura... I am trying my hardest to not use all yelly caps to tell you that Yes! A million times yes... you should read this book! I am loving it... and it is gloriously Book 1 in a 3 book series called The Apprentice Series. JBSmith was great friends with Dallas Willard and Richard Foster and this is book one. Book Two is The Good and Beautiful Life (based on the Sermon on the Mount!) and Book Three is The Good and Beautiful Community - that one, I am SUPER excited about! (Oops - yelly caps!) Besides - I'm gonna need someone to read it so we can discuss all it's amazingness! Love you!

  7. What a treat to be witness your joy and the love in your life! Happiest belated Birthday!! Just love all the photos!!

    1. Thank you so much, my friend! (I always feel like I am sort of cheating when I put so many pictures in, but I can't help myself sometimes!) xoxo

  8. Happy Happy Birthday! One of my sons runs screaming (not quite that literally) from the room when I tell his miracle story, of how God held him so he wasn't born brain-dead or damaged! That story was just last week! Your mother's note touched my heart - and I so loved the cat - and then the Langston Hughes quote - oh, yes - let the violence stop - let God move in and hearts be changed!
    Wishing you blessing, joy and sweet surprises in your new year!

    1. Amen, my friend! So much Amen! Thanks Maryleigh!

  9. In the midst of a challenging week -- a challenging season -- you have warmed my heart and made me smile. Love just flows from your words and it is beautiful.

    1. Oh friend... thank you for this! I felt a little - um - light... and then today, I argued with God on what to write the WHOLE. TIME. So grateful that this post brought a smile to you!

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