April 2, 2015

What We Learned... the March Edition

We are back with the beloved quirkiness of the What We Learned link up over at Chatting at the Sky.  Emily Freeman gets us started and then we all reflect back on random things that we have learned over the past month!  We'd love to have you join in on the fun!

What We Learned in March...
12 Random Things That I Have Learned. 

1. I learned that no matter how many words written by Holley Gerth you read... 

You will always want more!  I was lucky enough to receive an early copy of Holley's newest release, You're Loved No Matter What and even though I know this... gah - it's always just so great to be reminded, right? And Holley doesn't just cheerlead you into hoping it's true - but she equips you with truths and insights that enable you to truly believe it!   

2. I learned that I shouldn't ALWAYS talk myself out of impulse purchases...

I was shopping with my girlie, just sort of tagging along - not planning on making any purchases myself when I turned around and fell in love with these babies:

I know, right? Super cute! But in my mind, I immediately started to talk myself out of them. Maybe I'm too old... maybe I won't wear them... maybe (definitely) I don't need them... but my girlie reminded me that I was 'just saying' how I don't own any grey shoes and that I have been pointing out little ankle boots for months now and they were on sale for less than $20 sooo... (It turns out, I DO love them, and I wear them all. the. time. and I can't even explain how happy they make me when I wear them. It's ridiculous. They are just a pair of boots... or are they?)

3. I learned (or discovered... or found) a couple of new to me Teas and oh my goodness, I love them!  

There's the Jasmine Green Tea, and the White Chocolate Black Tea, and then there is this: Salted Caramel Tea... (These come in handy as we are stepping away from our beloved coffee for the month of April and so tea is my new best friend!) Speaking of giving things up...

4. I learned that it's not much of a sacrifice for us to give up meat...

I can't even blame thank Jen Hatmaker for this, because while we HAVE Seven, we haven't started reading it yet! But God led my Honey to pick 12 things to fast this year and we are taking them a month at a time. March was no meat.  Now I don't know if we could live this way forever, but for one month - it was completely doable.  We try to eat actual food and not product anyway, and we love fresh fruits and vegetables with each meal to begin with. We tried a few new recipes and found that cutting meat out of our diet was surprisingly not that hard. I also, however, found myself a bit foggy by mid-afternoon on many days and we didn't notice a difference in how we felt - for better or worse!  We also found that we had a bit more dairy and carbs than we normally do - so that may have contributed to not feeling much of a difference! It wasn't so much a health issue as it was a discipline. (April - as I mentioned - is no coffee... but because we love grace, we are still allowing tea/caffeine! #ThankYouJesus!)

5. I learned that I really love Lilla Rose Hair clips... 

I won this gorgeous Dragonfly Lilla Rose Hair clip from another blogger and I just love it! I have thick curly hair and I wasn't so sure it would hold secure, but it does - and it doesn't pull tightly and so I can have my hair - half or all of it - up all day and not have a hint of a headache! Plus - it's so easy to use, you won't believe it! Keep an eye out here... I am hoping to host a giveaway soon!

6. I learned that there is a one thousand gifts App for your Smartphone... 

You guys... I have been keeping a #1000gifts journal for years now but this App makes it so easy and you can even access your camera or photo's on your phone to add to the list! It's so great!

7. I learned that while I LOVE planning and hosting parties, I love it even more when the Guest of Honor and other guests can feel Love in a real way... 

 I wrote about it last month, and you can read about the whole event here, but I love all the details and the way it all comes together and how the Lord loves on people - sometimes when they invite Him in, and sometimes when they (we) are unaware!

8. I (re)learned that He can be trusted, that if He says to go, I will go... if He says to stay, I will stay... 

I shared last month of my struggle with the Lord in how He was not really allowing me to plan for a Women's Retreat that I was speaking at.  He was quite clear about it and every time I tried to just map out a little something, He would say no... just wait... He told me that He was only asking me to be a Storyteller in this season and the stories were already in me.  For this Planner Heart, that was hard... but I leaned in, and I trusted Him, and He led me and together, He and I -we shared some stories and we prayed some prayers and before I knew it, we were out of time but I knew that He was just beginning to work in the hearts and lives of those present! It was an honor to be reminded that I can trust Him! That He is with me! You can trust that too, my friend!

9. I learned that there is a local artist who offers group classes to learn how to paint...

I knew bigger cities have this and I was so jealous - and then I found a local artist who offers a similar set up and so I grabbed a friend and we signed up and played for a couple of hours and had so much fun creating a painting! What I loved the most about the class was seeing how we all followed along, step by step, and all of our paintings were just a little different, unique, amazing... such a visual reminder that we are made in His image - but each, individually, to be one of a kind! 

10. I learned about this amazing company, Work of Worth...

I was honored to be asked to create a Curated Collection for Work of Worth and in reading more about them and browsing through their website/products, I simply fell in love! Seriously y'all - check them out! What is better than shopping with a purpose, knowing that it's a win-win! You get gorgeous items to keep or give away, and at the same time - you are investing in freedom and helping to bring an end to poverty. WoW wants everyone to know that they are valuable and that they matter.  They want everyone to know that they are, well - a work of worth!

11. I learned that it does my heart and soul good when I clear an afternoon and grab my 'real' camera and go looking for Spring!

We enjoyed an extremely mild winter and our Spring has Sprung a bit earlier than normal around these parts and as much as I love Fall, and I flirt with Summer... Spring is the most welcomed season, with all of her new life and the return of sunshine and color! What's not to love?

12. I learned that my OneWord365 just keeps showing up and showing off and beckoning me to come (to Bethel?)...

My OneLittleWord is Wonder and usually, by about mid-March, these single words that come and find us can tend to get pushed aside but wonder is here... it is all around us, but we must remember to seek it out! It helps that, as mentioned above - Spring is showing off a bit and there is always some Wonder found there... but then I saw a notice that the Bethel Women's Conference in August is called, "Wonder" and it feels like a confirmation, an awakening, and a drawing invitation to go and soak it all in! So I am praying about doing just that!

And just for fun, I will follow Emily's lead and link up my What We Learned in March edition from 2014 too!

I am Linking up with EMILY FREEMAN
Join us!

So - what about you? What did you learn in last month? 


  1. Okay I off to pick up my phone and find that #1000gifts app. Awesome!! And March looks like a month of goodness for you. I enjoyed your post, Karrilee. Blessings.

    1. Seriously Beth... you won't regret it! (I love this link up because it really does make me slow down and reflect and really take in once again what unfolded!)

  2. Karrilee - I enjoyed this post but especially your spring pictures. Cannot wait for spring to burst forth here. And a PS - I am so sorry for the many times I probably misspelled your name. I noticed today for the first time the proper spelling. And it is such a beautiful name! Blessings!

    1. Oh Joanne - yes! In fact, I am off to the Aboretum AGAIN today for a Maternity Session and I can not wait! No worries on the name... I come from a family of "K" names and so if you just start with that sound - I answer to almost anything! ;) I used to shorten it until God whispered to me that He named me on purpose, and then I found out what my name means - and that was that! (It means a resting place beside still waters) Yes, please! ;)

  3. I love the boots! You are right too. Sometimes you just need another person to help you decide, because while you shouldn't always give into impulse buys I hate it when I talk myself out of something and then go back looking for it, but it's gone and you can never find another deal like it! It looks like you had such a great month, lots of neat tidbits here.

    1. That is the worst! ;) I still - STILL - remember an estate sale item that I passed up and talked myself out of because we were out of town and it was furniture so it would have been tricky! I went back 10 minutes later and it was gone! Boo!

  4. Your girlie is gorgeous and I just loved her royal blue pumps in that pic! I learned your both "shoe" girls!!! Great post.

    1. LOL Susuan - I love that you can pick my girlie out of that crowd... and yes - you are right - she IS gorgeous, those ARE great Royal pumps, and we ARE both shoe girls! ;)

  5. Karilee,
    Thanks for sharing what you learned in March! I especially loved your Spring pics taken with your "real" camera!

    1. LOL! Thanks Bethann! I have my iPhone with me always and love taking pictures with that - but there is something that is just different about carrying a real camera and hunting for wonder!

  6. Such a phone post! I totally need to download that 1000gifts app. And as for Spring in these parts, Spring seems to have disappeared. I decided to wear a dress today AND then it started snowing!!! I Learned that I need to tell my story. I learned that I have everything it takes to be brave. I learned what an enriching experience it is to pray for others.

    1. Oh sweet friend - I am in LOVE with all of your learning! xoxo (And boo for snow in April!?!!)

  7. your photos are beautiful! i do the same thing, grab my camera & take pictures!

    1. It just forces you to slow down a bit and really pay attention! It's just so good for us... plus, beautiful photo's! ;) Thanks so much for stopping by!


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