April 9, 2015

Throwback Thursday...A Total Cheater Post

So - I know... I know this is maybe a little lame, and I know this is a no-no with Google, but because we are off to Portlandia and I have only written ONCE this week... (What? This Blog really ISN'T the boss of me!) I wanted to just post a little something and what is more fitting than a Throwback Thursday post from last year, recapping the wonders of the Faith and Culture Writers Conference in Portland?

Oh man... I can not wait! I am praying that this year - I will not give in to self-doubt or hesitation either because, well - it worked so well last year!

To read my cheater post about the conference last year and all the counting... click HERE! 

I will miss the Five Minute Friday crowd tonight and I know I just said that I never miss, but I will be gloriously unplugged - at least from the blog - while I am gone!


  1. Heading over to read the post, but can I jsut say I LOVE THIS PHOTO! Every now and then I see a picture of flowers and think, "that picture is so me." Like it somehow captures the beauty and simplicity I love most of all!

    1. Thanks so much Wendy! Sometimes it is the simplicity that takes our breath away, yes?

  2. I tried to comment on the other post but it wouldn't go through, so I'll try here :). I loved your thankful list! I've never heard of that conference, but it looks amazing. Thanks so much for introducing me to it. I'll definitely check it out!

    1. Candace, thanks so much for going the extra mile to comment! Yes - I HIGHLY recommend this conference! It has a feel and vibe all its' own but mostly - it is so encouraging and inspiring! If you can get yourself to Portland, OR - I'd say do it! (The conference is a perfect 'excuse' to check out the gorgeous area!)


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