February 22, 2014

That Thing I Do Now - Vol 32

Happy Weekend, ya'll!  Can you even believe this is Volume 32? (Clearly - after weeks and weeks of not deciding if this was a Thing or not... or if it was a Volume or an Edition or something else all together... well - turns out it IS a Thing... and a Volume... who knew?)

This week has been super busy around here and while most of our snow has (gloriously) melted away, and we have had slightly warmer temps and lovely crisp blue skies... the WIND! Yeesh? I am not a fan of wind... so as much as the sunshine beckoned me outside, the wind kept me here, in front of this screen - which means I have once again been perusing the internets and gathering up all sorts of Awesome! (and you're welcome!)

Happy Reading!

* This one by Emily Freeman with an invitation to put into practice those things we know to be true. "As we face those places in our souls that are frozen, I pray those hard spots would begin to thaw in the presence of Christ. May we not try to mop up the water that comes from the melting but may we offer it to somehow quench the thirst of those around us."

This post by my friend Hannah Boning over at An Abundance of Life... "...she built her wings on hopes and prayers // but wasn’t sure if they could bear the weight of her fears"

* This post by Lori Harris ...On Being Jacked  and All the Things I'm Not 
”Your life is a mess and I’m a mess and this whole world is jacked up.  And I’m sorry that life is so hard.”

“You opened your door for me,” she said.

* This one from Erika Morrison over at The Life Artist... so much beauty in this prayer... "I pray with my whole trembling aorta that I will always uphold your worth and beauty, especially when I find myself bleeding-out between the binding of a book or in that sacred spot at the front of a room, people looking at me from toe to mohawk-tip.

With my spirit tender and floored before you:

I pray..."

* Ya'll know I love me some Lisa-Jo Baker around here... well - I love her anywhere and this? Well - it is classic Lisa-Jo! "I like imagining you. I like meeting you. Because you look a lot like me and I feel more normal in my crazy when I hear from you.
I would give you a medal if I could."

* This piece over at We are THAT Family by Kristen Welch in which she shares that she '...Just Might Have the Answer to All Your Problems'  "This is the key to joy. I’m sure of it.
This is the answer to our problems."

* This amazing post by Christie Purifoy on how we must remember that There is Glory in the Dirt. "I tend to see the world in layered images like these. The result of a lifetime of reading, I suppose. The trick, I’m discovering, is holding on to both. Acknowledging the truth of both." (Seriously... the imagery in this piece: so gorgeous!)

* This one by Angie Smith with her reflections on If:Gathering. "Without question, I would be considered one of the more conservative members of IF, but listen. We never lined up according to our stances; we circled up because of Him. We didn’t wear badges to identify our opinions about women in ministry or how old the earth is. It’s pretty hard to look people in the eye when you’re standing in that sort of line, isn’t it?" Yes. This. Let's Circle up, friends!

* This post right HERE from Abiding Love, Abounding Grace where I talk about how I am small and He is not... how I am fighting for the bottom and would love for you to join me!

Lastly... A video... because that is just how we roll around here!

What did I miss? Did you find anything Amazing online this week that I didn't list here? As usual, link it in the comments and share the love!  

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  1. I knew I missed this- I love your thing you do now. I always miss amazing posts. Thank you for being fatihful in writing!


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