February 15, 2014

That Thing I Do Now - Vol 31

Ya'll... please tell me you caught at least SOME of the If:Gathering in Austin, TX last weekend?  They livestreamed it all weekend long and it was A-May-Zing! Seriously... I am starting this on Monday - so it's just a guess... but the likelihood that many of my favorite reads this week having stemmed from that conference are really really HIGH!

I hosted an If:Local event in my home, gathering several sisters together to watch Friday afternoon, evening, and all day Saturday.  Then I (re)watched some with my Honey in the evening - not wanting him to miss out on some of the Awesome that happened there.  Then, on Sunday - we were snowed in... I think we got over a foot of snow overnight and so we opened our home and invited neighbors to come have church with us... so - of course, after a bit of worship, we let Jen Hatmaker preach (via the If:Gathering archives) because, well - why wouldn't we?

Anyway - if you missed it, you can purchase the audio or video downloads... but here below is a gathering of posts... many written after experiencing the weekend firsthand!  Enjoy!

Happy Reading!

* This one by Ann Voskamp ...on why you really matter.  "We are the women who want the thing God wants — more than we are afraid of it."

This post by Lisa-Jo Baker where she talks all about what really qualifies as ministry...  "Don’t tell me that Cheerios, diapers, laundry, and dishes aren’t serious theology."

* This post by Jennifer Dukes Lee - her take away from the If:Gathering... "
And as they stood up there, with their faces lifted toward thousands of women watching in the room and on screens around the world, I thought about how much more effective we could be in building the Kingdom, if we didn’t spend so much time tearing down the workers."

* This one from Lael Arrington over at Tapestry, with her take away from If:Gathering. "It amazes me what God can do with housewives and harlots and pig farmers’ wives. How he can speak through the under 40’s to rekindle the under and over-40’s desire for him and his work. Their basic idea is simple and powerful…”IF God is real…then what?"

* Ya'll know I love me some Shelly Miller  but I swear I didn't even know she wrote this piece here over at The High Calling until I went looking to link it here!  This - on (re)discovering, creating, finding Beauty! "The revelation of true beauty is an enlightening experience, a passion deep inside my soul that bubbles to the surface in a tearful eruption."

* This piece over at Relevant about Judah Smith and who he says "Jesus Is ____."  "Jesus, who obviously is God, the savior of the universe, did not come for a clean, calculated approach. He came in the mess of it all and he got dirty with the people—obviously sinless and perfect, but was not afraid to be associated [with people]. He was very passionately invested, to say the least, as He put on skin and bone as God to really help humanity."

* This amazing post, uh, post-If by Rebekah Lyons... so much yes! "It’s as if Aslan arrived with a roar, and his daughters heard and came running."

* This one by Duane Scott over at Outside the City Gate on what Heaven will be like... "He talks of death so sure, like he’s already standing on the banks of the River Jordan and can see his Father beckoning from the other side."

* And oh my stars... if you somehow missed the If:Gathering - this, by Sarah Bessey - straight from her notes from her devotion and prayer on that stage in Austin. "I pray for dreams and visions, for the active leading of the Holy Spirit, and I pray we would never forget that we are loved, that love is our identity, our calling card, our home."

* This one from Jen Hatmaker on giving the benefit of the doubt! Yes. This. "I will assume the best here and move forward accordingly. This position creates space for respectful dialogue, sincere questions, valuing people over principles and building bridges rather than widening divides."

* This post right HERE from Abiding Love, Abounding Grace where I invite you to Fall in Love...

Lastly... A video... because that's how we DO!

What did I miss? Did you find anything Amazing online this week that I didn't list here? As usual, link it in the comments and share the love!  

Speak Life. Be Love. Shine On.


  1. I adore these posts where we simply share how others have blessed us through the week. Thanks for the many links to explore. Loved, loved the post by Duane Scott.
    Happy Saturday!!

    1. Amazing, right Beth? There are so many amazing posts/articles/videos every week it's hard to pick! I loved Duanes' piece as well! Did you find anything not mentioned here? I love to discover 'new to me' posts and pass on the wealth!

  2. I always love and appreciate your links. So many of these I missed last week.

    1. Barbie, I always love and appreciate it when you stop by! There is just consistently so much Awesome to be found - it's so easy to miss stuff! Glad you were able to catch up with some of these links! Happy Weekend, my friend!

  3. Oh Karrilee, I think you were one of the few who accidentally saw that post over at THC. It wasn't supposed to publish until this week, so they took it down. You are always so kind and encouraging to share my work. I appreciate you.

    1. Well thankfully that explains my broken link.... and it gives me something to look forward to! ;)


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