February 1, 2014

That Thing I Do Now - Vol 29

Happy Weekend! I don't know about you but I have been counting down to Saturday since Monday morning this week! 

Once again, when searching for a gathering of Awesome - the Internet did not disappoint! Here is what stirred me up and bent me low:

Happy Reading!

* This one by Lisa-Jo Baker on why she writes about Motherhood... "Kids are forever. They are eternity with skin on. And we mold them like so much play-doh until one day they walk out the door and take every small moment of a family’s routine with them."

This post by Jennifer Dukes Lee on How to Find the Holy Ground... "Inhabit your moments. Dwell in your nows. Touch the hem of heaven before you go to live there."

* This post by Shelly Miller on Falling in Love for the First Time, All Over Again! "
Sometimes God tucks you away in isolation, not because he’s forgotten and left, but because he wants you to recognize his love language among the masses."  

Oh and don't miss this other one by Shelly this week too... seriously - just subscribe! You won't want to miss any of her posts!

* This one from Holley Gerth's link up by Kaitlyn over at It Just Takes One on the prompt of "You're not alone" - OH MY GOODNESS, ya'll! "Reach up. Cry out. Slow down - and listen. Do you hear it beating? He will pull your heart right up close to His. Let His warmth be your safety, His steady heart be your sure footing, and His love your constant companion."

* This post by Dana Butler on life's sharp edges and fanning the flame... "And the sharp edges can’t ever really damage me if I’m surrendered to Him in the midst of them.  The carving only creates more space for His filling."

* This little piece of Awesome over at Pearls and Grace on The New Church Lady... Gah! This is so amazing! "But one of the biggest reasons I walked away was this.  I didn't want what they had.  They made it loud and clear to me what they were against.  But they failed to demonstrate what they were for."

* This post by Amber Haines over at The Runamuck on unity and the Narrow Way... "There is no “Go and sin no more” without Jesus. Sisters, if we want to shine here in unity, then let’s link arms and calm down. He was always calling both of our names."

* This one by John Richmond over on Storyline on long term friendships! "Intimacy comes more quickly when we move beyond relational polish into the reality of life. Not every relationship is meant to be deep or long lasting, but more should be."

* And oh my stars... Well - there are SO MANY pieces of Awesome stemming from the Compassion Blogger Team this week... posts by Jeff Goins, Emily Freeman, Shaun Groves, and others... so I will just send you here, to the Team Page - where you can find all the posts from their trip to Uganda.

* This post right here from Abiding Love, Abounding Grace on how we are Never Ever Ever Alone...(Like, Ever)

Lastly... A video... because that's how we DO!
(In honor of the coming Olympics... because, yes - I am one of those people! I get all patriotic and in to all kinds of 'sports' - I'll watch almost anything if it's in the Olympics. Almost...)

I know, right?

What did I miss? Did you find anything Amazing online this week that I didn't list here? As usual, link it in the comments and share the love!  

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  1. Oh my goodness Karrilee, you bless my socks off, thank you friend. May the kindness and generosity you extend so abundantly return to you one hundred fold this weekend. Hugs.


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